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Erik Lamont
03-01-2006, 10:31
As my main character in LARP is a nordic priest of LOKI I would like to use authentic lines to represent the prayers sent to the god. So far I used an internet dictionary of modern norwegian, but of course it lacks structure and Grammer. So my appeal to any native speaker out there is to translate these short three prayers into more or less correct Norwegian (if possible archaic sounding):

1. Blessing of a weapon:"Loki bless my weapon with might and quickness"
2. Healing of wound:"Loki tend this wound and send its bearer some of your dreams"
3. Vision send by the God:"Loki send me a vision of truth and falseness to aid me in my cause"

Many, many thanks in advance!

Captain Ardias
04-01-2006, 08:58
First of all, do you know that loki where not a god, but a jotun (some sort of evil humanoid), that mixed blood with Odin and where allowed to live in valhall, he where a manipulating trickster.

1. "Loke, velsign mitt våpen med styrke og hurtighet."
2. "Loke, stell dette såret og send dine drømmer til dets offer."
3. This one i'll have to get back to.

When it comes to make it sound archaic, there are not many people that know old norwegian, so this is the best i can come up with right now.

Erik Lamont
11-01-2006, 14:54
Thanks very much for the reply that really is something I can work with.
To the clear origins of Loki there is much to discuss concerning contradicting information in the different eddas. He was definately married(?) to at least one giant and farthered various "monsters", but to my knowledge it is not clear if one of his parents was not a god.

Still there is much to learn and being a priest of Loki at least for a few days a year there is still some research about the background going on.

Greetings from Munich to Norway.

11-01-2006, 15:55
The third one would be something like "Loke, send meg visjoner av sannhet og løgner for å fremme mitt virke". It's a bit ankward, though, because there's no good norweigan word for "cause".

Also, if you want it as authentic as possible, you should probably get someone from Iceland to do it for you. Modern norweigan is quite different from the language spoken by the vikings, but it has survived almost unchanged on Iceland.

Erik Lamont
12-01-2006, 13:59
Thanks again,

using even another translation would be exaggerated as it is only a game and no re-enactment and German being somewhat similar recepients of the prayers or by-standers can still somewhat make out what is going on. And this is far better than my attempt using an internet dictionary which resulted in: "Loki vi vepen kro kraft og hurtighet" (for blessing the blade).

Over and out.