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03-01-2006, 21:10
Alright--I'm in Bend, Oregon for part of my vacation so my old roommate doglogan and I decided to throw down. I played his Tomb Kings and he played using the new Dwarf rules.

The breakdown--

doglogan's Dwarfs

Dwarf Lord
-Great Weapon, Sheild Bearers, Rune of Preservation, Rune of Stone,
-Master Rune of Spite.
241 points

-Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Stone, Great Weapon
129 points

15 Warriors
-Great Weapons, Full Command
175 points

15 Longbeards
-Sheilds, Veteran, Standard, Rune of Stoicism
225 points

12 Longbeards
-Sheilds, Full command
169 points

12 Thunderers
180 points

12 Quarrellers
144 points

18 Hammerers
-Sheilds, Full command
note: Dwarf Lord resides in this unit
264 points

14 Iron Breakers
-Rune of Courage, Full command
note: Runesmith resides in this unit
242 points

Grudge Thrower
-Engineer Upgrade with handgun
100 points

12 Slayers
132 points

Total Points: 2001

m1s1n's Tomb Kings

Tomb Prince in Chariot
-Great Weapon, Armor of Ages, Talisman of Protection
note: This it the Tomb King's General.
199 points

Liche Priest with Casket of Souls
-Golden Ankhra
325 points

Liche Priest
-Cloack of Dunes
note: This is the Tomb King's Heirophant
135 points

Icon Bearer in Chariot
-BAnner of the Hidden Dead
160 points

5 Heavy Horsemen
note: This unit is hidden as per Banner of the Hidden Dead
94 points

5 Heavy Horsemen
94 points

5 Heavy Horsemen
94 points

20 Skellie Archers
160 points

4 Tomb Swarms
180 points

2 Chariots
-Champ, Standard Bearer
note: Tomb Prince is part of this unit, making it a unit of 3
120 points

2 Chariots
-Champ, Standard Bearer, Mirage Standard
note: Icon Bearer is part of this unit, making it a unit of 3
160 points

4 Carrion
96 points

Tomb Scorpion
85 points

Screaming Skull Catapult
90 points

note: Casket of Souls takes up a Rare slot

Total Points: 1992

m1s1n's notes on unit selection
This is only the second time I have played Tomb Kings, however I have played against doglogan's Tomb Kings on more than one occasion--so I had some idea of what was going on. In my previous attempt I tried to use play Tomb Kings like a gun line--which simply will not work. This time I decided to play the Tomb Kings more like I play my Dark Elves--take something fast up the side, get behind your opponent . . .own the movement phase. As I type up this list I now see that there are some rules questions I probably should have clarified before starting, but since doglogan did not object to the list--nor did I object to his--it seemed fair.

However, this does raise the opportunity to ask: Can a character be used to acheive a minimum unit size? In this case I am referring to the chariots. I assume that when the book says the character replaces the crew of the chariot that it makes it acceptable.

I decided to make the Liche Priest with the Cloak of Dunes be my Heirophant because I did not want to risk a stationary Heirophant in case things went really bad (re: being pelted to death by a Grudge Thrower). I knew that I could easily hide the Priest until all the Dwarf range attacks had been dealt with--then he could easily move about the board without fear of being engaged.

I'll let doglogan make his own post for his comments.

03-01-2006, 21:10
Battle Summary

Since I own most of the terrain--which currently sits a days drive away--we had to make do with what we had. We used a kitchen table (which is 72 inches long) for the battlefield, and some DVD cases as hills.

