View Full Version : What list best supports lord on a dragon choice?

08-07-2009, 08:54
With rumors of a new malekith model being released early next year and background wise him being my favorite character ill almost certainly be purchasing the model or at least converting my own. However him being a 900 odd point sink on his dragon whilst being a special chraracter (not everyones favorite aspect of army lists) i wont be using him in most battles. I would tho like to use the model to represent a standard lord on dragon.

Ive noticed posts on other discusssions have mentoined that list normaly need to be tailored around having a dragon mounted lord. My question is what is the suggested style of army for supporting such a choice for dark elf or any army able to field a similar choice?

08-07-2009, 09:38
For a Malekith army I'd take:

Malekith (around 900)
Sorc lvl 2 - 2 scrolls, pegasus
Assassin - manbane, rune of Khaine, cloak of twilight
=1300 ish
2 units of 5 harpies
3 units of 5 Dark Riders w RxBs + mus
=1760 ish
5 Shades w g weapons
=1850 ish
5 CoKs or 1 Hydra
= 2000 ish

you'll have to make some changes as the point values are v rough.

That's what I'd plan on taking with him though.

Pleanty of magical defence, you have loads of war machine hunters and the DRs can harass until you want to combine charges with shades/dragon/CoK or Hydra.

08-07-2009, 09:39
My fun list which is to say a list with things i like (ala the dragon) in it ended up being WoC after having tried most forces with dragons.

I found them to be the best at supporting due to their characters and choices.

WE for example primarily are medium speed and long range specialists whereas the dragon is fast and a close combat monster.

WoC however i found to be good as you can take maruder horsemen as troops and things like cavaly, trolls, shaggoth, etc which are all quite fast. In terms of characters they also have the option for flying mounts or steeds of slaanesh which also move with great speed.

08-07-2009, 19:43
I think the good old Anvil and hammer strategy works well with a dragon. In a 2000 p game you may have to cut back on shooting or magic to make it work. For more characters i would take a scrollcaddy and a master BSB with the Ring of Hotek to make my anvil more steadfast.

2 units of infantry (25 spearmen is ideal and maybe 20 corsairs if you like them)
2 units to harrass (harpies and/or darkriders)
1 more hammer atleast (COK or COK)
Spend the rest of the points on shooting (crossbowmen or the more expensive shades)

Just march ahead, watch your flanks and take out the enemys shooting with your dragon and harrassers.

I'am thinking of making me one of this armies myself, will be fun to play with.