View Full Version : Khainite and tourney same sentence?

reign beaux
07-07-2009, 08:01
Hi all
Recently saw an absolutely awesome Cauldron of Blood conversion and this inspired me to want to restart with a Druchii army. i like the concept of the khainite units and obviously would want to take advantage of the cauldron but I was just wondering if anyone thinks that it is possible to make a tourney grade army list that focuses on khainite units and if so tips and advice to do so would be much appreciated.

I had thought along the lines of (2500)
1 sup. soceress lv. 4 with pendant, focus familliar, dispell scroll (310)
1 death hag on cauldron, rune of khaine (225)
1 death hag bsb, banner of hag graef, rune of khaine and manbane (200)
10 Xbowmen shield (110)
10 Xbowmen shield (110)
10 Xbowmen shield (110)
10 with elves with full command, rune of khaine on the hag (150)
20 with elves with full command, Warbanner and witchbrew (275)
20 executioners with full command (258) (bsb in here)
5 harpies (55)
5 harpies (55)
1 assassin Rune of khaine manbane cloak of twilight extra hand weapon (166)
1 war hydra (175)
2 rbt (200)