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09-07-2009, 20:10
Lastest completed unit: None :(
Currently working on: Grave Guard

Hi all,

I am about to embark on my most ambitious project so far in my warhammer years, but saying everything else I've ever done is straight out of the box that isn't too hard ...

I have decided after a lot of umming and ahhing to do a vampire counts army, but instead of a standard stock army I have decided to do a kind of undead empire force.

Basic background is a lord of a manor turned vampire and has risen his old loyal forces to aid him in his new quest of undeath, I plan to use a combination of vampire counts and empire models to represent these, doing the whole typical skeleton horses with empire knights riding them. I know this isn't the most original idea ever but hey ho i hope to make it work as best as possible.

Unfortunately I won't be posting any models for a week - couple of weeks, due to me starting work tomorrow for a bit of summer time work before I start uni, and also because I have yet to order them from somewhere, may have to wait to July payday before I do though.

My rough army list is as follows:

Vampire Lord - Master of the Dark Arts, Lord of the Dead, Avatar of Death, Black Periapt, Extra Magic Level, Hellstead

Vampire - Book of Arkhan, Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death

Necromancer - Sceptre of Noirot, rides in corpse cart

Wight King - BSB, flayed Hauberk, Sword of Kings

2 x 5 Dire Wolves
Corpse Cart - Balefire
2 x 10 Skeleton Warriors - Spears, full command

20 Grave Guard - full command
6 Black Knights - Barbed, musician


This leaves me with approximately 170 points left, but I need to have another core choice in there only got 2 at the moment if I'm not mistaken.

I am welcome to all comments and criticisms, I know the list is quite powerful but my last army was Ogre Kingdoms, which I managed to win with most of the time except against Brettonians who I never managed to beat, I just fancy having an ok chance in games with this army.

Liam Taylor

Lord Dan
10-07-2009, 17:51
I don't think your list is too powerful at all. More powerful than your Ogres, sure, but as far as "broken" VC lists go this one really...isn't.

Looking forward to some pictures.

10-07-2009, 19:38

I know it could be a lot more powerful but tried to keep it relatively balanced.

Unfortunately finance problems at the minute so I'll have to wait till the 31st to actually get some models ordered.

Until then I'll just keep at my lizardmen almost done the models I've got I'll upload some piccies if anyone is interested but I'm at my dads at the moment so they will have to wait for monday night.

Liam Taylor

12-07-2009, 10:45
Just a small update, decided to bite the bullet and order my first few models, basically found some good deals and didnt want to risk them ending before I get to payday.

Picked up 3 reaper miniatures:
Zombie Werewolf (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/zombie/sku-down/02791#detail/02791_G)
Zampire Hero/Lord (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/vampire/sku-down/03042)
Necromancer type thing/caster vampire (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/vampire/sku-down/02866)

Hopefully going to use the zombie werewolf thing as a vargulf, not sure about the size of it though, it may be demoted to a dire wolf it I need to.

Also found 2 boxes of grave guard on eBay for the grand total of ... 20 instead of the 34 RRP, and they are new an unopened aswell.

Liam Taylor

The hair
13-07-2009, 19:24
I'm really looking forward to this mate! Good to see the idea's finally coming about in the flesh. I'll be watching this one with anticipation, tinged with dread for when I inevitably get drowned by spells actually in-game
Post those lizards too!! I want to see my old models finally get some paint on them :p

13-07-2009, 19:44
So you have posted at last, but yes you probably will be swamped in game, I'm just going to alter my list a bit, waiting in the car an hour both before and after work waiting for a lift, I've decided to rewrite it totally and turn it into an infantry only list.

Vampire Lord - The Flayed Hauberk, Helm of Commandment, Master of the Black Arts, Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Extra Magic Level

Vampire - Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death, Book of Arkhan

Vampire - Tomb Blade, Lord of the Dead, Avatar of Death

Necromancer - Black Periapt, Rides in Corpse Cart


3 x 10 Skeleton Warriors -Spears, Full Command

3 x 110pts
Corpse Cart - Blaefire

2 x 5 Dire Wolves

2 x 40pts

20 Grave Guard - Full command, Banner of the Dead Legion




This new list leaves me with 200 pts to play with I was debating whether to go with 3 stands of Spirit Host @ 195pts or 2 cairn wraiths with banshee to get rid of knights a bit better, I blame ben a.k.a. the hair for this witrh his bretonnian and empire armies. Incidently when are those logs coming?????

