View Full Version : [1500] Warriors of Chaos [Tournament]

03-07-2009, 20:12
Local 1500 point tournament, no restrictions. Given the standard restrictions at 1500 points I can have 0 Lords, 3 Heroes, 2+ Core, 0-3 Special, 0-1 Rare. I am facing High Elves (ew) that are bolt-thrower and magic heavy, Slaanesh demons, Tomb Kings, Vampire Counts, Empire, Wood Elves, and another WoC player that takes a tooled-up Khorne Hero on a Juggernaut.

Here's what I've come up with right now...

Exalted Champ, BSB, Barded Steed, Shield, Banner of Rage, Slaanesh [186]
Sorc, Lvl 2, Tzeentch [140]
Sorc, Lvl 2, Book of Secrets [145]

14 Chaos Warriors, Shields, FC [254]
19 Marauders, LA, Shields, FC, Slaanesh [144]

5 Chaos Knights, Music [210]
5 Chaos Knights, Music [210]
4 Chaos Ogres, Chaos Armor, GW, Music [210]

So I've got a floating Hero who fights decent and perma- frenzies whatever unit he joins (most likely the knights or ogres) and is immune to fear/terror/panic,
3 special units of shock troops who move fast and cause fear, and then a block of troops who are also immune to fear/terror/panic.

Downside is no screening troops, still no missile weapons. Would have been nice to have a bound spell to eat up dispel dice. Magic defense is probably about average but not that great. What do you think? Decent list or major suckage?

I also own 12 Chaos Warriors with Halberds, (slow and unwieldy), 5 marauder horsemen, and 2 chaos chariots that I could use.