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08-05-2005, 12:54
Just so that you know, I want this list rated, BUT! I will not take away the Dragon or the Mounted Daemonettes


Lord Lakhalon Pleasurebringer, Dragonborne of Slaanesh: Lord of Chaos, Mark of Slaanesh, Scrolls of the pleasurable temple (Book of Secrets), Eye of the dragonlord (Gaze of the gods), Sacred armour of the Dragonborne (Armour of damnation), Greatweapon...695 pts


Raguln, summoner of pleasure: Sorceror of Chaos, Mark of Slaanesh, lvl 2, Steed of Chaos, Loh'kryn the amuser (Power familliar)...206 pts

Hakhran the blind, warden of the harem of the Dragonborne: Sorceror of Chaos, Mark of Slaanesh, lvl 2, Steed of Chaos, Power stone, Sceptre of Domination...206 pts


Dragonkin of Gulgh Rackahr: 6 Knights of Slaanesh, champion, standard bearer, warbanner...283 pts

Heartbreakers of Gulgh Rackahr: 6 Knights of Slaanesh, champion, standard bearer, musician...268 pts

Silver hooves of the snow: 5 Marauder Horsemen, flails, musician... 80 pts

The chillbreeze: 5 Marauder Horsemen, flails, musician... 80 pts


The purple fires of passion: 6 Mounted Daemonettes...180 pts

Total points: 1998

Casting pool: 8 + powerstone
Dispell pool: 6

I can drop the two musicians from the Knights and swap the War Banner for the Raptorous Standard

(I have gott a pretty extensive background which I can post if you'd like me to

08-05-2005, 13:14
You are going for an offensive magic phase with 2 lvl2s...? Right... No scrolls? It isn`t like having an army made out of expensive stuff isn`t immune to magic or anything. A bit of damage spells or movement spells would make hell for this army (zombies flanking your lord and so on, no save spells hitting your knights etc), so changing the stuff on your sorcerors would be my first change. (For scrolls, if you didn`t get it :) )

I`d also get rid of some of the magical stuff on your lord (like the book of secrets) and get rid of one horsemen unit and get another unit of mtd daemonettes.

08-05-2005, 15:34
I agree with Oguleth, offensive magic with only 2 lvl 2s in 2000pts is a bit mad. Also, your list is painfully small. I would drop one sorcerer alltogether, get rid of the remaining one's second level and swap all his magic items for two scrolls. Also, I'd drop the Book Of Secrets. This gives you enough points for units of 12 and six warhounds, another unit of marauder horsemen and two more chaos knights. This gives you one unit of hounds to screen one unit of chaos knights, and another unit to add rank and outnumbering when the knights reach combat.

You've said you won't do it, but I think dropping the mounted deamonettes, one unit of warhounds and one unit of marauders from the altered list I suggested for a unit of knights would mean your list has a lot more punch, and it will still have two units of fast cavalry. But it's up to you and they do add some variety.

08-05-2005, 17:21
31 models? 2 level 2 sorcerors?

Since you're not willing to ditch the dragon, i've got nothing to else to say, other than this army is likely to die fast and hard. :D

The Judge
08-05-2005, 20:37
The dragon would scare the crap out of any player at my store...GO FOR IT!

09-05-2005, 05:39
The point in taking the Book of Seecrets is not to give me offensive magic, it is to give me that extra Dispell Dice.

And why do you assume I am going for an offensive magic phase? I am going to try and contend the Magic phases, not win them.

And for the reckord, I HATE Scrolls, especially Scroll Caddys, and I have promised myself never to take a Scroll Caddy.

I can see your points, but, only having 2 Scrolls and 3 Dispell Dice won't even take me through one magic phase.

This list is heavely Fluff Based, so I find it hard to add more knights without taking another unit of 6, since 6 is the sacred number of Slaanesh.

09-05-2005, 10:07
Okay, I see how you want to stick by the fluff of your army (although I don't see a Dragon rider leading such a tiny force) and I respect you for that, aswell as your stance on scroll caddies. I think the reason Oguleth and I assumed you were going offensive was the second level on both your mages. I do, however, still believe that you won't get back the points you've put into magic in results. Also, the list is far too small. Taking into account the constraints you specified, here's what I would do.

Drop Hakhran entirely, and either get rid of the second level on Raguln or drop the Warbanner. This leaves you with 5 Dispel dice, which should be enough (although I'd definately send the dragon after any enemy mages pronto). This leaves you with enough points to buy two units of 12 Warhounds to actually give your list some beef to it, screen your knights and possibly get you that outnumbering bonus in CC. You also have enough left over for another unit of Marauder horsemen.