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09-07-2009, 11:12
I don't know why I am posting this, but stick with me on it.

If there was a set of models that really do it for me in 40K and could persuade me to continue with Space Marines its all the variations of the Veteran, Vanguard, and Sternguard models the marines now have. I love the detail,, the poses, the weapon variations, and the fact that they come in metal is such icing on a sweet cake as far as I am concerned. Does anyone else feel this way about a particular model range?

09-07-2009, 11:14
Yep. I think they are phenonenal amongst a very high standard.

I will be getting some just to paint them once I run out of Nids, Cron and Orks to paint.

Illiterate Scribe
09-07-2009, 11:16

The three veteran types, plus sword veterans are some of my favourite SM models.

09-07-2009, 12:05
Vanguard are some of my favorite models. I'm actually afraid to pick them up because I know I'd never be able to paint them to the standard I'd want them to be.

09-07-2009, 12:19
Sisters of Battle, any of them. The average Sister has more detail than a good chunk of the character models out there. I love painting them. Grey Knights are gorgeous models too.

09-07-2009, 12:21
Indeed they are the kind of models that when doing another force just make you green with envy.

There are allot of models that do not fit the force you are working on that you just really want to get and paint for the sake of it

Bishop Rook
09-07-2009, 12:25
Yup, Sisters of Battle here too. Number 1 favourite troop model. I own a squad I just bought to paint, although I wouldn't start a SoB army, nice as the models are. An entire army with metal troops has too little variation for my tastes.

Tyranid Warriors and Eldar Wraithlords are also favourites. The trick with Wraithlords is to attach their main guns to their wrists, not their shoulders, else they look kinda naff.

09-07-2009, 12:48
They are indeed nice models. Too bad they are metal though.

09-07-2009, 13:16
It's just the price that'd put me off really. If I fielded a "Codex" Astartes army, pre-heresy or renegades, I'd definatley use them. Wonderful models. The Tyranic War Veterans are also quite nice.

09-07-2009, 13:47
I agree, the Vets, sterngaurd and Vanguard are all very very nice models. I dont need them, but i want to add them to my ever growing army!


09-07-2009, 14:58
Sword Brethern, there imo even more awsome, than the Awsome SM vets, i just wish there was more variants on them ( id have used them if that was the case, but i wanted all my BT's to be 100% unique.)

09-07-2009, 15:16
That is true, Sword Bretherin are indeed awesome! I've actually been contemplating using them in place of Company Vets, as they have that awesome "Knight" feel.

09-07-2009, 16:21
I remember seeing the originaly vets for the first time. When I saw that lightning claw armed vet I just had to have the box. I too like the vets, in all their forms. They make me want to collect a 1st company space marine force.

09-07-2009, 16:55
Grey Knight Terminators... mmm so lovely I made two (Chaos) HQ choices who killed the previous owners, and custom-jobbed their armour because it's cool.

I also love the Veterans, of all kinda, in particular the Dark Angels Veterans, as they are plastic, and the Ultramarine Honour Guard (just the Guard, not the Standard Bearer and Champion and whatever).

09-07-2009, 16:59
Yep many times I have seen the SM vets and wanted to make a all vet army with vets as everything ultramarine honour guard as the veteran squads. Would be pricey but awesome to paint.

But instead I just buy them and turn them to chaos, my favorite to chaosy are the dark angels, they just seem to make great chaos troops which must mean the lion was traitor :)

09-07-2009, 21:41
I like the models for the vets, and bought them all if only to paint them. When in doubt GW makes another marine veteran model. :angel: Too bad you can't customize them more else they would already be ready for the table onstead of still bare metal. I am using the Vanguard and Sternguard in a small Ultrasmurf army, and I had to alter my list based on what the models come pre-equipped with.

I had to remove two power weapons on the vanguard, and replace them with plasma pistols (which I never take because of Gets Hot). My ideal was a relic Blade and four power weapons with jump packs. I also had to add a combi-weapon to a Sternguard vet since one model only comes with combi-plasma or combi-melta. This change was for the better since he still gets the special ammo and it's only 5 points more. In other armies I will probably kit all Sternguard with combi-weapons.

I still have not opened the veteran that GW gave out free with orders last year, but he has bolter and power fist which makes a lot more sense since the Marine Codex was released.

09-07-2009, 22:49
sisters so much fun to paint .......wish my army was not 6000 pts....agh

but to be the negative on veterans and the likes.....I do not like the new design where the shoulder pads have pretty much all the crap on them you can not geta decal or an icon on them

09-07-2009, 23:13
Mordians are awesome, in my opinion. The addition of the 'first rank fire!' order made them too tempting to pass up, so now I'm collecting an army of them... on square bases. (you can't fire by rank without ranks, can you)

I've also been very tempted to make an army of marines using only veteran models.

09-07-2009, 23:20
Ive got 30 metal sternies for my Crimson Fists! Love em love em love em!

10-07-2009, 01:03
When I saw the Vanguard come out individually I snapped up the relic blade mini instantly, it makes a great captain with jump packs in one of my armies. I plan to paint him eventually, once I run out of GK and DA to paint (which may be a long time to come yet since I keep adding to the armies). However, alot of the SM Vets minis really call out to me. I'd love to collect a full army of just vets for Apoc and PS games.

Sisters are wonderful minis also (I've mentioned my love to the GK enough times already, heh) and I plan to add a couple more squads of them to my small, but slowly groing SoB force.

The Orange
10-07-2009, 02:09
Yea I love those blasted marines too. If anything those were the closest thing to getting me to start an I.Fist army (but I'm still managing to keep myself as xenos armies...for now).

Other models that I think are stunning would have to be the previous generation of Howling Banshees and daemonettes, both sets are absolutely beautiful when painted right and that's why I haven't touched mine yet lol. The Hive Tyrant is worth a mention, and I don't think anyone can complain about the first Limited Edition Tau ethereal (the regal looking one with arms crossed).

10-07-2009, 02:12
Masters of the Chapter are very nice models too. So it the 08 Gamesday Captain.

Marine Metals tend to turn out very nice. I'd like to see kits to make plastic vets though, and plastic Lib/Chap, and Loyalist Term Characters to replace the old metal ones. Chaos could use a PA Lord kit too.