Any thoughts or criticisms would be greatly appreciated.

Liam Taylor

The hair
13-07-2009, 20:08
Sorry!!! :P
Errrr I'd say the Wraith cos you know you can get the models off of me for free :P
Annnnd the logs will be coming soon as I actually evolve beyond a glacial painting speed and get some models done. I've finished the grand total of one model today pal, we're getting somewhere!!

13-07-2009, 20:15
Hmm well it is an improvment, :D:D:D
Hmm i fear for the spam castingness of my army but mostly it will spam casting against you, 12 PD 7 DD isnt too bad i suppose :D

Lord Dan
13-07-2009, 20:29
Those are some awesome reaper models! Can't believe I hadn't seen them before. How big is that zombie werewolf?

13-07-2009, 20:56
Those are some awesome reaper models! Can't believe I hadn't seen them before. How big is that zombie werewolf?

Havnt got a clue how big it is, I'll find out when it arrives, hopefully big enough for a vargulf. On a side note, is it a 50mm square base for a vargulf or a 40mm one, I dont actually know.

On another side note, I HATE sorting out my bits box, just tring to find undead parts.

Liam Taylor

The hair
13-07-2009, 21:24
I love that you're updating what you're up to on here at the same time as to me on MSN. It feels like we're actually there experiencing this with you :P

Lord Dan
13-07-2009, 22:35
Vargulf is a 50mm.

14-07-2009, 12:12
Where'd you get that zombie werewolf?
I've been after that model for a couple of years!

14-07-2009, 17:43
Got it off a stockist of reaper models over here in the UK, if that fails you could order it directly from Reaper models form the USA, dont know about postage though

Liam Taylor

16-07-2009, 06:18
Woo, got first models through in the post , I should have the first pics up a couple of days, work takes up too much time :(

Liam Taylor

19-07-2009, 19:58
Picture update at last, bit of a test sorry if it doesnt work


19-07-2009, 20:02
Right now that I have the piccies working time for some more.

First up Grave Guard. I apolagise for the poor pictures, bad lighting and they are only WIP anyway.
Need a lot of touching up, any sugestionss for the cloth colour on the robe bottoms is much appreciated.


Liam Taylor

The hair
19-07-2009, 20:04
First picture up!
I like tht scheme, should suit the dark look of your models nicely. Now we just need to get the first grave Guard up!
Ah, beat me to it!

21-07-2009, 12:07
Just a quick update: on lunchbreak at work at the minute.

I've decided to go for a crimson red colour for the cloth on the GG.

The scheme I've used is:

Basecoat: Scorched Brown
Highlight 1: 75/25 Scorched Brown/Red Gore
Highlight 2: 50/50 Scorched Brown/Red Gore
Highlight 3: 25/75 Scorched Brown/Red Gore
Highlight 4: Red Gore

Tryign to decide whether or not to add another highligh of 75/25 Red Gore/Blood Red, will hopefully upload more pictures tonght once I get home, hatign the rigours of training at the moment but oh well.

Any comments, or criticisms, will be gladly appreciated

Liam Taylor

22-07-2009, 12:14
Hi, lunch break at work so I thought I'd post up a battle report from last Saturday against ben aka The Hair

This was a quick 2k points match, my first ever with vampire counts so a totally new experience, my list was:

Vampire Lord - The Flayed Hauberk, Helm of Commandment, Master of the Black Arts, Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Extra Magic Level 405pts
Vampire - Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death, Book of Arkhan 185pts
Vampire - Tomb Blade, Lord of the Dead, Avatar of Death 160pts
Necromancer - Black Periapt, Rides in Corpse Cart 70 pts
3 x 11 Skeleton Warriors -Spears, Full Command 3 x 119pts
Corpse Cart - Balefire 100 pts
2 x 5 Dire Wolves 2 x 40pts
20 Grave Guard - Full command, Banner of the Dead Legion 295pts
Vargulf 175pts
3 Cairn Wraiths - Bansee upgrade 175pts

