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08-07-2009, 20:21
I am thinking of starting a brettonian army and I was wondering if anyone had any advice. Mainly I was wondering what virtues and items people have had success with. I see a lot of gearing options that have potential but also seem to be situational. Is there any way to remove the 0-1 on Grail Knights? Has anyone successfully used a bret lord on a hippogryph and what items/virtues did they use? Any help would be most appreciated.

08-07-2009, 23:41
Here are the things I learned to be succesful with Brets:

1 - Minimal characters. It seems backwards, but you get more for your points by putting more bodies on the field. I run a nearly barebones Lord (Virtue of Confidence and Enchanted Shield), BSB (Virtue of Duty) and Damsel (a couple of Dispel Scrolls).

2 - Big lances. I always use an all-comers list, and eventually you will play VC, Demons, or some other stubborn/unbreakable stuff. Big lances (12 man) will allow you to be stuck in combat and hold steady until help arrives. Most people suggest 9 man Lances, but I prefer the rank/outnumber bonus.

3 - Peasants. Since I only run a few large lances, I use plenty of peasants to protect flanks and hold things in check until some knights show up. Archers are cheap and are very helpful in ridding yourself of enemy fast cavalry. Alot of people will tell you that Men at Arms are not worth it. I run two units of 25 and have never regretted it.

4 - Yeomen. I cannot say enough about them. I run three units. I use them to protect myself from counter-charges, set up charges for the Men at Arms, clear out enemy fast cavalry, take pot-shots at roaming characters, charge war machines, etc.

*edit* It should be noted that I run a sort of low-fantasy army, so I dont use a lot of magic or monsters/peg. knights