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07-07-2009, 07:34
Hi Warseer.

As per the tittle this is my empire list no chaos.... if anyone is following my movements they will notice the last few months has been focused around my chaos army.

I have moved away from the list... only for a while as i feel as a newbie in terms of playing the games i feel my Empire army will be easier and much more flexible.... AND I CAN SHOOT.

I made this list last night after reading the new WD which gives a bit of background to the Empire and the models.

2000 points



Volkmar - 360pts


Warrior priest - second warhammer, heavy armour - 98pts (To put in with the greatswords)

Empire Wizard (not decided the lore) - mace of helstorm (ahh just realised this is 10pts over his limit) hmmm ok i have 62pts spare. - Wizard staff - 75pts i may give him level 2 and a dispell scroll or buy a engineer for my cannon...... The wizard with mace was to go in with the handgunners as the secret sting however i'm not sure what i will do with him.


10 Archers (huntsmen) - 100pts

30 handgunners - command - reaper handgun - 275pts

Detachment - 10 handgunners - 80pts

Detachment 2 - 10 spearmen with shield - 60pts

20 swordsmen - command - 145pts

Detachment - 10 halberdiers - 50pts


15 greatswords - command - 180pts

5 outriders - 105pts - fast Cav and 15 shots.... can't be all that bad for 105pts

Great cannon - 100pts


Helblaster volley gun - 110pts

20 flagellants - 200pts

First time i've done an army list for my empire army..... i think i like it.... very different to my chaos army. I would have liked knights but don't have the points for a 2000pt game.

Would love some feedback about the list.

07-07-2009, 07:38
donīt believe what you see in White Dwarf... unit of 30 hand gunners is manly ... no doubt about that but its useless. if you max it out you get 10 gunners to shoot on ground ... 20 if on hill but still it would take too much space. And since you have warrior priest you should also take one unit of flagellants into the core selection. two unbreakable units is always good if you have something to support them with ... like knights that strangely you donīt have any on your list.

as Core take two units of Spearmen or swordsmen ... for them 5 archers and 9 free company as detachement. 20 flagellants into core and RARE ... keep the great swords but and outriders. try to fit in two units of 6 knights ... command is not neccessary.

07-07-2009, 10:43
i don't own two units of flagellants... i can do two units of 10.

I thought it was a bit weird about the hand gunners.... what about if i lost command and took 4 units of 10? So pretty much in a straight line i had 5 units of handgunners blasting away.... would never win combat but would never win anyway. Or i take 20 handsgunners (two units of 10) and with the points take some spearmen with command.

07-07-2009, 19:07
yah for sure dont take a unit of 30 gunners - i'd rather take 3 units of 10!
breaking the flagellants into 2 units...not so sure I agree as they go down pretty quick, and their job is to hold up the enemy for as long as possible, I'd prob take them as units of 15 at least.
knights are handy but then again theres something nice about a foot-slogging army!
I would actually be tempted to drop the flagellants to 15 and increase the greatswords to 20

07-07-2009, 21:55
i dont own 20 greatswords... i have the good old metal models.

i agree jind.... 20 flaggs is enough... why take 40? they arent going to kill much they are designed to block troops while something like the greatswords can swoop in and destroy.

I think i will be ok without the knights however if i fault some major parts of the army list quickly then next game say hello to some knights.

08-07-2009, 15:42
Drop some handgunners that is way overkill, and make one handgunner unit crossbows for more flexibility.
Now you can afford a unit of 5 vanilla knights with mus.
Your flagellants are core becouse of volkmar archlector, consider 2x10.

Dirty Diszle
12-07-2009, 09:44
You'll need more than 10 spearmen, the only bonus they get is they get to attack in ranks of 2 so you will need to have at least 15 so if the first rank is wiped out when being charged you still get al least 5 attacks. Which are still a bit cack.

Level 2 wizards are really the only ones worth taking IMO and bear in mind that outriders aremove or fire.