Ben was using Bretonnians and I have no memory of the exact list, I would say curse my memory but being only 18 that doesnt sound too good, as far as I can remember:
grail lord with armour of agiluf, heartwood lance and virtue of audacity: WS 10 armmour ??
BSB: Warbanner
Damsel: Chalice, dispel scroll, Horse
Damsel: 2 dispel scrolls
KoTR, f/c
Kights Errant. f/c
Questing, f/c
Grail, f/c
10 ish Skirmishing Bowmen
15 ish Static Bowmen
5 mounted Yeomen
4 Pegasus Knights

Sorry about the very approximate list hopefully ben will come on and correct for me :)

Anyway deployment:

From my side of the board there was a hill on my left board edge, taken to stop Ben having it as I won the roll for table sides, there was a small set of ruins in the centre of my table edge. On ym right flank there was nothing, opposite this there was a large rock formation in line with my hill, and a house on the far side opposite my ruins. A small clump of trees were loated right in the centre. There was nothing opposite my empty space providing a killing field on that side.

I deployed my 3 units of skeletons and unit of GG inbetween the hill and the ruins on my left side to try and prevent being charged by too many units of knights at once, these were accompanied by the corpse cart slighty behind them and one of the units of dire wolves. All my heroes went into this side of the field. My vargulf and the other unit of dire wolves along with the wraiths took over the right flank.

For Ben's deployment, the bowmen all lined up opposite my vargulf, I was certain these would have flaming arrows and get rid of my regeneration, a sure thing to run away from striaght away, also on that side were the pegasus knights, grail knights and possibly the yeomen a cant remember. The rest of bens knights units lined up opposite my main skeleton units.

Turn 1:

My skeletons shuffled forward with the GG, my wraiths quickly ran up the centre of the board, hiding out of view of the grail knights magical attacks, the vargulf quickly redeployed over to the left flank, helped by the M8 value.

Bens turn his knights all advanced towards my skeletons, keeping out of charge range, gambling I wouldn't get danse off as I only had it on my lord (mostly of my spells were raise dead tbh) and the Book of Arkhan

Turn 2:

I shuffled forward again, vargulf got in position to flank charge if needed, wraiths moved up as well. Magic Phase was a bit of a flop, Dispel scroll on the Danse, and my bound level 3 book of arkhan failed to go off. Banshee scream knocked a few grail knights down and got back its points cost. No combat to speak off

Bens turn, skirmishing bowmen fail terror test for nearby wraiths and flee :D, unit of knights of the realm and a unit of Knights errant/questing knights cant remember both charge into one of my skeleton units which has the tomb blade vampire in. The other unit out fo the errant/ quest charge into another of my skeleton units with the toher vampire in (Book of Arkhan one). Grail Knights poosibly charge vargulf not too sure, curse my memory. In the Close combat phase My skeleton unit is reduced from 20 something to 1 plus the vampire after crumbling, luckily for me. Interesting to note this was a major point, another 1 wound in the combat phase would of seen my vampire reduced to 1 wound and no skeletons left leaving me unable to raise. The other unit of knights did a bit of damage though nothing I couldnt soak up. Vargulf dead

Turn 3/4:

Skeleton unit raised back up to full strength, grave guard get a flank charge into one unit of knights, eventually grail knights get a charge in on the front of the GG unit, but unable to do much damage. A couple of units of knights autobreak due to fear causing blocks of skeletons. Corpse cart comes to great effect giving up to 4 units the always strike first rule at one point. Unfortunately for me though I forgot GG have the killing blow ability, could of been useful against the Grail Knights.
Sorry itas been a bit brief for these turns cant remember much of what happened.

Turn 5/6:

Bit of fighting no real tactics at this point as I was just playing a mop up game by now. The Wraiths took out the unit of 15ish static bowmen and almost made up for there points cost. One funny point was when I raised a unit of zombies behind a knight unit but they got writtled down to 4, so when the knights fled through them no effect, although they did get there own back by charging them in the next turn and making them flee off the board.
The final few turns saw me raising up a couple of zombie units to claim table quarters, my vampire lord got shot at by the mounted yeomen who unsurprisingly only hit once and then failed to wound, it was a long shot though. 5 shots after moving to take out a 3 wound 2+ armour save single charcter wasnt gouing to happen.
By the end of the game there were not very many Brets left and quite a lot of undead, I had only lost the vargulf, both units of dire wolves, and half a skeleton unit.
Overall a massacre to the undead but I was using a magic heavy list against just 2 scroll caddies so slightly unfair.

