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09-07-2009, 21:36
I wrote these last week and just haven't got round to posting them till now due to excessive laziness. I'm thinking about adding some fluff to the army at some point and did write some but didn't like it so we'll see how that side of things goes. Anyway on with the show and please bear in mind my laziness if it's full of typo's/grammatical errors :) Left and right are always from my perspective and sorry about the lack of pics though there's a nice shot of Badruk surrounded by elves in Selone's excellent thread.

I’m fairly new to playing Warhammer, I’ve collected the models for years back in the 90’s but only played a couple of games and since I got back into the hobby in 2006 I’ve only played 2 games prior to this ( both massacres against ) so I wasn’t expecting a lot from the 2 games I played this weekend.

The list I used for the weekend was –

Badruk Edkrusher – Savage Orc Bigboss. General. A shield (which I forgot about), Warboss Imbad’s Iron Gnashas and Martog’s Best Basha. Mounted on a boar chariot.

Krum Facechewer – Black Orc Bigboss. BSB. Mork’s Spirit Totem

Gribnutz – Level 2 Night Goblin Shaman. 2 Dispel Scrolls

5 Spider riders, musician
5 Spider riders, musician
22 Night Goblin Archers. 3 Fanatics
30 Orc Boys. Extra Choppa. FC
Squig Herd – 5 Teams
Spear Chukka. Bully
Rock Lobba. Bully
Olaf the Giant

This isn’t the list I’d like to take in the perfect world but as I didn’t have all of the models I wanted I added the rocklobba and some extra boys.

I was supposed to be playing a wood elf player but as he wasn’t there when I got there and as he’d sent a cryptic text to the club which made it sound like he may not be coming I started off against a high elf player who looked to be about 14 so I immediately fancied my chances. When I saw him smack down two big blocks of silver helms at 1500 points I was even more certain I would be able to get something out of this despite my lack of experience.

His List

Mounted hero with an extra hand weapon and a 1+ re-rollable save (Placed in the left most silver helms)
Mounted level 2 mage (he had an item but I don’t remember what, maybe something that gave him an extra spell and he was just a level 1?) (Placed in the reavers)
Level 1 mage on foot not sure about his equipment
10 Silver Helms FC
10 Silver Helms FC
5 Reavers FC
12 Archers
2 Repeater Bolt Throwers

We picked out a fairly interesting selection of scenery with a large wood dominating my left flank and pretty much cutting off that part of the battlefield from the centre, a single obelisk in the centre, a large ruin on my right flank and then a hill in both centres and one in the right of my deployment zone.

He won the roll for table edge and chose the side with the single large hill in the centre. He then proceeded to deploy with a majorly refused flank with his 2 units of silver helms and his reavers all crammed into the space on the left between the wood and the table edge. His archers, bolt throwers and level 1 mage sat on the hill in the centre.
I decided to stack against his strong flank and set up my giant, my shaman and my big block of orcs behind a screen of night goblin archers. The Squigs were just off to the right of these behind the forest ready to join in if needed. I put my Spear Chukka on the central hill with 5 spider riders and my general hidden behind the hill. I then placed my rock lobba and the last 5 spiders on the hill to the right, the spiders hidden behind the ruins.

My opponent rolled shield of sapphery twice and flames of the phoenix for this 3 spells. I got Foot of Gork and Brain Bursta.

Turn1 – The High Elves won the roll for first turn with their +1 to the roll and off we went! The left Silver Helms with the general and the Reavers with the level 2 mage advanced forward and the other Silver Helms unit peeled off slightly to get behind the woods. Everything else stood still. The magic phase was shut down so we got straight onto shooting. The archers were out of range and the right bolt thrower missed but the left one hit the squig herd with a volley killing 2 squigs and a goblin. First blood to the elves!
I started my turn by rolling for animosity and the central spider riders squabble but everyone else passed. The right spider riders scuttle up into the ruins out of LoS of the elf artillery, the squigs wheel to the centre and move into the wood. My general in the centre backed up to be completely hidden from the bolt throwers. On the left flank my night goblins march forwards and everything else follows up behind them at a more cautious pace. In the magic phase Foot of Gork goes off with irresistible force and kills 3 silver helms from the right hand unit without the general. I then get on to shooting and the Spear Chukka misses before the rock lobba drops a rock on the reavers killing 1.

