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03-01-2006, 02:53

I am toying with the idea of making my army project this year a Strigoi army with a ghoul king theme.....
I am going to use either the Ghast Lord


or the Ghoul King


both by Reaper, as my Strigoi and I am going to convert Savage Orc shamans into Ghoul shamans by replacing their heads.....so here is the list....comments would be appreciated

Strigoi Count- level 2, massive Monstrosity, Iron sinews and infinte hatred

Necro- level 2, 2 dispels

Necro- level 2, Book Of Arkhan, dispel

Necro- level 2, Cursed Book

3 Bat swarm

5 units of 9 Ghouls

2 units of 20 zombies

4 FellBats

4 Fellbats

4 Spirit Host

2 banshees

10PD 6 Dispel

2245 pts

03-01-2006, 04:41
Get summon ghouls in there, its one of their best B.line powers and very fluffy.

The list lacks heavy hitting units, its got good spped and will d well when tsking out your opponants supporting units(warmachine, fat cavalry etc etc), but it lacks punch against heavy armour and elite troops.

I'd drop either the bat swarms or the spirit hosts, if not both of them for some heavy hitting units like B.knights(not very fluffy though) or G.Guard. You have enough P.dice and raise and maintain tarpit zombie units and can take the place of your swarm units.