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05-07-2009, 16:15
Edit: Please Ignore this bit, the army is 1500 points, and the colour scheme is very, very different. There will be a lot more greenstuffing as well!

Righto, this is gonna be my plog for my Nurgle/chaos guys. I'll build it up till 500pts, then decide if I want to carry on with it. Luckly though, it seems that plague marine armys are very, very small, so it should be a cheap army. My plague marines will be normal marines, with a few mutations here and there, painted in greens and browns. Here is the list if you're interseted - http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=208142

So anyway heres all the plague marines that are in the army:


I fear I will be always outnumbered.

Melta Squad:


Flamer Squad:


And a close up of the test model:


C&C welcome! :D

P.S. - My deamon prince will have wings, so does anyone know how to model wings and where you can buy a set?

05-07-2009, 16:50
My first daemon prince was a metal lord of the rings troll damn near covered in greenstuff...for the last ard boys tournament I had to put wings on him FAST to make him wysiwyg. Just got some copper wire I use for pinning, and bent it into a bow tie looking shape and glued then green stuffed it onto his back to look like fly wings. A little bit of wax paper and some paint and it will be done...maybe in time for this years tournament...

I personally have no problem with plague marines being represented by color scheme as opposed to heavy conversions...but I think it's a blast to convert plague marines, so I have to encourage you further to get ahold of some greenstuff.

The vast majority of my deathguard are made from battle of black reach marines and battle of macrage marines. Some are also various editions of chaos marines and chaos warriors (fantasy chaos)...infact, the only official games workshop plague marines I have are a plasma gunner I got from a friend who died a few years back...and the 15 plague marines I'm painting on commission for a friend. Not sure if I'll ever get the money, so I go back and forth on thinking of them as mine or his...

Check the deathguard plogs here, at dakkadakka.com, and ammobunker as well. I've got a really good link to a guy's tutorial on my girlfriends computer...soon as I can I'll get it and post it here. Best plague marines I think I've ever seen.

05-07-2009, 16:51
Looks pretty good so far, I like the rusting on the back pack.

05-07-2009, 17:46
I'll give greenstuffing a few of them a go then, though I'm a bit confused as to what a 'real' nurgle mutation is. Apart from the big, bloated belly, I really have little idea. How about I replace one of the arms with a mutatated arm. I'll use an ork arm as a base. I'll give it a go now. See if anything good turns out...

05-07-2009, 20:19
Taking advice from my list thread, I've made one PM more nurgly, looks ok for a first atempt IMO.


In regards to the DP wings issuse, I might use these => http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat1200019&prodId=prod1290031
they should be the right size for a nurgle DP.

06-07-2009, 12:25
Not sure how I feel about the tube on his back, but his chest and leg look rather good.

06-07-2009, 19:55
Yeah, the tube is just there becuase I couldn't think of much else to do with him, I'll decide if its looks any good when its painted, might look better then.

I think I need to convert one more, then each squad will have 4 mutated guys and two non-mutated guys. I'll say the non-mutated guys are warped by chaos in the mind and underneath the armour.

06-07-2009, 21:30
Update! I have nurglyfied another marine! I'll get painting them soon.


C&C welcome!

P.S. - The power fist arm looks better in RL

07-07-2009, 21:27
Ok, so no comments...

I've painted anotehr Plague Marine in my (unorthodox) colour scheme. They do look rather different to any other plague marines I've seen, but it does give them individuality :evilgrin:.

Picture! -


Although the mutant face isn't green/brown like one would expect from a nurgle guy, it is rather pale. And generally, when someone is pale, they are ill. I thought that having the face a different colour would contrast well.

Oh, and heres a pic of both the painted Plague Marines, going about their daily buisiness of spreading the zombie plague.


Comment welcome & wanted! :angel:

08-07-2009, 06:51
Looking pretty good, your GS work is very nice, colours look good. your own colour scheme looks good, just maybe a bit to neat and tidy for nurgle, could say they are heresy ers, or just after, when they were still changing?
Need to get rid of those mold lines! and base them, any ideas for bases?


08-07-2009, 08:34
I like the idea for just after the herasy.
Maybe the armour would take longer to change, so any exposed flesh mutates, and underneath the armour they are more mutated.

As for basing, I'll probably leave it till I've painted all of them. I'll try to do the same thing I did with my guard, (sand and some grass).