Turn 2 – His right Silver Helms moved further round the top of the forest and the mage from the reavers peeled off behind them. The Generals unit and the Reavers shuffled forwards to within charge range of my goblins. The magic phase is completely shut off again. The shooting phase was fairly uneventful with a repeater bolt thrower and the archers killing 2 spider riders from the central unit and the other bolt thrower killing a squig.

Everything passes animosity. The spiders on the right emerge from the ruins within charge range of the right bolt thrower. The central spider unit moves forward to re-direct the Silver Helms which are heading towards the centre and my general moves up to get a counter charge on them. On the left flank my night goblins march up again and unleash their 3 fanatics! The 2 directed at the silver helms fall short but the other crashes through the Reavers killing 3 and leaving them with just the unit champion. They pass their panic test. In the magic phase Foot of Gork is successfully cast again and kills one of the generals Silver Helms. The shooting phase achieves nothing.

Turn 3 – My opponent declares charges with the central silver helms on my spiders and after much umming and ahhing he decides the charge his generals silver helms through the fanatics into my archers joined by the last remaining reaver. I’m too excited by this and so forget to stand and shoot and just hold. My spider riders flee from his central Silver Helms and they fail their charge and end up dead in the water right in front of my frenzied general. 4 Silver Helms are killed by the fanatics as they charge leaving just 5 and the general but they pass their panic test and land the charge. The magic phase again does nothing as I scroll flames of the Phoenix. The left Bolt Thrower shoots at my spear chukka sniping a crewman and the archers and the right bolt thrower unload on my right hand spiders killing 4. The last member passes his panic check. In the combat phase the silver helms and general unsurprisingly butcher my goblins killing 8, the 2 goblins who can fight back do somehow manage to unhorse the reaver huzzah! I lose combat by lots and flee and the archers are run down. He overruns into my shaman who I had just ahead of my giant and big block of boys.

The big block of boys fail animosity but the BSB keeps them in line killing 3. My central spiders rally. The fanatics whiz about a bit not hitting anything. I declare charges with the boys and the giant on the left silver helms and my general on his central silver helms. He holds with both units but critically fails his terror test with the generals unit and they run back through the fanatics killing another 3 (technically they landed on top of the fanatics but I was feeling bad for my opponent here so I let him move them just past them) The one remaining spider on the right charges the right bolt thrower crew. The squigs moved further into the woods. Foot of Gork kills 3 archers in the magic phase. My spear chukka causes a wound to his left bolt thrower and the rock lobba misfires killing a crewman. In the combat phase my spider is cut down by the ASF on the crewmen. The chariot causes 7 impact hits and kills 5 silver helms! My general then kills the last 2 completely wiping out the unit and overrunning up towards the mounted wizard above the wood. Things were pretty much in the bag after this turn. I was still worried about his shooting though.

Turn 4 – He rallied his last 2 silver helms and general and turned to face my encroaching horde. Magic does nothing with me using my last scroll on Flames of the Phoenix and his mounted mage miscasts wounding himself. We had forgotten to allocate the height of the woods, I reckoned it was higher than the giant he reckoned it wasn’t so he could shoot at him. We diced off and I won meaning we had some massive trees. He fires a volley at my general with the closest bolt thrower instead causing no wounds.

The Squigs squabble. One fanatic moves back towards my boys, the 2nd spins towards his mounted mage clipping him on the way past and hitting the third fanatic. He’s adamant that he’s just missed the mage and then picks up the dice and moves it to the fanatic to prove this thereby immediately making it impossible to prove. So we dice off for it. I win the dice off again and the mage dies as do both fanatics. My boys declare a charge on his silver helms who hold to avoid running off the board. My spiders march across to hide in the wood with the squigs. The giant moves up behind the heading towards where the mounted mage was. My charging orcs land on top of the last fanatic and 2 die with the fanatic. His general issues a challenge and as this was a fun game and I’d pretty much won by this point I accepted as he seemed to be loving the challenge. He caused a wound with ASF on my BSB and then made all his saves with the rerolls in return. His silver helms kill a boy but one is dragged from his horse in return. The elves run and are caught and cut down by my boys.

Turn 5 - His Archers turn to face my general. The mage manages to finally cast Flames of the Phoenix (I forgot I had Mork’s Spirit Totem all game) and this does 4 wounds to my giant. In the shooting phase his left bolt thrower lines up a shot on my general hits, rolls the 6 to hit the big boss, then wounds him, I fail my ward save, but luckily he only rolls a 2 for the number of wounds caused so it’s one wound caused and my general left alive one 1 wound.