My deployment looked something like this

(Unit of Heavy Horsemen)----------(Carrion)----------(Unit of Heavy Horsemen)
(Unit of Chariots w/ Prince)---------------------(Unit of Chariots w/ Icon Bearer)
------------------------------(Unit of Archers)--(Liche Priest)
----------------------(Skull Catapult)-(Casket of Souls)

note: Both the Catapult and the Casket are placed on a hill. The Tomb Scorpion and the Tomb Swarms were positioned in doglogan's deployment zone as per "It Came From Below!"

doglogan's deployment looked something like this

(Quarrellers)(Longbeards)(Iron Breakers)(Hammerers)(Longbears)(Thunerers)
--------------------------(Grudge Thrower)

note: Quarrellers and Thunderers are tilted inwards. My Tomb Scorpion and Tomb Swarm's "It Came From Below!" markers are positioned in front of the Grudge Thrower

m1s1n's notes on deployment
I intended to use my Heavy Horsemen as a very expensive sheild for my Chariots. I ended up taking the Heavy Horsemen over Light Horsemen because of the armor save--which actually made a big difference. My deployment strategy was this: use the Carrion, Tomb Swarms, and Tomb Scorpion to take out the Grudge Thrower. Then bring the units back to help the Chariots take out the Thunderers and Quarrellers. I did not plan to use my Heavy Horsemen as anything except for screens, however the one hidden was to be deployed behind the Quarrellers. The Skellie Archers were simply a cheap and large screen to protect my Catapult and Casket. The Liche Priest on foot was there to fly around and create support or havoc--whichever was appropriate at the time. The Casket and Catapult were placed in an obvious location--on top of a hill for maximum line of sight.

Turn One

doglogan's movement phase
-All units in the front row move forward 4" with the exception of the Quarellers and the Thunderers, who stand their ground.
-The Slayers and the Warriors move into position behind their respective Longbeards.

doglogan's shooting phase
-The Grudge Thowerer gets the first shot off, lobbing a ball of stoney-hatred towards the Skellie Archers. The shot ultimately falls short--splashing the Carrion with shards of stone, but failing to do any damage.
-The unit of Thunderers fires a volley off at a unit of Heavy Horsemen. Three shots wound, but the Horseman's armor saves one of the wounds.
-The Quarrellers fire a volley at a different unit of Heavy Horsemen. Two bolts cut into the unit, and no saves are made.

m1s1n's movement phase
-All Horsemen and Chariots move straight forward 4".
-Carrion move straight forward 10"
-Liche Priest moves 10" to position himself behind the Icon Bearer's Chariot unit.

m1s1n's magic phase
-"My Will Be Done" to fire the bows from the Chariots at the Thunderers unit--proves to be futile, as no wounds are done.
-Liche Priest in the Casket performs the Incantation of Smiting on the Catapult--which lobs a pile of skulls directly into the middle of the Hammerer unit. After a grateful "Look Out, Sir!" roll the unit is left with 12 dead Hammerers.
-The Heirophant attempts to cast Incantation of Summoning on a Heavy Horsemen unit, but it is dispelled.
-As the Casket opens up to reveal the Light of Death the Dwarfs are able to dispell its evil magics.

m1s1n's shooting phase
-The Chariots decide they need better training and miss everything.
-Catapult crew is too busy gloating to re-allign the Catapult. End up missing everything.
-Skellie Archers do nothing.

Victory Points
Dwarfs: 64
Tomb Kings: 144

m1s1n's notes on Turn One
Okay, so I forgot that Skellie Horses can move 8". What can I say? I was distracted by shortbread cookies. I was very fortunate to land that pile of skulls into the middle of doglogan's Hammerer unit. Aside from the short movement, things went fairly well for me. The plan moves ahead . . .

03-01-2006, 21:11
Turn Two

doglogan's movement phase:
-Longbeard Moves/Wheels towards Carrion
-Warriors Move forward to fill place of Longbeards
-Iron Breakers and the other Longbeard unit continue their march towards the Skellie Archers
-Slayers move/wheel into position behind the Longbeards.

doglogan's shooting phase:
-The Thunderers once again fire upon the Heavy Horsemen. Two wounds are caused, but a Horseman's armor saves one of the wounds.
-The Quarrellers prove once again to be more effective than the Thunderers (God knows why) striking two wounds with no saves.
-The Grudge Thrower takes aim at the Tomb Prince's Chariot, but the guess is short. Fortunately the stone bounces into a chariot, but only causes a single wound.