08-07-2009, 17:12
Well, another 2 have been painted and another lesson learned. The leason is, don't try to paint more than one at a time. It is horrendously confusing and timeconsuming. It would of been quicker to paint them separtatly. But, anyway heres the pics -



For the explaination of the lack of mutations, they have only recently dedicated themselves to Nurgle, and become Plague Marines. The resilience is thier, but the main of the mutations aren't. :D

C&C wanted!

09-07-2009, 15:39
So, no one wants to comment? :cries:

Right, anyway, enough of that. I've painted another PM, one more and the whole flamer squad will be done! :evilgrin:


And heres all 5 of the painted ones doing a little group shot:


C&C welcome and wanted!!!

09-07-2009, 16:28
hey there :-)

hm, the same concept here as mine, with the "just-beeing-influenced-by-nurgle", and you pull it off quite good.
i don't like this kind of green, but it suits them with the red gore, so go for it :-)
you will paint the bone parts, right? e.g.: the helmet's teeth of one of the guys.

keep it up,


09-07-2009, 18:27
Woops, didn't know those were teeth. I'll get round to painted them bone the next time I paint.

11-07-2009, 12:03
Ok, I've painted the final guy in the squad.

Here he is:


And heres the finished squad:


Hope you like 'em. BTW, the next squad will be painted differently, the reasons behind this are the fact I've found a good tutorial on the web, so I'll try it out. For the fluff, I'll say that because chaos is well, chaos, they'll be from 2 different armys/chapters/legions. The ones I've painted just now will of recently become Plague Marines, however the next squad will of served nurgle longer so the colours will be different.

Coments Welcome!!!

P.S. I've ordered the deamon prince and some wings for him.

11-07-2009, 13:33
Looking good, they look realy grimy and dirty, just like good Death Guard should!
i really like the head on the flamer, its wierd!!


11-07-2009, 13:44
hey sharkai :-)

looking good so far, though your last marine looks very thick colored...thin down the colours more, so the details won't be drowned. esp on the shoulder pad, i know there should be some arrows and a skull...

other than that, it's ok so far :-)
and the head of the flamer guy is from the old marines, right? i think they were in the box too, but nowadays not.


11-07-2009, 17:38
Thanks everyone! :evilgrin:
The mutated flamer head is from the old box, I first started chaos back then, I got slanneshy black legion. I didn't understand the codex when I first started, it was sooo confusing! i never knew where to look to find the rules. No wonder I got slannesh, it was the only thing I could ever find in the book! I wish they still had the mutation sprue, it made it really easy to customise them...

Anyway, back to my nurgly present!!! :cool:

@nocturn - Damn it, I knew i had to go over something again. The holidays are melting my brain, I can barely remember which day it is :confused:. I think it's saturday though, I'm not fully sure.
Oh, I've redone the guy who needed bone bits on him. You can sort of see in the 2nd picture. I'll go over the shoulder pad anyway.

I'll hopefully get a game tomorrow, my second with death guard! Hopefully I'll win as well as in my first game! I'll also be getting some new paints tomorrow, then you'll see what the 2nd squad will look like! It'll be similar to the other marines, but a different green.

12-07-2009, 17:20
No comments then? :rolleyes:

I've painted a plague marine in the new scheme. Looks quite good I think, better from farther away,than close up, it was a lot easier to paint as well.


And heres a comparison of the two:


Seeing as chaos is well, chaos, I think I can get away with having different armour colour. Personally, I like the change in armour.

Oh, I've also repainted the shoulder pad of one guy:

Notice the mutated hand

Comments Welcome!!! :D

12-07-2009, 17:47
It's a really nice army but your paint is too thick, try to thin it out with water. Also if you would wash your models and drybrush them after the wash your models would look way better and i wouldn't take so much time to do. All in all really good log except for those things that i listed above


12-07-2009, 21:25
I water the paints down if I'm covering a large area, like the large areas on shoulder pads. However I don't water down for anything small because it ends up going all runny, I am trying, its just I never know how much water to put in or how much is on my brush.

As for the drybrushing, I have done that when painting the green on the latest plague marine, but not for all the other plague marines in teh flamer squad.
Oh, and, which colour should I drybrush with?

P.S - I need to repaint the most recently painted dude's head, some of the gold went onto his face, i'll post pics in the morning when I've re-done his head.

