View Full Version : 1,5k Pine Crags Warhost

03-01-2006, 01:23
Hi, here is my 1,500 point army, based around the Pine Crags. I don't play Dryads or Riders, due to the theme, but am certainly open to other options. A few weaknesses I see in it are low amount of rank and file combat troops (a trade off for mobility) and, of course, weakness against magic (although hopefully this is buffered somewhat by the low point cap). My hope is that the Hero/Eternal Guard unit will stay to the last model (with rerolling Stubborn Ld9), while scouts, warhawks and the sniper hero can take out enemy wizards. The wardancers are for a shock attack and the treeman is included because a treeman is brutal at 1,500 points. Ok, let me know what you think.

Heroes - 473
Galadrin - 128
Noble, Elnett's Brooch (Ld Rerolls), An Annoyance of Netlings (6's in Challenges), Great Weapon, Light Armour, Shield

Eilonwy - 158
Alter Kindred Noble, Hunter's Talon (Ignore Targetting Restrictions), Arcane Bodkins (No Armour Saves), Great Weapon, Light Armour, Shield

Blodeuwedd - 187
Glamourweave Kindred Spellsinger, Level 2, Elven Steed, Hail of Doom Arrow

Core - 229
12 Glade Guards - 144

5 Scouts - 85

Specials - 511
Eternal Guard - 215
15 Eternal Guard including Full Command

Wardancers - 176
10 Wardancers including Bladesinger

Warhawk Riders - 120
3 Warhawk Riders

Rare - 285
Treeman - 285

Total - 1,498