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hlaine larkin
09-07-2009, 19:32
well- i asked you guys last night for some help making a chapter, and what info you gave me has inspired me :D so please take a look at the below- dont hesitate to criticise, this is the first chapter i have put together from scratch and army, so i am not sure if it works or not- all feedback is appreciated.
(btw- for anyone that knows me, you would know why they are the immutables ^^ someone reccomended i pick them as something close to my heart- so there codex decrees that they must always be praying)

Name- The Emperor's Immutable's
colour scheme- Purple/bone vertical split (reversed for helmet) blue knee pads,helm crests and detailing.
Successor chapter of- Imperial Fists
current chapter master-Adonis Aegle
motto- 'Pray not for the dead, for they are the blessed
Special units- Guardians of the light- Name of Adonis Aegles' terminator squad
Malediction- Vanguard veterans who accompany the Alecto Antiope
Chapter Insignia – Possible greek letter Mu, second pad shows Unit Specific markings

brief ish fluff
The Emperor's immutable are a young chapter in the grand scheme of things and are close combat specialists, each warrior trains day and night honing his skills seeking the chance to die a glorious death, as they feel that death in battle is the only way to venerate the emperor. They use very few offensive vehicles, except transportation (as they want to be next to the enemy to kill them) and never use a dreadnought, feeling that it is sacrosanct to give a marine a second life in battle, as they feel it makes the initial sacrifice redundant. They always will be reciting prayers or thanks to the emperor in battle, at no moment will a unit will be silent. Someone will always be praying. A squad found to be silent in battle is admitted to a tactical squad for a sentence of time- the ultimate shame for an Immutable, as they need to rely on guns and not combat to kill the foe. The tactical squads or the 'unfaithful' squad's shoulder pads will have an all blue pad where the chapter insignia should be.
The core troops in the immutable force is the Scouts. The scouts are, unlike most chapters, not recruits who have not been trained sufficiently to be full marines, but are men drawn from worlds saved by the emperors immutable s- men who show great sacrifice in the face of danger. An example being scout captain andromedus, who took up a fallen weapon from a PDF guardsman and single handedly defended a church until the famous 'malediction squad' arrived and secured vital artefacts of the emperor, Andromedus was taken back to the strike cruiser and officiated into the chapter.

Malediction squad- this squad is the personal unit bodyguard of the alecto Antiope(chaplain)- and thus are all black, except for purple/bone shoulder pads. They are all brothers who have shown fantastic skill and above all complete willingness to lay down their lives for the emporer. The leader of this squad currently is brother Artemis, who himself saved the chapter master from a poisoned knife aimed at him by an assassin of unknown origin. The brothers strength of will and faith allowed him to overcome the wound, and therefore he now leads the malediction with almost as much fiery conviction as the Alecto Antiope, feeling that the emperor saved his life- and that only the most fitting death will serve to venerate him.

The chapter live in the far reaches of the imperiums borders, but like there founding chapter- the imperial fists- they have a cruiser, called 'The Fist of the Emperor' which they can quickly reach any chaos incursion this cruiser is largely regarded as their home, however on pius VI they have a fortress tended to by the chapter guardians, full of books and training grounds, so that the Immutable's in times of relative piece may pray and train without any disruption from the populace, as they feel associating with the populace will disrupt the will of the emperor, and slow them to there tasks. the Emperors Immutable's are so fanatical, that many times they have been known to leave a field of battle and let worlds be ravaged by orks, just to stop an incursion from there cursed brethren. This makes them somewhat unpopular with many people- but many a world owes its safety to these stalwart fanatical warrior-monks.

Heroes of the chapter-
Alecto Antiope (jenus)- this title is given to the chief chaplain of the company. The Alecto Antiope will often mutilate his own face and helmet to resemble that of lo chang, one of the greatest imperial fist chaplains to have ever lived. It is the job of the Alecto Antiope to ensure that the Immutables are truly immutable, and will be the one to pass judgement over squads who fail to pray constantly.
Alecto Antiope Jenus- the current A.A was promoted after his predecessor fell in battle to a demon of khorne, as the demon stooped to feed upon his flesh, it fell to the ground as with a mighty cry and a mighty crack, Jenus brought his crozius upon it, crushing the life out of it. He then spent the next night fending off various horrors that no one knows, many have said he was tested by tzeentch himself and that slaanesh tempted him in all sorts of ways (though these are often dismissed as lies) but the next morning, when he was finally found and the malediction found him(led by the chapter master himself, regal in terminator armour), he was stained in blood, missing his leg plate, helm and sholdur pad, he was bleeding profusely and on the edge of death, yet below him lay the body of his predecessor completely untouched by anything. Adonis Aegle named him instantly as the new Alecto Antiope, since then he has had a special bond with the chapter and is widely regarded as the ultimate show of loyalty- he stood for hours fighting for the preservation of his predecessor.

