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Lord Hurin
05-07-2009, 05:28
Here's my first O&G list at the 2000 points mark. Let me know what works, what doesn't and what can be tweaked!


Shagrat Gitbasher, Black Orc Warboss - 220pts
'Eavy Armour, Boar, Enchanted Shield, Bigged's Kickin' Boots

Magduff Foeslash, Orc Big Boss - 125pts
Light Armour, Boar, Shield, Martog's Best Basha, Nibbla's 'Itty Ring

Grishnakh Pigrida, Orc Big Boss - 165pts
BSB; Mork's Spirit Totem, Light Armour, Boar & Shield

Bolg Lilskwirt, Night Goblin Shaman - 135pts
Lvl 2, Staff of Sneaky Stealing


Nitgrot's Orc Boyz - 168pts <BSB goes here>
23 Boyz with Shields, Full Command

Nitgrot's Orc Boyz - 174pts <Big Boss goes here>
25 Boyz with Shields, Full Command

Smashrek's Orc Boyz - 174pts <Warboss goes here>
24 Boyz with Shields and Full Command

Ramdreg's Too 'Andas - 89pts
12 Boyz with Extra Choppas, Musician

Bolrog's Too 'Andas - 89pts
12 Boyz with Extra Choppas, Musician

Da Cave Gitz - 214pts (Shaman goes here)
29 Night Goblins with Nets, Boss, Musician and 2 Fanatics

Cave Git Arrer Gitz - 89pts
20 Night Goblins with Shortbows, Musician and Fanatic

Wolfy Ridas - 71pts
5 Goblin Wolf Riders with Spears and Musician

Spida Gitz - 71pts
5 Goblin Spider Riders with Musician


Boar Chariot - 80pts

Boar Chariot - 80pts

Git Chariot - 60pts
Goblin Wolf Chariot

Total: 2004 points

05-07-2009, 09:59
I like how you named your units, very nice touch. I would say 12 is a silly number, go up to 15 or down to ten. 15 would give you that extra rank, which orcs need if they're not outnumbering the enemy. Goblin bows are useless, but i can see what your going to do with them (get close, shoot, release fanatic, hope for the best). Perhaps invest in some black orcs for your warboss, atm he's going to be killing your orcs if they roll badly in animosity. Lots of chariots work well when used with eachother or another unit, never let them charge alone or you will have 3 very dead chariots.

05-07-2009, 16:08
you are taking 4pd + 1 bound... drop the level 2 on the sham, drop the bitty ring b/c you will not get any spells off w/o irresistable force. most armies you will face at 2k will have as many or more dispel dice than you have power

vampiric is wrong about your 12s. those are fine (assuming you run them 6 wide, which is a fair assumption with 2x choppa boyz)

drop some of your orc boy bosses. o&g champs are generally only worth taking if you are putting a shaman or a bsb in the unit.

no magic (effictively) and no shooting make o&g a weak list. i would drop the goblin chariot, which, in addition to the level 2, bitty ring, and 2 champs, gives you 145 more points. then i would either take 2 chuckas and a lobba, 4 chuckas, or 2 chuckas and 2 pump wagons (finding a few extra points elsewhere)

assuming you agree that you won't have a note-worthy magic phase with a mere 5 pd (including ring), you can afford to drop the netter gobs. your pd stealing shaman can hide in a corner somewhere and be safe for a few turns, and still be worth his points, even if some flier or fast cav tracks him down and kills him on turn 3. he'll still have done his job by nerfing their magic for half the game, and for only 100 points. you can then replace that unit with another 20 bowgobs (rather you should make bowgobs 21s) and the fanatics. this will free up another 100 points that you can spend on things like chuckas, lobbas, wagons, trolls, etc

Lord Hurin
05-07-2009, 20:48
Ok, you seemed to like my 1500 point list. What would I need to add to that to make a decent 2K? I'm not huge into magic, since I think Orcs should be bashin'

The problem with adding more Goblins with bows is that with the BfSP set, you get 40 Gobbos with spears and shields and only 20 with bows. I'd much rather use the ones I have rather than buying new. Same goes for the Pump Wagons and such. I may be able to get some second-hand ones for a decent price, but I'd rather avoid spending $45-50 on a 40 point unit.

Money's a little tight and the main reason I'm able to start the new army is because the starter box is dead cheap and my friend is dropping out of Fantasy, leaving a 4000 point 5th ed. army that I can pick and choose units from and buy dirt cheap.

05-07-2009, 21:24
2 alternatives:
- on ebay you can find units of 20 bsfp gobs (both the speargobs and the bowgobs) for $5-$10
- in friendly games you can use excess speargobs as bowgob filler, so you would have 2 unit of 20 that are each 10 bowgobs, musician, 9 speargobs. just let your opponent know that you are using those speargobs as bowgobs

edit: re, turning your 1500 into 2000... essentially your 2k list is the same thing as your 1500, with your gen promoted, another orc big boss added, and some more boyz. as i said before, you would benefit from axing a few things here and there, and adding war machines or rare choices.

one more thing... you should never exceed the point cap. there is just no reason to ever do that. if you are a few points over, cut a couple of guys from a unit.

Lord Hurin
05-07-2009, 21:31
Ah, I was wondering about doing a mixed unit like that, but wasn't sure if there was any precedent. My lists are almost always written out beforehand, even for casual games, so there would be little question as to what's "actually" being paid for.