View Full Version : Mutating Madness of Doom

08-07-2009, 23:12
I have been thinking about using forsaken, the reason, they are cool, now I have been thinking about ways for them to fill roles other units canīt and I think I have one, I will use a unit of 13 or so with a lord on barded chaos horse (converted as a centaur with extra arms) so that I have a mobile unit with a rank bonus, this unit wonīt be the best Iīm sure but it can still be fairly good right?, I mean anything with a chaoslord with deamonsword is going to be nasty right and this is more mobile than a unit of warriors while not as vulnerable to losing a few models as a unit of knights.

So my question is.....do you think it can work and how would you make the unit (as the only thing you can change with forsaken is unitsize and setup that is the focus on how the unit will be, though the chaoslord equipment can be changed I still prefer a deamonsword as it fits the theme the best)?

09-07-2009, 14:52
The real problem with that unit is it's going to be blasted to hell and back before it ever reaches the battle line. Doubly so because you've got a chaos lord in with them. The only thing I would suggest is to get lots of hounds to protect it and let them get shot up instead. Other than that I'm very curious to hear how this performs in a game. Most people I know who use forsaken use them in small units to pick off skirmishers, flyers, and other smaller things that get in the way.