m1s1n's movement phase
-Both the Tomb Scorpoin and the Tomb Swarms are able to arrive. The Tomb Scorpion shows up two inches from its intended spot, but the Tomb Swarms appear right where they were needed.
-The Tomb Scorpion and the Tomb Swarms charge the Grudge Thrower. As a reaction the Engineer shoots with his handgun, but fails to hit the Scorpion. However, the crew is mighty enough to hold their ground.
-All Horsemen and Charriots move forward 8".
-The Carrion, now seeing that they do not have to attack the Grudge Thrower, overfly the mass of Dwarfs in front of them and start heading towards the Thunderer's backs.
-At the end of the movement phase the Icon Bearer calls forth the hidden Heavy Horsemen unit, which arrives behind the pesky Quarrellers unit.

m1s1n's magic phase
-"My Will Be Done!" proves once again to be futile.
-The Liche Priest attempts to cast Incantation of Smiting on the Catapult again, but the Dwarfs put extra energy into dispelling it after what happened last time.
-The Heirophant successfully raises 2 Heavy Horsemen back with the Incantation of Summoning.
-The Casket opens unleashes the Light of Death--causing a great amount of havok amongst the Dwarfs. The casualties are 3 Quarrellers, 3 Iron Breakers, 1 Hammerer, and 1 Longbeard.

m1s1n's shooting phase
-The Skellie Archers finally decide to act. Two of their shots actually wound, but the Longbeard's armor is too strong for such feeble weapons.
-The crew decide to drink mead instead of aiming the Catapult. They miss everything.

m1s1n's combat phase
-In an amazing moment of dice rolling the Scorpions poison tail manages to spear each crew member and the Engineer. Four 6s! The Scorpion and the Swarms reposition to join the major battle.

Victory Points
Dwarfs: 16
Tomb Kings: 199

m1s1n's notes on Turn Two
I'm very happy with my Tomb Scorpion and the Tomb Swarms. Not only did the "It Came From Below!" rule TOTALLY work out for me, but the Scorpion got LUCKY AS HELL in combat. A roll like that only happens once in a while, so it feels really good when it happens. It was also nice to see some of my magic play out for me. The Casket really isn't as effective against Dwarfs with their high Leadership, but it can still pack a punch.

Turn Three

doglogan's movement phase:
-The Longbeards and Ironbreakers continue their march towards the Skellie Archers. In two turns they will be able to charge.
-Warriors wheel towards Chariot with the Tomb Prince
-Hammerers make an about face to intercept the Tomb Scorpion and Tomb Swarms.
-The remaining Longbeard unit moves towards the Icon Bearer's Chariot.

doglogan's shooting phase:
-The Thunderers are now able to fire at the Chariot. Two wounds are dealt, destroying the weakened Chariot.
-The Quarrellers divide their shots between the Horsemen and the Chariot. However, the Chariot unit is equipped with a Mirage Banner, which causes the Quarrellers to miss completely. Still, the Horsemen take a casualty in all the shooting.

m1s1n's movement phase:
-Both units of Heavy Horsemen and the Icon Bearer's Chariots charge the Quarrellers. The presence of so many dead horses charging them causes the crossbow-clad Dwarfs to run in fear. The Horsemen coming from the rear catch them, but end up running off the board.
-The Heavy Horsemen unit charging from the front re-directs their charge towards the Slayer unit.
-The Icon Bearer's Chariot re-directs towards the Longbeards, who are not afraid of the Chariots.
-On the other side of the board the Heavy Horsemen, Carrion, and Tomb Prince's Chariots are charge the Thunderers. The Thunderers stand and shoot and kill a Heavy Horseman. The Dwarfs prove once again to be thick spined in the face of Skellies.
-The Tomb Scorpion moves 3" towards the Hammerers, and the Tomb Swarm moves 4" towards the Hammerers.
-The Heirophant flies 20" into the middle of the Dwarf units. The Heirophant is a few inches behind the Hammerer unit.