12-07-2009, 21:36
If you water down a color and it floats all around the model you are watering it down too much, the only way to learn this is to mix it on a pallet and check if it floats like water, if it does then it's too watered down. Also you could watch this tutorial to learn to drybrush and wash after you have drybrushed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWxn_btDDFM . About the colors what colors are you using on the armor of the model (basecoat and highlight)?

13-07-2009, 08:28
Thanks, the tuitorial helps quite a bit.

The first plague marines are orkhide shade with knarloc green ontop of that, leaving some of the orkhide shade at the edges.
The second colour scheme is gretchin green with rotting flesh drybrush, then it has a devlin mud wash and a gryphonne sepia wash. Then after that I drybrush rotting flesh again. Then I add details to it.
oh, I need to redo the face now, i forgot...

13-07-2009, 13:01
For colors i would recommend bestial brown (or another brown color that is kinda dark), camo green drybrushed over that, wash of watered down bestial brown, drynrush of camo green followed by a drybrush of rotting flesh, then you can add some details like fine highlight with rotting flesh. Hope that helps and i am looking forward to see more!

13-07-2009, 20:40
Thanks for the painting advice, when I expand to either 750pts or 1000pts (i will, eventully) i will add another squad, painted in a similar scheme to what you recomended. Or I may paint them the same as what I've got at the moment, we'll see anyway. ;)

The face has been repainted, it looks a lot more tidy and professional now.
heres a picture:


Oh, the deamon prince also arrived this morning, so after a day of soldering, glueing and greenstuffing, the beast is complete. Unfortunatly, the base supplied was the wrong size, so I had to use a spare base to put him on.
The wings are the "winged nightmare wings" from a warhammer fantasy set.

Here he is in all his unpainted glory! :evilgrin:


and the back:


Looks good, methinks. I'll paint him after everything else.

BTW, I also had a game today against one of my friends. It was a 525pts game, thats how many nids he could take in squads of 8. - he used my tyranids and I used my death guard. Because of the fact I hadn't made my deamon prince at the time, I had to replace him with termie lord with lightning claws.
We played a defend type game, I had to defend a castle/tower for 6 turns, he won if he had a unit inside with none of my units nearby, I won if i had a unit inside with none of his units nearby.
I deployed my melta squad in the tower, and my flamer squad in a small bunker near by, my termi-lord wsa behind the flamer squad ready to counter charge.


nids turn - he moves forward, genestealers and some hormogaunts towards the tower. The hivetyrant, some gaunts and a squad of H-guants move to my flamer squad.

Chaos turn - Nothing (out of range)


nids turn - moves forward somemore, hes very close now, within rapid fire range.

Chaos turn - flamer squad nearly wipes out a gaunt sqaud with rapid fire, leaving just 2 guants remaining), flamers out of range. The melta squad kill about 2 H-guants (out of rapidfire range).


nids turn - hive tyrant, guants and H-guants charge my flamer squad, hive tyrant can't attack, so no PM die, 3 H-gaunts die.
H-guants charge the melta squad, kill very few only about 1 PM, I kill 2 or 3 H-guants. The genestealers can charge next turn.

Chaos turn - my termi lord joins the fray, and helps the melta squad, most H-guants die. Combats continue, several die each time.


nids turn - genestealers assult melta squad. 1 or 2 PM die, about 2 genestealers die. flamer combat continues, several killed each way.

Chaos turn - Combats continue, only 2 PM left in flamer squad. about 4 genestealers left, the Melta squad has about 3 guys left including a sergent.


nids turn - 2 guys left in flamer squad, maybe about 3 genestealers left. melta squad has 2 guys left and a lord.

Chaos turn - 1 guy left in flamer squad. 1 sergent left from the melta squad. maybe about 2 genestealers.

TURN 6. (last turn)

nids turn - kills the flamer squad. One genestealer left, and 2 H-guants left. 1 sergent and a lord is all I have left. He still has hoards!

Chaos turn - sergent is clawed to death by the lone genestealer. The lord slaughters the 2 H-guants in combat.

Game ends. Conclusion, draw. I have my lord on the tower base, he has one genestealer.

Tactics to change- i should of focused more on defending the tower, and trying to shoot more. Oh, and blight grenades are AWSOME!!! :evilgrin:

thats all for now! C&C welcome!!!

