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09-07-2009, 20:37
I wasn't sure where to post this concern, but I figured that 'General Discussion' was a good enough place.

I recently stopped by a GW store and intended to pick up the latest issue of White Dwarf, but the $9 price tag stopped me entirely --- the last issue I got before I stopped playing earlier was the September 2007 issue, and that was $6. I looked over my collection of issues and found that a 2003 issue was $4.99... what I'm pointing out is that prices have gone up dramatically quite recently.

GW has always increased the prices of their products at intervals and this always caused a bit of grumbling among fans without massive incomes, but the recent increases have gotten me thinking about an overall business plan that GW seems to be implementing. There is always a segment of the fan base that will buy whatever GW makes regardless of the price, either due to high income or a willingness to sacrifice other things for miniature-related purchases (the guys that drop their paychecks at GW locations... everybody knows a few of them). I'm beginning to think that this precisely is the segment of the fanbase that is being targetted by their new releases (the Apocalypse kits are a good example --- an 85 dollar tank is unthinkable as a purchase for the average kid that buys stuff with his allowance or afterschool job). Recently the Sicarius battlegroup (or whatever it's called) really convinced me --- here's a thousand-dollar box set that is clearly aimed at a very small percentage of the fanbase.

I'm not criticising GW or any particular fans of their games, I'm just wondering if anybody else has noticed a deliberate attempt to market GW products to the economic top of their fanbase, something which might cost them players in the long run. I started playing Warhammer when I was in middle school, and my purchases were limited to what I could scrape together out of my measly allowance --- now I'm a working person who is capable of buying a lot more stuff (not the Sicarius box, that's for sure), but if I had been discouraged while in middle school I might have gotten involved with other games (like the comparatively cheaper and remarkably kid-friendly Warmachine) and thus would not be a loyal fan now.

Let me know what you guys think, or ignore me/let me know if you think I'm completely off with my reasoning.

09-07-2009, 20:45
The thing i see is.. Overall its a cheaper hobby then most...

Now before i get lenched for saying that..

Look at magic the gathering.. they roll a new set of cards every 3-4 months.. and to play in the *standard* block.. you are required to buy a new set of cards / deck at least once a year..

And that deck can run anywhere up to $800 ish.. and most of the time half the resale value..

As for 40k.. you buy the models and you can use them for about forever.. yea.. you haft to change some weapon options now and then with a new book.. But you dont haft to dump your armor and buy 100% new...

Also you get more of a product then you get with some hobbies.. You get plastic / metal models.. Lets say compared to cardboard playing cards that can cost up to $20 ish dollars each if not more at times..

Prices on everything have gone up in a way... Utilities etc.. along with gas prices.. When they haft to pay more to produce their product.. then of course they are going to pass along the price increase like any other company.

Now im in no way defending GW on their last price increase.. and i rather dislike it.. But i love this hobby and i will keep slowly building my armies.

09-07-2009, 20:48
This goes in 'Other GW Discussion', not the 40k block.

And if you look in that forum, you'll find plenty of posts complaining about GW's prices, and GW's "idiotic" business plan. At least there were quite a few last time I looked down there

CEO Kasen
09-07-2009, 20:51
Fundamentally, though, you'll always get a few wealthy schizotypals who will the Chapter Deal - Maybe more than one, but that's not enough to sustain a company on. GW models aren't gasoline or food; They're fundamentally luxury goods, and luxury goods are highly susceptible to price fluctuations. For every person who'd buy the Sicarius Strike Force no matter what, there's a few hundred to a thousand who are going consume less because the cost of doing so is higher.

Do I like the price increases? Of course not. Do I have access to GW's ledgers and am I able to make the determination as to whether this is high-end price gouging vs. what they needed to do to keep the company afloat?

Hard to say.

If I'm going to slam GW, I'm going to do it from a much more solid basis: I'm going to slam them over contradictory rulesets and those @#(*# Emperor-damned Kill Points. :D


GW's "idiotic" business plan.

Wait. You know what it is, and that it is idiotic?...

...*Zips over to other forums*

09-07-2009, 21:07
This goes in 'Other GW Discussion', not the 40k block.

And if you look in that forum, you'll find plenty of posts complaining about GW's prices, and GW's "idiotic" business plan. At least there were quite a few last time I looked down there
Correct. We've already a number of similar threads in other GW. Thread closed.