m1s1n's magic phase
-"My Will Be Done!" is dispelled before it can cause any damage.
-Liche Priest attempts to cast Incantation of Smiting on the Catapult, but the Dwarfs see through his plan and dispell it.
-The Heirophant casts Incantation of Smiting on the Icon Bearer's Chariots. Only a single wound is dealt to the Longbeards.
-Once again Light of Death spreads across the board. This time it takes away 5 Iron Breakers and 2 Longbeards.

m1s1n's shooting phase
-The Skellie Archers fire a wall of arrows at the Longbeards and manage to kill two of the old Dwarfs.
-The Catapult fires directly on top of the Warrior unit, but they don't seem to notice. Only two wounds are dealt.

m1s1n's combat phase
-The Tomb Prince is able to do 2 wounds to the Thunderers. The Carrion are able to follow up with 2 more wounds to the Dwarf gunners. However, the Horsemen and the remaining Chariot warriors are not able to point their spears low enough, so they cause no wounds. The thunderers are able to take a Heavy Horseman down, but because of a wound from impact hits the Thunderers end up running. The remaining Heavy Horseman routs the unit and runs off the board. The Prince stays behind and repositions, unfortunately the Carrion get eager and make chase as well--flying off the board.
-The Icon Bearer's Chariots are able to do 2 wounds along with a single impact hit. The Longbeards respond with 2 wounds of their own. The Longbeards outnumber the Chariots, and have ranks--so a Chariot crumbles in combat resolution.
-The remaining Heavy Horsemen are overwhelmed by the Slayers. They fail to even hit. The Slayers have yet to warm up--and only do a single wound. This is enough to cause the remaining Horseman to crumble. Slayers overrun 10".

Victory Points
Dwarfs: 152
Tomb Kings: 456

m1s1n's notes on Turn Three
Note to self--never charge Slayers with 2 Horsemen. All in all everything seems to be going in the right direction. Not being able to stop my troops from pursuing really sucks and means next turn is going to be a lot of waiting to reposition. Important side note: I do not know if redirecting the charges was really worth it now. Essentially I had to do it to prevent a possibly terrible charge from the Dwarfs in Turn Four. Maybe this wouldn't have happened, but I couldn't risk losing the charge. Ultimately it did not pay off.

03-01-2006, 21:12
Turn Four

doglogan's movement phase:
-Warriors reposition to face Tomb Prince's chariot.
-The Longbeards and the Ironbreakers move 6" forward. Next turn they will be able to charge the Skellie Archers.
-The Slayers Move and wheel to position themselves behind the Icon Bearer's Chariot.

doglogan's combat phase:
-The Longbeard unit is able to do 2 wounds to the Icon Bearer's Chariot unit. The unit is not able to take the beating and crumbles under the weight of the Longbeards. The Dwarfs capture the Army Standard Bearer.

m1s1n's movement phase:
-The Tomb Prince's Chariot and the Tomb Scorpion charge the Warriors, who hold fast in the face of danger.
-The Tomb Swarm moves 4" towards the Hammerers to drawn their attention away from the big fight.
-The Carrion and both Heavy Horsemen units return to the board.

m1s1n's magic phase:
-Incantation of Urgancy is cast on the Skellie Archers, but is dispelled.
-Incantation of Vengeance is dispelled.
-Light of Death manages to do no wounds.

m1s1n's shooting phase:
-10 Archers shoot at the Longbeards and do 2 wounds to the unit.
-10 Archers fire at the Iron Breakers in vain.
-The Catapult lands a pile of skulls into the middle of the Slayer unit, taking 9 Slayers
on a trip they will never forget.

m1s1n’s combat phase:
-The Tomb Price does absolutely nothing. Apparently polishing one’s embalmed nails is more important than combat.
-The Tomb Scorpion decides to read the latest edition of “Down and Dusty”, too busy reading an article on tail enlargement to notice the Dwarfs hacking away at it.
-The Warriors manage to do 4 wounds, taking the Chariot unit down to almost nothing.
-Dwarfs win combat by 5, lots of crumbling going on. Tomb Scorpion takes two, but his
construct ability reduces it down to one. Two wounds go to the Tomb Prince’s chariot, and a single wound goes to the Tomb Prince himself.