Adonis- a title given to the chapter master, this title is however given by the other brothers by ballot to a hero worthy of the role, meaning he is incharge simply by popular demand.
Adonis Aegle- the lord of light is the most valiant warrior of the Immutables, while many chapter masters will take to the battlefield in only dire circumstances, Aegle is always at the head of his force- teleporting in with his squad of terminators (known as the guardians of light) as soon as he can, so that he may- like his brothers may seek the greatest opponent. He, like Antiope Jenus was appointed after protecting the corpse of his predecessor, but in spectacular fashion. A great terminator armour clad traitor marine slew his predecessor, slicing through his armour with the ease of a knife through butter. Aegle took up his masters hammer and fought the marine smashing his foul axe, then, parrying and dodging as much as he could. However, the chaos lord caught the upper hand and struck a blow with enough force to tear even the greatest land raider asunder. Aegle took the blow in his stride and struck one of his own, straight to the marines head head. The huge marine fell to the floor , dead. Aegle collapsed across his master. At this point, the old Adonis' bodyguard surrounded him and protected him, instantly making him the new master of the chapter.

Adonis Aegle

Alecto Antiope Jenus
Jump Pack,melta bombs,power fist

Leading Edge
9 Scouts + Scout captin Andromedus (telion)
Teleport homer,camo cloaks

Guiding Light
10 scouts
Teleport homer, camo cloaks

5 vanguard veterans
Jump packs,power weps

Guardians of Light
5 assault terminators
Storm shields + thunder hammers

Ever Faithful
10 assault marines
Captain-stom shield, power wep melta bombs

Unwavering faith
10 assault marines
Captain-storm shield, power wepmelta bombs

5 tactical marines
Teleport homer,melta bomb


hlaine larkin
09-07-2009, 19:42
im not thinking about money at the moment haha, it will depress me :P so i havent bought any- changes to the army list are welcome

09-07-2009, 22:09
I'd change the name. It sounds like a euphemism...

CEO Kasen
09-07-2009, 22:18
I'd change the name. It sounds like a euphemism...

Damnit, now I keep adding "Dangling" to it.

hlaine larkin
09-07-2009, 22:21
haha, any ideas? it wasnt inteded in that light ^^ and apart from that, does it work?

hlaine larkin
09-07-2009, 22:22
basically they dont shut up ^^ someone told me to make my chapter like me :D so i did, religious and talkative :P but i cant think of anyway to make it sound not stupid :D

09-07-2009, 22:33
I'd consider going more Templar than Fists, their codex is written with religious nuts in mind. You'd have to rewrite a bit of the list, and perhaps a smidgeon of fluff, but on the upside you'd get a list and units built for that slashy hacky stuff.

hlaine larkin
09-07-2009, 22:39
I'd consider going more Templar than Fists, their codex is written with religious nuts in mind. You'd have to rewrite a bit of the list, and perhaps a smidgeon of fluff, but on the upside you'd get a list and units built for that slashy hacky stuff.

that was the original idea, but i really dont like the templar codex for a few reasons, so i figured- well i think templars are a fist successor chapter, so these guys took it further :)

what about the emporers penitents? just as a name

09-07-2009, 22:48
Better name, perhaps something more angry. The Emperors Wrath? Vengence? Judgement? Anything implying impending pointy death. I quite like the BT list, there are some nasty things floating around in it, and not like the canals in Birmingham. It may be a bit heretical, but you could make a very close combat orientated loyalist list from the chaos codex, you'd have to drop the scouts though. That said, they're probably the most problematic part of your fluff, so it might kill two birds with one stone.

CEO Kasen
09-07-2009, 22:52
...Religious... ...Angry... Won't shut up under any circumstances...

Republican Party? :p

hlaine larkin
10-07-2009, 05:58
tempting kasen :P hehe :D not that religious though hehe and i might drop the scouts, get another assaulst squad or 2