Everyone passes animosity and my frenzied general has to charge the bolt thrower, he holds, my giant and shaman move up and the spiders fully ensconce themselves in the woods. I fail to cast foot of gork on his mage and miss everything with my shooting. In the combat phase the impact hits account for the elven crew and I overrun into the mage who also holds.

Turn 6 – He can’t see anything to shoot so we go straight into combat with the impact hits taking out the mage and I again overrun into the archers.

He suggests we go straight to the combat phase and although I’d like to try and kill his last bolt thrower and ensure a clean sweep I agree. Impact hits kill 4 elves and my general and boars and crewman kill the rest and overrun into the last bolt thrower.

So a resounding win for my first game of the day though I was playing a soft high ellf list (though my list is hardly hard) commanded by a 14 year old. I was very lucky with my rolls for damage for my fanatics, the chariot and foot of gork and these three things caused virtually all of the casualties in this game. I think my opponent made a major mistake when he charged through the fanatics, he had much more shooting than me so he could have withdrawn and made me come through them killing my units in the centre with his archers and bolt throwers, then charged me when I got past the fanatics. Still I enjoyed the game and think I played pretty well myself though he pretty much handed me the game. There isn’t much I’d change and everything in my list bar the squigs seemed to do a job.

09-07-2009, 21:37
Game 2

When we were about half way through the first game the Wood Elf player I was supposed to be playing turned up so he watched my game and (mostly) Selone’s and CrazyDu’s. My first game was over fairly quickly and so we jumped straight into the next game. His list was –

A Waywatcher hero. Hail of Doom Arrow.
A level 2 Mage. Not sure about any items
12 Dryads with a champ.
10 Archers
10 Archers
10 Skirmishing Archers
10 Skirmishing archers
10 Waywatchers
6 Glade riders with bows.
3 Warhawk riders with bows.

As you can see a very archer heavy list with only 13 models in the list without bows. I wasn’t very confident going in to this as my lists fairly slow without a lot of shooting or magic but I was up for giving it a go.

He won the roll for table edge and chose the same side as the high elf player had and added his extra forest in the centre of the table about 6” away from the big forest on the left. I had to deploy pretty much all of my army before him as he had so many scouting units so I decided to go for a swift push down the left flank and hope my big block could hold him up for long enough in the middle.
He deployed with his Glade Riders on the far left between the woods and the table edge, one unit of archers on the central hill and the other just to the right of these, his Warhawk riders were on the far right behind the ruins. He put his mage behind the little forest in the centre just in front of the hill and the dryads to the left of him between the two forests. I put my giant and general on the left behind a screen of 5 spider riders, my big Orc block in the centre just behind the big wood and my archers on the central hill as far forward as possible the shaman joins these. I put both Warmachines on the hill on the right (bad move) as the central woods looked to be wreaking LoS from there and put a unit of spider riders and the squigs over there to guard them. He then placed his skirmishers and put both units of archers in the big forest and the waywatchers and his general in the smaller central forest closer to his lines. This effectively created a choke point between the forests with an obscene amount of arrows surrounding it. Pretty cool I thought and very evocative of the Wood Elf background.
His Spellsinger got tree singing and something else he never managed to cast and my shaman got Foot of Gork again (woo!) and Mork’ll Fix It.

I won the roll and elected to go first.

Turn 1 – My right spiders fail animosity but everyone else passes. The left flank moves up cautiously trying to screen the frenzied chariot from LoS into the woods. The boys march up to the edge of the big wood and the night goblins march up to the right of them into the killing ground between the forests. The shaman leaves the unit and moves behind the hill. The squigs march forwards to intercept the warhawk riders, moving into the open ground on the right. In the magic phase my shaman miscasts and manages to cause D3 S4 wounds on himself and everything in contact, luckily he’s by himself and it fails to wound him. The shooting phase is better with the spearchukka killing an archer from the right unit and the rocklobba killing 2 from the central unit on the hill.

The Glade riders stand still staying out of charge range of my left flank and the dryads move forwards into the gap between the two forests. The spellsinger advances to just behind the little forest. The skirmishing archers all move to get LoS on my boys and goblins as do the waywatchers and his general. The non skirmishing archers both move forwards slightly to get closer to the squigs. The warhawks fly right over the ruins and land within charge range of my warmachines around 9” away from the squigs. The magic phase is shut down as he repeatedly tries tree singing on one dice and with Mork’s Spirit Totem I can use two dice each time to dispel it. Then comes the dreaded shooting phase, a Glade Rider kills a spider on the left and the two non-skirmishing archer units and the warhawks kill 4 squigs and a herder on the right. Everything in the centre unleashes a flurry of arrows onto my night goblins including the hail of doom arrow from his general, when the dust clears 14 goblins have died but they miraculously pass their break test keeping the fanatics safe.