Victory Points
Dwarfs: 340
Tomb Kings: 143

m1s1n’s notes on Turn Four
Next turn is going to suck. I completely forgot to move my Skellie Archers during the movement phase. Now they are about to be one long wall of hurt. No ranks, no outnumber. Nada. Goodbye great warriors—at least you managed to do . . . like 3 wounds. Very disappointing showing from both my Tomb Prince and the Tomb Scorpion, and it really sucked losing my Icon Bearer and the Army Standard. However, the Screaming Skull Catapult has proven to be well worth its points, which makes me happy.

Turn Five

doglogan’s movement phase:
-Hammerers charge the Tomb Swarm.
-The Longbeard and Iron Breaker unit finally charge the Skellie Archers.
-The final three Slayers march towards the Skellie Archers.

-doglogan’s combat phase:
-The Longbeards are only able to do a single wound to the Skellie Archers. However, the Runesmith and Iron Breakers are able to do 4 founds. 4 Skellie Archers crumble.
-The Hammerers and the Dwarf Lord are able to do 7 wounds to the Tomb Swarm. The Tomb Swarm is able to respond with 2 wounds of their own. 7 wounds crumble away in combat resolution.
-The Warrior unit is only able to do a single wound to the Tomb Scorpion. The Prince and one of his horses are able to do a single wound each, and the Tomb Scorpion manages to get two wounds as well. The Warriors break from fear and are run down by the Scorpion, which pursues 10”.

m1s1n’s movement phase:
-The Tomb Scorpion decides to support his archer friends and rear charges the Longbeards.
-The Carrion fly 20” towards the center of the board.
-The Tomb Prince and the remaining Heavy Horseman head 8” towards the fray.

m1s1n’s magic phase:
-“My Will Be Done!” is dispelled.
-The Liche Priest attempts an Invocation of Summoning on the Tomb Scorpion, only to be dispelled.
-Displeased by the Liche Priest’s failure, the Heirophant attempts to cast Invocation of Summoning on the same Scorpion—which is also dispelled by those pesky Dwarfs.
-The Casket releases the Light of Death and takes the remaining three Slayers as casualties.

m1s1n’s shooting phase:
-The Catapult lobs a pile of skulls at the only unengaged unit on the field—a Longbeard unit. The shot is slightly off, but manages to annoy the Longbeards with skull shrapnel. Still, no wounds are done.

m1s1n’s combat phase:
-The Tomb Scorpion crushes a single Longbeard in his great claws. However, the Longbeard unit decides to ignore the archer threat for a turn and takes down the Tomb Scorpion. The Scorpion is overcome by hairy little men, and dies unfulfilled.
-The Skellie Archers manage to do nothing—so the Runesmith and the Iron Breakers do the same.
-The Tomb Swarm manages to poison two more Hammerers, so the Dwarf Lord responds by killing off the rest of the Tomb Swarm. The unit repositions itself to rejoin the major battle.

Victory Points
Dwarfs: 393
Tomb Kings: 207

m1s1n’s notes on Turn Five
It was a great disappointment to lose my Tomb Scorpion. doglogan was able to see right through my “charge and heal” plan, which admittedly was not executed to perfection. Still, he did his duty. I am a little amazed that the Skellie Archers lasted this long. Somehow I thought they would have crumbled away a long time ago. I was not sad to see the Tomb Swarms go, because they helped to keep the Dwarf Lord out of major combat. Really, that’s all you can ask from a swarm.


doglogan’s movement phase:
-The unengaged Longbeard unit starts its march towards the full Heavy Horsemen unit.
-The Hammerers and the Lord start marching towards the Carrion.

doglogan’s combat phase:
-The Archers manage to do a single wound to the Longbeards. However, the Longbeards respond by doing a wound to the Archers. The Runesmith also manages to knock a Skellie out. The remaining four Skellies crumble like over-cooked bacon.

