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06-07-2009, 12:23
Ok, this is my recent list i have writen which im doing as a tale of 4 gamers at my local club.

Great Unclean One
lvl 3, Trappings, Noxious Vapours, Slime Trail 620pts

Herald BSB
lvl 1, Staff of Nurgle, Great Standard of Sundering 265pts

lvl 1, Staff of Nurgle 215pts

14 x Plague Bearers
Full Command 198pts
(BSB here)

14 x Plague Bearers
Full Command 198pts
(herald here)

15 x Plague Bearers
Full Command 210pts

5 x Furies 60pts
5 x Furies 60pts
4 x Nurgling 140pts

Total 1991pts

Comments and ideas would be much welcomed, not played with this list yet so any help would be good.
I do have a second list i will add here soon but wanted some feedback with a list setup like this (including GUO) which the other list doesnt.
My concerns are power dice/dispel dice and dishing out hit,can this list do enough

06-07-2009, 19:29
I'd say be harsh, take Epidemus instead of the 4 nurglings. In an all nurgle army he is CRAZY good.

You then have 14pts spare. Remove the champ and musician from each unit, for a total of 68pts spare. Epidemus is 4 models strong, so you can remove 4 models from plaguebearers easily, for another 48pts, so 116 in total.

This allows you to give all 3 units Icon of Eternal Virulence (double poison combat res). When you poison on a 4+, its kinda crazy.

Then have 41pts spare. So you could give your GUO Lv4, or a plaguebearer to each unit.

Of course, this then is a list of 4 anvils and no real hammers. But via magic and very good combat res/unkillable units, you can quite easily beat off enemies. At 2250, obviously stuff in as many hammers as you can.

06-07-2009, 22:12
I agree with including epidemius, the three banners may be pushing it but definitly seek to get one or two off them in there

I would also like to see some beasts of nurgle added (probably when you expand) a unit of three of these babies may be pricey but they sure as hell make great hammers, not to mention how insane they are to kill.

For the list above i would question the usefulness of two units of flyers and a scouter, i would probably drop the nurglings (for epidemius) and up the size of each unit of furies

07-07-2009, 03:07
after you add epidemius, i advise making that 3rd unit min. strength and just placing epidemius in there and hiding him behind a big impassable piece of terrain for the whole game. then bump up your other 2 units a bit.

on the herald, id ditch the staffs and go for vapours and slime trail to make them even more of anvils. also on the GUO i consider trappings overkill, its not like hes going to die anyway. give him a staff instead imo.

ths GUO with all its magic and really not bad combat ability should get a quick tally if hes used like a hammer to your abundance of anvils.

10-07-2009, 13:09
Hey, thanks for the replys so far.

As far as epidemius, i have included him in my 2nd list which i will post soon, but hadnt thought of including him in this one, i think it is definitely a good idea and will look into it.

Yes, moving up to 2250 i would be wanting to add in beasts, a unit of 3, i know its 300pts but on paper they look awesome (no games yet so not sure about that).

On the banners, i did want to add them in but couldnt find the points when looking myself as didnt think the units could be any smaller otherwise i didnt think they would be as survivable and felt the need for the furies for the speed and flanking/march blocking etc to help with my slow block style army.

The reason i have the staffs is for the addition to the killing ability of the army, because as mention by Garrgod there isnt any hammers here.
I would use the GUO as a hammer if this works and changing the him to having a staff could be a good idea, more hitting power is what im after.

I will re-write the list and post it up asap.

More comments would be great