Funny points - zombies charging knights and making them flee off board.

Overperformers - Skeletons has just held facing 30 - 40 attacks, if they would have lost 2 units of knights straight through my lines, probably would of led to a much more equal result

Underperformers - Anything with armour on, I seriously failed almost every armour save in the first couple of turns. Also the vargulf, wasn't too happy, made a mess up with him (he may have died to peg knights in retrospect) but he only took 5 wounds and failed regenration on 4 of them, 1 less he would of at least fought back ...

Learning points - Use dire wolves and vargulf in tandem up a flank, didnt work this game as the flank I wanted to use got swamped with too much stuff but definately a plan I want to use more in the future.

22-07-2009, 12:15
reserved for rest of batt rep

The hair
22-07-2009, 21:16
Liam's told me to post the 2nd game (lower points limit this time)

Liam's list swapped wolves and varghulf for a unit of 6 black knights, but the corpse cart, big block of grave guard/ skeletons and the wraiths srtayed the same.

He deployed his 2 blocks in the centre with the corpse cart behind, and his black knights / wraith on the flank. I chose to counter this with a Pegasus hero and Grail knights, leaving my other knights in the centre, and bowmen and yeomen out on the flank to try and wrap round.

This game was much quicker, my pegasus hero took out the wraiths and my grail knights took out the black knights on one side, and my yeomen marched up the other, and then both flanks targetted his remaining blocks from behind whilst my knight units went for the front. Though, that said, it wasn't a massacre by any means, his big central blocks held me up for the majority of the game, and an entire unit of knights was sacrificed in the effort.
A very bloody game again, a win to me which puts us at 1-1. I think we can put that down to misfortune and just getting to know the army on his part though rather than poor generalship, it was a very tactically played game with lots of manouvering and trying to outfox. We both found that a lower points VC army does need a fair bit of magic to keep it going (unsurprisingly :p) and I've developped a wariness of the corpse cart now!!

But all said, i think getting in a 2000 and a 1250 game was good experience for both of us, and I'm worried now that Liam's got a good idea of what works and what doesn't so I'm expecting even harder challenges in future!

23-07-2009, 18:40
Well I have an update ready at last, my first 5 painted models ... 5 Grave Guard, based but then I realised I havn't done the shoulder pad things but oh well




Looking at them now the crimson red highlights on the back of the cloth is a lot smoother IRL dont know what happened there.

Any comments would be much appreciated and very much wanted :)

Liam Taylor

23-07-2009, 18:55
good work on the grave guards :) maybe you can add some more "dirt" on the armor plates... so they'll look a bit more ancient...

23-07-2009, 18:58
Hmm ye thats a possibility. Once I've got the shoulder pads on I'll give em another coat of devian mud. My poor photography skills have taken away some of he shading on them, I must get better at taking the piccies.

Liam Taylor

The hair
23-07-2009, 18:59
Looking good so far! I'm glad you went with crimson cloth, I think it offsets the bone nicely. Definitely seconding the suggestion for more weathering if you feel the need, more dirt's never a bad thing

23-07-2009, 22:32
Hi again just a quick update,

I need to find a model to represent the vampire lord, needs to be on foot, and preferably GW but not necessarily as long as I can get it relatively easily over here in the UK.
Weapons and armour arn't that important just needs to be a cool model.

Thanks for all your help

Liam Taylor

23-07-2009, 23:00
Hi LiamTaylor

I was under the impression that BSB's cannot take any other magic items ie. Flayed Hauberk, sword of kings etc. So that probably frees up another 70pts for you.

24-07-2009, 06:05
I was under the impression that BSB's cannot take any other magic items ie. Flayed Hauberk, sword of kings etc. So that probably frees up another 70pts for you.

Yes they can take other magic items as long as they dont take a magic banner, so either a mgic banner or other magic items, but a wight king would probably be better as a BSB because he can then take armour and a magic standard.

Liam Taylor

27-07-2009, 07:30
Quick Update:

Painted up a banshee and a wraith, should have pictures up tonight.
Also got the GG command grioup done and started on the final 7, hopefullly I should have these uploaded tonight as well.

Liam Taylor