m1s1n’s movement phase:
-The Heavy Horsemen Unit charges the Longbeard unit from the front.
-The Carrion unit charges the Longbeard unit from the back.
-Because of the Rune of Stoicism the Longbeard unit outnumbers. They also pass their fear test.
-The Heirophant moves 4” towards the Carrion.
-The Tomb Prince moves 8” towards the Longbeards and Iron Breakers.

m1s1n’s magic phase:
-“My Will Be Done!” brings the Tomb Prince into combat with the unengaged Longbeard unit.
-The Liche Priest attempts to cast Invocation of Summoning on the Tomb Prince, but it is dispelled.
-The Heirophant attempts to cast Invocation of Smiting on the Tomb Prince. This also gets dispelled.
-The Light of Death from the Casket manages to kill the remaining Hammerer, as well as wound the Dwarf Lord.

m1s1n’s shooting phase:
-The Catapult attempts a shot in the dark on the Dwarf Lord, but misses entirely.

m1s1n’s combat phase:
-The Tomb Prince and his Chariot manage to do nothing to the Longbeards. The Longbeards manage to do nothing in return.
-The Heavy Horsemen manage to do 2 wounds to the Longbeards. The Carrion do no damage. The Longbeards respond with a single wound to the Carrion and a single wound to the Heavy Horsemen unit. The result is actually a tie.

[b]Victory Points
Dwarfs: 48
Tomb Kings: 49

m1s1n’s notes on Turn Six
Really nothing happened. In retrospect I cannot remember if I rolled for impact hits on the Longbeards. Furthermore, I do not know who actually won that combat. Something tells me that it was actually unresolved, but doglogan will post otherwise if I am wrong. I would not be surprised if we completely spaced on it. Usually at the end of a game little things tend to get forgotten. Anyway, I wish the Tomb Prince would have done more in that turn, but so is life. Once again my supportive magic did not seem to get the job done—however Light of Death seemed to be a fairly effective spell. The Rune of Stoicism is an excellent choice when playing against undead. It really seemed to help out that Longbeard unit more than once.

Total Victory Points
Dwarfs: 1,013
Tomb Kings: 1,198
Result: Draw!

m1s1n’s notes on The Battle
I actually do not feel too bad about the way things turned out. This is only the second time I’ve played Tomb Kings and I feel I made some definite decisions that really helped out. Tomb Kings really are not as fast as Vampire Counts, however they have enough tricks to make up for this. I really got lucky because a lot of my plans seemed to play out. “It Came From Below” managed to kick off on the second turn—without any casualties, the Screaming Skull Catapult did not have a single misfire, and every unit was able to fill its intended service. I wish I had remembered to reform my Skellies. I really do not know how I made that critical mistake. I guess things start to slip your mind when you get eager. Over all I was very impressed with the game. I kind of figured that the game would result in a draw, but hoped that I had managed to get a few more points. Still, it was a fun evening—and a long write up. doglogan will post his comments later.

03-01-2006, 22:15
Very nice and thorough battle rep.

Kudos to you.

A question about movement rules though. Are you allowed to re-direct a charge on a unit which flees involuntarily?

03-01-2006, 22:23
The rules are fuzzy on the matter, but it is well within reason to assume that an involuntary flee reaction is, for all intents and purposes, the same as a voluntary flee reaction.

04-01-2006, 02:01
I have troubles picking sides in the matter as I think this situation has never ocurred in our group. Noone has ever claimed to do that.

But I think your argument is right. It is still a flee. But do the rules differ between a flee reaction and a flee due to fear when talking about redirection?

04-01-2006, 02:33
Great report, M1s1n! A thoroughly enjoyable read. At first I would have thought the TK to win, but as the combats came in and your smaller, lighter units drew in, the Dwarves really started to shine.

Thanks for the read!

04-01-2006, 09:11
Nice battle ... a hard fight to the very bitter end!

I think I did spot a (big) mistake here though:

Turn Four
-Dwarfs win combat by 5, lots of crumbling going on. Tomb Scorpion takes two, but his
construct ability reduces it down to one. Two wounds go to the Tomb Prince’s chariot, and a single wound goes to the Tomb Prince himself.

