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05-07-2009, 11:37
hi, im an experienced tomb king player, who always strugles with the brets and wood elves! this after noon im playing 2000pts against the evil brets! i have a draft list, but i just want to put it up here to see if anyone as any ideas to improve the list!
also i would like to point out that im not a fan of the icon bearer, as it takes too much away from the magic, how ever i think he will realy help in this game just to use that banner!!!

queen khalida

cloak of dunes

mighty incantations

icon bearer
light armour
standard of the sands

archers (poisen) x12
archers (poisen) x12
archers (poisen) x11
archers (poisen) x10
light hoursemen (poisen) x5
light hoursemen (poisen) x5
chariots (poisen) x3
chariots (poisen) x3
carian x 3

total 1997

the idea is, the queen on one catapult and the priest on the steed on the other! i have taken the mighty incantation instead of the SoR as its pointless against a 2+ save army! lol plus the reroll comes in handy when trying to get that extra shot of! the hirophant will just fly to where shes needed, near the secound catapult most likly, just incase!

right the icom bearer, i know i know, hes pointless etc, and usually i agree! however, my apponent doest use magic, maybe one scroll caddy and thats it! so taking the icon beaer shouldnt be a big blow to my magic! also due to the queens auto cast, theres only one other spell i need to cast each turn, the other catapult! so i believe it shouldnt be a big disadvantage to take him in this case! also with the brets they tend to give u first go, i was planning to use the standard of the sands during his first go! hopefully there might be a fleeing unit too! as it would be at -1 leadership the turn i use the standard! and during my first two turns i will try to get those carrian behind them and march block them! meaning i should have more time to shoot before he hits my lines! as you can see, if he hits my lines im doomed! the icon bearer will be deployed in a forest or behind a hill, just out of harms way, hence the steed! too many points given away if hes cought!

so to recape, his turn one, i trigger the banner so no marching.
his turn two and onwards my carrian will march block key units
and during this time i will be shooting 56 poisen shoots (he's bound to fail one save at one point lol) and 3-4 catapult shoots a turn!

when he is close enough the plan is to use the light hoursemen to sit in front of units and have him overrun to put my chariots on the flank! this will take place in turn 5 and 6, if the shooting has done its job!

thats basicly it!
i would like to have at least one scorpion, but that would mean droping the archers! and in this case i think that the amount of arrows being shoot a turn needs to be alot, just to make the enemy take lots of saves, hes bound to fail one or too with that many shoots! :)

thanks in advance! :)