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07-07-2009, 19:50
I recently started a Wood Elf army. Since I am completly new to Fantasy I have no idea how to make a good list and only have a very basic grasp of the rules. So, I turned to Asrai.com and got what people told me was a very good 1000 point list.

1000 Points
Wood Elf Noble: Spear, Shield, Light Armour, Hail of Doom Arrow, Rides an Elven Steed, Blight of Terrors 173 pts
6 Dryads 72 pts
6 Dryads 72 pts
10 Glade guard, Musician 126 pts
10 Glade guard 120 pts
5 Glade Riders, Musician 129 pts
6 Wardancers 108 pts
6 Wild Riders, Musician, Standard, Warbanner 199 pts
Total: 999 pts, 5 core units, 2 special units, 1 character
I would like it very much if someone could advise me on the best way to use this list.

07-07-2009, 20:49
move and shoot , the tree kin and wild riders etc shouold be used after glade riders have pulled units out of position.whittle your opponent down with missile fire as much as possible before engagingn in h2h

07-07-2009, 20:52
Welcome to the Wood Elves. They have been my primary force for a while now, and I still love playing with them.

First thing- The minimum unit size for Dryads is 8, so unless you are using some special rules, you will need to bolster them.

As far as using that list itself goes, I can offer some advice. WE shooting is great at 1k points, so you definitely want to make sure that you provide ample time for them to weaken down enemy units before engaging it with you most of your units (especially in the front). You're going to learn very quickly that in order to succeed against a good many armies, you will need to gang up on units with multiple of yours. You only have 2 units really that can break ranks, and the Glade Riders are not even a unit that you want to get into combat against some enemies as they will simply provide more combat resolution than they negated. The Wild Riders are the only unit capable of charging headfirst into some units, and there are still a good many that you not wish to use this strategy on before at least taking off 1 rank bonus.

That information ought to get you started. I have one piece of advice though about your list. I would much prefer to have a Musician on my Wardancer unit than a Glade Guard unit. The Wardancer musician might be eight points... I'm not sure, so you would have to find one more, which is not necessarily easy. It could be done by removing the shield from the Noble though.

Good luck!

07-07-2009, 21:08
My thoughts for what they are worth:

Use the Dryads to screen against Shooting (tough 4 and skirmish makes them a tough target) and/or to tear through units (WS 4, Str 4, 2 attacks) without a lot of combat res (or even some lower toughness units with high CR). Remember that they cause Fear and are ITP. This is great, but it also means they can't flee from a charge. They are also skirmishers which means they can charge 360 degrees but won't cancel ranks. They are a very tough unit for the points.

Use the Glade Riders to march block and to bait and flee to set up a counter charge by the Wild Riders and/or Wardancers.

Use the Glade Guard to shoot long range from trees preferably. Then keep shooting, eventually getting in short range to use the strength 4. If you get charged by a soft unit, you can stand and shoot and hope to wipe them out. Harder units you should flee through the woods. You get away, the chargers get stuck in the woods.

Wardancers are fragile and can get shot up easily. Protect them. It is great to use their Killing Blow against units with a high Armor Save as the Wood Elves don't have much that delivers high strength attacks.

07-07-2009, 21:10
Depending on your gaming group and what armies you will be playing against some magic defence might be of importance. At 1k I usually bring a lvl 1 with two scrolls to be able to defend against at least some of the big spells I usually face.
8 is good number for dryads, smaller is not allowed and larger usually means a lot of trees that are just hanging around in the back wich is a bad idea for skirmishers.

07-07-2009, 21:39
I agree with Peg. Your wood elf units are fragile and with no magic defense can quite easily be blasted off the board. A scroll caddy is a good idea, although I'd also suggest a Lv1 with a scroll and a divination Orb for when you expand the army. For 1k however, I'd go with the first option.

08-07-2009, 02:00
You can't have Spite of terror + hail of doom arrow as that leads your hero having 80 points in wargear. I would drop blight of terror and take armor of the foe and Gwytherc's horn. This give you 30 points to upgrade your dryads and other things.

08-07-2009, 06:35
The HoDA is too good to pass up, especially for a noob that needs every advantage he can scrounge. I speak from experience.

He can just drop Blight and use the 50 points to make his Dryad units legal. 30 wouldn't be enough.