13-07-2009, 23:15
Sounds like a real kill fest, my favourite kind! I like that PM, he's really grimy :)


14-07-2009, 19:46
I love a good slaughter fest as well, though it seems I have been playing my plague marines wrongly. For starters, I asumed FNP worked against power weapons, but it doesn't, which is annoying. I also forgot about PM having 2 attacks because of thier CCWs and bolt pistols, so, I was using them with only 1 attack! DOH!
I played another game today, against Orks, my orks. Damn it, I wish people would use thier own armys! i still won though, about 4 PMs died. Masses of orks were slaughtered in teh name of Nurgle. There were 3 objectives, I controlled 2, oppenent had none.
The man of the match was teh deamon prince, it single-handedly charged and wiped out 14 shootaboyz and a bigmek.

Oh, I've also painted another PM. Here he is



Only 4 more PM and a deamon prince to go!

C&C apreciated. :skull:

14-07-2009, 22:36
Oh man, you forgot about the extra attacks!!! Would have been an even more uber kill-fest!
Nice work on this next guy, he looks equally as gruesome as the rest, and I like the mutated arm too.


16-07-2009, 14:00
Thanks! i am a bit annoyed about the forgoten extra attacks, I could of won if I'd remembered. Mind you, I could of won if I'd done a lot differently :rolleyes:, so its a lesson learned.
Another 2 have been painted anyway, only 2 more PM and the deamon prince to go! Then it'll be time for some tanks!



C&C appreciated!!! :chrome:

24-09-2009, 16:49
Resurrection Time!

Okay, so am probably not going to restart my nurgle guys fully, but I managed to get some more stuff done because I'm waiting till more guard stuff arrives.
Firstly I managed to get the last two plague marines done.


And the fully completed squad (for now at least)


And I also used a new gore technique on the chainsaw parts


And finally I managed to create a nurgle terminator

(the pics don't give him justice at all)

That's it for now, C&C welcome.

24-09-2009, 17:11
Good looking stuff man. I really like the gore.

24-09-2009, 18:53
The greenstuff work looks really good, nice :)
that's very very gory! They need to clean their chainblades!!


25-09-2009, 13:05
I like the use of the old mutation bits, and that gore looks pretty brutal. How are you going to be basing them?

25-09-2009, 13:37
Thanks guys!

@primarch16 There going to be based the same as my guard. ATM i am just painting them blue as I can't be bothered to base them at the moment, I'll get the sand on when I base my new guard stuff.

30-10-2009, 13:20
Hi, another update here.

Here's everything I greenstuffed (none are painted!):


Heres a close up of IMO awesome lord:


The terminators:


A champion & plague marine for my existing squads:


And my rhino (yes parts have been melted :evilgrin:)


I've also started painting my prince, though he may take some time.
C&C welcome!

01-11-2009, 20:12
awww... No comments. I'm a bit annoyed this thread a 2 star log as well, I would of thought it reached 3 at least.

Still, I've started work on a third squad, with plasmas. 4 guys done so far, 3 to go.


Pics are a little blurry.

C&C welcome!

02-11-2009, 19:13

I've got the deamon prince painted up. Came out well IMO.


And some good news, because my brother has recently cleared out most of his room. He's given me some of his unwanted stuff, this includes 1 land raider, 1 lascannon predator, 1 land speeder and a broken dreadnought. I already have a LR so the newly acquired one may go to my orks, or not, I'll decide eventually. There's also a load of bits I can use for stuff.

C&C welcome :)

02-11-2009, 19:19
The daemon prince looks good.

Keep the LR, DG work well with two of them.

Are you going to base the whole army like the DP?

03-11-2009, 17:40
Thanks skylord, I'll keep the LR.

not much progress I'm afraid, I've managed to GS the flamer squad:


I've also taken a group shot:


i may get around to making a list up soon.
Comments welcome!

03-11-2009, 18:22
Its slowly comingg together.

Got any idea what sort of list you want to run?

I can give you a copy of my 1500 deathguard list if you want it.

04-11-2009, 09:11
I want to have a few more rhinos, some deamons, maybe another melta squad. I'm unsure what to put in the land raiders though.
I could change the pred into a rhino if I need too, then I could have some obliterators.