If Undead units lose a combat, each Undead unit in that combat will crumble an amount of wounds equal to the loss. Which means that the Scorpion would have received 5 wounds (-1 for being a construct) and the Prince would have received 5 (which could then be divided between chariot and the character.

... being dead basicly sucks if you lose combat :skull:


05-01-2006, 04:02
Doglogan's notes ( took long enough I know)

Being the mastermind that I am, my only real plan was to line up my troops and walk on over. Of course I didn't plan on the table not being wide enough so a couple of units had to go behind the line.

Turn 1:
That was a real thrill. Screaming death really knocked the crap out of me. 12 hammerers gone in the first round was not in the game plan. Let the grumbleing begin.

Turn 2:
So much for my warmachine. At this point I was really starting to think it was going to be a massacre.

Turn 3:
And there goes the rest of my shooting.

Turn 4:
Watching my beloved red berserkers get splattered almost brought a tear to my eye. Finally into some real combat, now comes the good killin'.

Turn 5:
After what happened to the hammerers in the first turn I wasn't really looking to put them into a huge combat (I'm not sure if that was a good idea or not) but I was glad that they did some damage to something. Yeah, I wasn't about to let that filthy scorpian be healed.

Turn 6:
Oh if only I could post what I called that prince when he didn't charge right off the bat:skull: . Other than that nothing note worthy happened.

Battle notes:
In the end it wasn't as bad a beating as I thought it was going to be.The light of death did a whole lot more to my dwarfs then I ever thought that it would, and the catapult worked out really well for m1s1n (not at all like when he plays greenskins;) ). You have to love when your dwarfs stand fast against flank and rear charges and fear. However Since I take every warrior lost personally there are some more grudges in the book.

05-01-2006, 04:05
If Undead units lose a combat, each Undead unit in that combat will crumble an amount of wounds equal to the loss. Which means that the Scorpion would have received 5 wounds (-1 for being a construct) and the Prince would have received 5 (which could then be divided between chariot and the character.

I kind of thought that is how it worked but I wasn't sure so I didn't really want to press it. It would have been nice to get rid of that scorpian at that point though.

Gratnuk Ironfist
05-01-2006, 08:42
Aye, that was grand battle report, I raise my ale mug to you Doglogan, I myself have yet to avenge my kin who fell to the blades of the foul undead. Do you think a cannon would have done better? Or at leats a S7 BT.

I was surprised your lost so many ironbreakers to the casket. Why didn't you shoot with the GT?

06-01-2006, 00:49
I used the GT in the first turn but missed and then lost the crew in the second turn to the scorpian. As far as other warmachines I'm thinking a cannon might have been a little better, but it's kind of hard to say. He didn't have any ranked units so I'm kind of glad I didn't take a BT, but then again a str 7 one would have knocked the crap out of the chariots. I had considered taking an organ gun and putting it in the front line. I kind of wish I had now, I think it would have made a major difference. I also wish I would have taken some miners to come in behind his catapult and casket.

Gratnuk Ironfist
06-01-2006, 06:50
Ah well, hindsight is wise sight. Did you use the scenario generator or was it a straight battle?

06-01-2006, 07:55
It was just a straight battle.

I think the OG would have been a great choice in this case, it really would have ripped my TK apart.

Gratnuk Ironfist
06-01-2006, 19:21
Or the GH, that thing is beautiful. *Gratnuk smacks a kiss on his GH and pats it with care.*

06-01-2006, 19:33
I actually think the Goblin Hewer would have been a poor choice also in this case. Since none of my Tomb King units were ranked it would have seriousuly reduced the number of hits and wounds possible. I think doglogan made a good choice with the Grudge Thrower and subsequently would have also been wise to take the Organ Gun, simply because they wound the unit and do not use ranks as a basis for damage.

07-01-2006, 14:28
Nice Report. Well structured.

Keep up the good work.

Gratnuk Ironfist
07-01-2006, 23:14
I suppose so, but with malaki having a rp handgun, he could have got a couple shots off at any appearing scorpian. A gyro would have been good to take on the skellie archers amd mages too.

But still a draw is better than a loss.