View Full Version : The Host of Taj'nadx'arkan

vinny t
06-07-2009, 21:38
Oldblood on Carnasaur with light armor, halberd, shield, and Carnasaur Pendant
Priest on EotG with Dispel Scroll and Diadam of Power
BSB Scar-Vet with light armor, shield, Cold One, and War Drum
1 Jungle Swarm
18 Sarus with full command and spears
18 Sarus with full command and spears
10 Skrimish Skinks
10 Skrimish Skinks
5 Cold One Riders
5 Cold One Riders
5 Cold One Riders

So what do you think? I'm mainly looking for tactics to use.

06-07-2009, 22:27
id drop the jungle swarm and get a cheap sword of might on the old blood lord or something one handed so you can use that shield. or even if you dropped a champion or 2 from the saurus to pay for it.

07-07-2009, 17:49
As a point, put points in, for both each unit and the army as a whole, makes it a LOT easier.

Lose the carnosaur pendent. Its literally no use, as when your carnosaur does a wound you get frenzy anyways. He could do with either going for better offense (i.e. a better weapon...) and defense (ward save really)

Give each of the cold one units a standard and lose the jungle swarm.

Why war drums on BSB? I'd suggest cold one, light armour, enchanted shield, piranha blade. Becomes hard to kill and powerful.

If you need points, you can lose some of the command on saurus blocks, but keep the standards.

Its not a bad list mind.