View Full Version : BoC - Tzeentch - 500 campaign starter

Dr. Mowinckel
09-07-2009, 08:07
Okay, Iím trying to get back into fantasy, and I decided to be outdated and fluffy. So a beast of chaos tzeentch themed army was the only sane way to go. Iím planning to join a campaign starting next month at 500 points. Itís going for 6 months expanding with 250 each month. All units have to be painted.

The campaign rules let me have all the core units I want, one character and one special choice. I started playing around with some lists and worked on something themed and still working, and the Mark of tzeentch I naturally ended up with an army with a strong magical part.

Here is the list:

MoT, heavy armour and great weapon
Pts: 138
Iím planning to have him drive around the chariot, throwing spells and grinding things. I hope.

Core choices:
Beast herd
MoT, 10 gor(2 hand weapon), 5 ungors(spear), musican and standart bearer.
Pts: 125

Tuskgor chariot
MoT and has the wargor mounted in it replacing the beastigor
Pts: 105

Special choices:
Chaos ogres
Heavy armor and great weapon
Pts: 132

Total: 500

I really donít know how well it is, but Iím hoping to get into some serious spellcasting and letting the ogres smash some guys. I been thinking about removing the ogres adding a chariot or a beast herd more and some warhounds. Just thoughts. Hope you can help me