I would appreciate a copy of your list if possible :)

04-11-2009, 09:35
Ok, here is my rough 1500pt list. It needs to be slightly changed for an optimum efficiancy.

HQ: Deamon Prince; Wings; MoN, warptime
-Greater Daemon

Troops: 3 squads of 7 plaguemarines with aspiring champion, power weapons, and plasma guns (also add to more plaguemarines (this was to boost the points, this needs to be changed)).

Was 2 rhinos, but will change to 1 as for Heavy Support: 2 Land Raiders.

This list has its weakenesses, needs to changed slightly but it does give an enjoyable game for me an my opponents.

Hope it helps.

04-11-2009, 11:20
Okay, I've come up with a rough list.

Deamon Prince

3x Terminators
-1 w/ lighting claws
-1 w/ Heavy Flamer & Chainfist
-1 w/ TL bolter & Chainfist

7x Plague Marines
-Champion w/ Power Fist
-2x Meltaguns

7x Plague Marines
-Champion w/ Power Fist
-2x Meltaguns

7x Plague Marines
-Champion w/ Power Fist
-2x Flamers

7x Plague Marines
-Champion w/ Power Fist
-2x Plasma Guns

Dedicated Transports:
2x Rhinos


oblits, landraiders, none?

236pts left over.

As you can see I've become a little stuck. I want each unit to have a transport, or deepstrike. Should I drop a PM squad and take some deamons instead, and then take a landraider?
Oh, and is a predator useful enough to keep, or should I turn it into a rhino?

04-11-2009, 14:08
Take a Land raider, it will give you some more anti-tank. plus people will have to decide wether to shoot it or your DP.

However, LRs work best in pairs, might be an idea to try a list with 2 LR and see which one works better for your playstyle.

05-11-2009, 07:57
i got a few replies in the tactica, all of which included obliterators and rhinos. So here it is:

Deamon Prince

3x Terminators
-1 w/ lighting claws
-1 w/ Heavy Flamer & Chainfist
-1 w/ TL bolter & Power Weapon

7x Plague Marines
-Champion w/ Power Fist
-2x Meltaguns

7x Plague Marines
-Champion w/ Power Fist
-2x Meltaguns

7x Plague Marines
-Champion w/ Power Fist
-2x Flamers

7x Plague Marines
-Champion w/ Power Sword
-2x Plasma Guns

3x Rhinos

3x Obliterators


The rhinos rush forward to rapidfire/assault, the prince trys to attack weaker areas. The plasma squad sits back on an objective, or advances up as a second wave. Obliterators provide fire support with plasma cannons or lascannons.
Means I have to buy 1x rhino, 3x obliterators (i'm gonna use WHFB ogres), and 7x plague marines. I'll convert my pred into a rhino.

06-11-2009, 17:07
More changes in the list:

Deamon Prince

Deamon Prince

7x Plague Marines
-Champion w/ Power Fist
-2x Meltaguns
-Personal Icon

7x Plague Marines
-Champion w/ Power Fist
-2x Meltaguns

7x Plague Marines
-Champion w/ Power Fist
-2x Flamers

7x Plague Marines
-Champion w/ Power Fist
-2x Plasma Guns

3x Rhinos

3x Obliterators


I have managed to get the flamer squad repainted in my real DG colours, instead of the clean crap.


I also made a power fist champion for the plasma squad:


08-11-2009, 15:06
still a 2 star log then, yet all the comments say it's good. :confused:

Anyhow, I've got the rest of the plasma squad GSed up and started the melta squad. I've also got the rhino done (converted from the pred)



Oh, and to let you know whats left to do:

Deamon Prince – convert from dread, need to order wings
2nd melta squad - need to buy 5 more guys
plasma squad - paint them
1 rhino - needs to be built
2 rhinos - need painting
3x oblits - need to convert from ogres

which leaves me with only 3 complete units. I need to get painting.

08-11-2009, 16:36
I really like all of the green stuff work, it does look really good. and the last finished squad is nice, I fthink you need to break up the green slightly though, maybe a different colour for the bolter?


08-11-2009, 18:37
I could try black on some parts of the boltgun?

08-11-2009, 18:42
Hey there,

I quite like your death guard, looks gritty and good :-)
gs work is also very nice so far and looking nurgly of course, so I'll rate you a 4
Try some colours for the hair and the bolters to hold them more together as a squad, it seems they are only to 90% finished, the last "pop" is missing.
maybe a vivid colour as eyecatcher.


