View Full Version : 2000pt deamon tournament army list

09-07-2009, 16:43
so here it is

keeper of secrets
soul hunger
allure of slaanesh
sporific musk

herald of khorne
fire storm blade
armour of khorne

herald of tzench
disk of tzeench
spell breaker
flames of tzeench

20x bloodletters
full command

15x bloodletters
full command

5x furies

5x flesh hounds

2x bloodcrushers

6x flamers

if anyone can see anyway to improve this please let me know
note- this is a tournemant army so it may be dirty:cheese:

09-07-2009, 17:02
Well, you need 1 more core to be legal. Other than thatm at least its not a Bloodthirster of Tzeentch.

09-07-2009, 17:17
thx forgot about that

09-07-2009, 18:44
Get another core unit and you're set. The list is strong enough without relying on the standard cheese builds.

10-07-2009, 08:48
Get another core unit and you're set. The list is strong enough without relying on the standard cheese builds.

thx i put in instead of the furies and 15 blood letters 2 unit of 10 bloodletters one with full command

11-07-2009, 18:31
I've always like the 100 point gift for the keeper - were for every wound he causes in combat he regains a lost wound back! then I just run him forwards as fast as possible (which is very fast as he can march 20") down the flank, and pivot him to face the flanks of the enemy battleline.
2nd turn I run him BEHIND the line, facing their rear, meanwhile the rest of the horde skips forward.
The enemy will either focus on the keeper, and let your forces move forward unmolested (almost, they will obv take some hits), or focus on the army but then you got this hunking great keeper looking at the enemy jacksies!!!
then I charge him in and use him as a tarpit - he wont win but hopefully wont die as he'll regain his wounds.
Use that in conjunction with the BSB - making units within 12" stubborn and volia....instant cheese!!
But you shouldn't really take that bannor as
1) Its expensive
2) A real deamon player can win without them
3) Your comp scores go down the drain

I would also swap a unit of 10 bloodletters for 10 horrors as it will give you an extra die for dispelling, and if your really lucky you might even pull their basic spell off once in a while.

I would then give the HoT powervortex (plus 1 power die) and wings, and keep him in the horror unit - this increases their ward to 4+ which belive me really helps out big time!!!

Have one unit of bloodletters 16 strong, stick the HoK in there so they rank 5 by 4

If you only have points for 10 more deamons then take 10 daemonettes - why? Well as the last core unit wont have any hearlds it's more of a detachment unit.

I find that the other player tends to ignore this unit in favour of the bloodletters/horrors but what a nice unit! It moves 6" so it has a whooping 12" charge - ideal for flank charging the other units. 3 attacks base with the ladies of death, and armour piercing so a very small chance of killing armoured foes (but dont rely on that, its a slim chance)

And try to find a way to drop some points to take 6-7 furies - I love bloodcrushers personally but just never found them to be effective for their points.
If your thinking tournments then swap them for 3 fiends of slaanesh - you will NEVER regret buying them every.
Each bugger has 4 attacks, so 12 strength 4 attacks, -2 to armour saves, musk, and....a 20" charge!!!! T4, 3 wounds....now you know why slaanesh is the god of sexy?
Anyway hope it helps