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reign beaux
07-07-2009, 08:02
Hi all
Recently saw an absolutely awesome Cauldron of Blood conversion and this inspired me to want to restart with a Druchii army. i like the concept of the khainite units and obviously would want to take advantage of the cauldron but I was just wondering if anyone thinks that it is possible to make a tourney grade army list that focuses on khainite units and if so tips and advice to do so would be much appreciated.

I had thought along the lines of (2500)
1 sup. soceress lv. 4 with pendant, focus familliar, dispell scroll (310)
1 death hag on cauldron, rune of khaine (225)
1 death hag bsb, banner of hag graef, rune of khaine and manbane (200)
10 Xbowmen shield (110)
10 Xbowmen shield (110)
10 Xbowmen shield (110)
10 with elves with full command, rune of khaine on the hag (150)
20 with elves with full command, Warbanner and witchbrew (275)
20 executioners with full command (258) (bsb in here)
5 harpies (55)
5 harpies (55)
1 assassin Rune of khaine manbane cloak of twilight extra hand weapon (166)
1 war hydra (175)
2 rbt (200)

i just think it willl be smashed to pieces.

07-07-2009, 09:20
well atleast its different :) 2500 point list? is there such tournament somewhere. IŽd say as long as you deflect somehow enemy magic and shooting that list should just do the trick. Though 2500 points give alot of variation to many armies and that is most likely too little defended against magic. 55% of armies in tournaments and infact if that big point values will be Tzeencian demons and 16 PD VC summon hordes. Yes you will get smashed. BUT I like the list anyways

07-07-2009, 09:42
Love the idea, considered one myself for ages. However the Sup. Sorc kinda leads away from the whole Khainite thing (also think her total cost is 345 not 310).

isn't Rune of Khaine a 30 point gift? (im not sure so you're prob right but just checking). If so the BSB is 5 points over in gifts.

REplacing 1 or 2 RxB units with DArk Riders might be more helpful for you, fast cav is so nasty.

I'd consider swapping the sorc with a scroll caddy and a master on pegasus with ring of hotek. Could get away with scroll caddy if you modelled her well.

reign beaux
07-07-2009, 10:25
thanks so far @endlessbug the rune is definately 25pts i think i forgot to add the extra lvl costs so that will change things a bit i have considered dark riders but have decided to go on a strike against them until gw releases some decent plastic ones i might swap to the master on peg and the lv2 sorc i was thinking of using the avatars of war witch/ queen model (felix they are some beautiful sculpts you have going there). thanks so far and more help/critisism is always welcome

07-07-2009, 11:30
For dark riders you can use glade riders and dark elf warrior sprue. grab 2 boxes of riders and 1 of warriors gives you 16 dark riders. And they look really nice too.

07-07-2009, 11:46
its not that khainite but it will do well imo

07-07-2009, 13:56
I think you will own close combat with the amount of attacks Khainite units can dish out. The problem is getting into combat and surviving the other phases of the game. Movement and Shooting is passable but Magic phase against some race and your in trouble!

07-07-2009, 18:16
erm, have you looked at the khainate lord special caracter

5 S 10 next to the bsb means lots of pain and then you can take witch elves as core

unless of cource your tornery don't allow special caracters?

reign beaux
08-07-2009, 00:52
yeah hellbron is sweet but i'm kinda againts special charaters and i know about the glade guard it is more trying to force gw into making some good riders.
@ peekay mm magic that was the reasoning for the lv.4 but i don't think she'll be enough i was thinking of kitting her with null stones but then remembered she can't go with the khainites anyway so i didn't bother i think i will just stick to WoN for now

08-07-2009, 06:05
try running crone she will get it done for you. and 2 hydras is better and fits teh theme. Drop some xbows(as WE are core) for more of the girls. if theres room add a lvl 2 sorc with 2 scrolls/ring or some defence for a turn till combat.