10-11-2009, 16:48
The GS on the marines and the tank looks well good.

How you going to paint the tank?

10-11-2009, 17:54
thanks for the replies, I sort of understand what you mean about the squad Nocturn, I'll try to do something at the weekend (back to school :( ) I'm going to try using red as the DP has a lot of red stuff on him.

I'm unsure how I'l paint the rhinos, they'll be the same green as the plague marines, but with more metal on parts. I'm thinking of trying a rust effect of some sort.

BTW, I've varnished the DP which seems to of given him a wierd faint white cracked effect on his belly and some other parts. I think I used to much by mistake, though I think it's okay because it looks a bit like fungus is growing on him.


10-11-2009, 18:12
Yeah it looks like He's got a fungle belly! Its very 'nurgly'.

16-11-2009, 18:06
I've started working on the flamer squad and melta squad, basing and the like, but I have started my dreadnought deamon prince. It's still WIP and needs wings (I've ordered them).


23-11-2009, 17:38
Hi all!
I got the wings and started working yesterday, and here are the results!


I think he's about done now, I'll start painting soon.
C&C welcome

28-11-2009, 17:15
I got a bit bored recently, so I decided to give some traitor guard/zombies a go. I am thinking of using them as lesser deamons eventually.



29-11-2009, 00:00
Haha, the half man with the melted face looks great!! and he is still holding on to his pistol!! Nice work :)


03-12-2009, 21:31
Thanks eltanko!
I have made 3 more mutant guard (so i have 7 in total) using some ork bits as well as IG bits.
I'll get pics by saturday because my laptop is being borrowed, so I am using another computer to post this up.

Edit: imageshack seems to be playing up, sorry for no front pics of the current 4 traitors ATM

05-12-2009, 13:39
As promised, the pics of more mutants.


The middle one reminds me of a supermutant. I might try making a purpose built supermutant sometime.
I've also started painting some, pics when they're finished.

30-05-2010, 09:55
I'm back!

Well, after getting distracted by the Lotr sbg and other stuff, I've started on my death guard again. Unfortunately I have a lot of plague marines to paint AND convert :(. However, I'm going to try to get a rhino painted soonish for one of my squads to ride around in.
And the progress, I painted the final plague marine in melta squad 1. So now I have 2 painted squads and a painted Daemon prince.

Heres the pics:


And the whole squad


C&C welcome.

30-05-2010, 09:59
I love them!
They have a really nice rusty and rotten aura around them.
How did you achieve the pale green?
The bright green (scorpion green?) is similar to the one I use
in my nurgle army.

The only thing I dont like is the gold on the trim--
in my oppinion Nurgle should not have gold!

31-05-2010, 10:29
The armours pale green is gretchin green with rotting flesh drybrush, then it has a devlin mud wash and a gryphonne sepia wash. Then after that, I drybrush rotting flesh onto it again.
This time however I didn't do the devlin mud wash I just used a black wash as I've ran out of devlin mud.

I've started painting a rhino and I've made an objective. I'll get some pics up later.

03-06-2010, 21:13
Managed to get the rhino for a squad done over the course of this week. Hopefully at a decent standard of painting too.


Close-ups of the driver, I wasn't sure what colour his skin should be but i did it a similar shade of green as the rest of the tank due to them being 'fused' together through the warp. Hopefully it looks okay and fits fluffwise (deathguard aren't really meant to be having vehicles, but mine do):

A trophy rack, I tried to use plenty of thraka green to make the skulls and heads seem corrupted and rotting. Although you wouldn't think that bone could "rot" I think it works well at representing the everlasting death and decay of Nurgle:

C&C is very much welcomed!

Morchaint The Red
03-06-2010, 21:49
i really like how everything looks i especially like the daemon prince. How is the Dread Prince coming along?
I also truly enjoy the GS work on everything epic nurgle (although im more about all the blood for the blood god ;) )
hope more goes well will check back soon

14-08-2010, 12:28
Sorry for the long breaks but I keep getting distracted, or rather distracted back into 40k. Anyhow, I decided to paint up my second rhino out of three. I forgot how fun it is to spend an evening painting something.


It's darker than the other one but it stops them all being the same.

C&C welcome!