Turn 2 – The right spiders fail animosity again! As do the boys but my BSB restores order killing 1. I then make a really elementary mistake and move the squigs right up in front of his warhawks, as my warmachines are on a hill he still has LoS to them and can just charge over the top of my now out of position squigs. The Spiders on the left flank move into the woods to threaten the archers and ensure my general doesn’t charge into the woods and the giant and general march up to within charge range of the glade riders. In the centre the boys shuffle forwards as they’re clipping the woods and the remaining night goblins advance into the clearing and unleash the fanatics. I roll really badly for them however and they fail to hit anything 2 falling an inch short of an archer unit and the last 2” in front of the dryads. In the magic phase Foot of Gork goes off and crushes 4 dryads. My shooting does nothing as the archers miss the waywatchers needing 7’s to hit , the spearchukka misses the advancing warhawks and the rocklobba falls short of the archers.

His Glade Riders sneakily reform to 2 wide and then dance round my giant and chariot through the tiny gap between them and the woods and out of the charge arcs. He moves both archer units away from the fanatics, one fully into the edge of the wood and the other in front of the dryads in the gap between the forests, the dryad’s back up slightly. The warhawk riders charge my spearchukka which holds. In the magic phase he gets a treesinging off and kills another spider from the left hand unit in the wood. In the shooting the phase the 2 non skirmishing units of archers punish the squigs again killing another 5. The Glade riders kill another spider in the left hand unit leaving just 2 remaining. The first skirmishing archer unit kills the fanatic closest to his line and the other unit and the waywatchers open up on the goblins again killing another 6, leaving just 2 lonely goblins who again pass their panic test (I mucked this up here, they failed but I thought the BSB let you re-roll failed panic tests and I rolled insane courage on the reroll, still they don’t do anything and probably hurt me more than helped by staying there. In the combat the warhawk riders kill 2 goblins for no reply but I hold.

Turn 3 - I declare a WAAGH and then forget to move my fanatics which was a massively stupid considering what happens next, the boys squabble but Krum sorts them out killing 2. The squigs run up 6 to close with the archers and my general moves forward 2” then rolls round to threaten the dryads flank. I declare a charge with my boys and his archers decide to flee to stop me getting an overrun into his dryads. I totally mucked up now, I forgot to move my fanatics and decided my boys had landed right on top of both of them but as the archers had fled I didn’t stop there at all… This killed both fanatics and 10 boys! The units now down to 19 from 32 and all self inflicted… I caught and killed the archers at least, stopping an inch in front of the dryads. The right spiders finally don’t squabble and turn around to face the Warhawks. The left spiders move deeper into the forest to get out of LoS. The last two goblins stay where they are and the squigs march up to within charge range of the right most archers. The giant moves round the top of the woods to terrify a unit of skirmishing archers. In the magic phase I get Foot of Gork off again and squishes 3 Waywatchers and the rest turn tail and flee out of the woods. My rocklobber can’t see anything and the 2 remaining archers surprisingly miss his lord needing 8’s to hit. The Warhawks kill the last goblin and the bully on my spearchukka and the flipping right spider riders unit panics and runs off the board having achieving absolutely nothing all game… The Rock Lobba holds. Ok so despite my idiocy with the fanatics things are still manageable, I’ve killed a unit of archers and haven’t lost anything major of mine yet.

He rallies his Waywatchers and then fails his panic test for his skirmishing archers and they flee 11” into the glade, right next to my goblins. His General declares a charge on my 2 remaining archers and his dryads charge my block of boys who fail their fear test so are hitting on sixes. The Warhawks charge my rock lobba He then reforms his glade guard and moves them into the forest to within LoS of the spiders in there. I shut him down in the magic phase but it all starts to unravel in the shooting phase, the 2 units of archers on the right absolutely butchered my remaining squigs and herders killing 13 from 17 shots leaving me with 2 goblins at the end of the phase. The glade riders kill the last 2 spider riders on the left. In the combats his general cut down both goblins and overran towards my shaman behind the hill and the dryads kill 4 orcs for no reply but I win combat and he breaks and runs with my pursuit falling an inch short. The Warhawks kill all of the crew with the rock lobba. Things are looking decidedly dicey now but now left flanks looking dangerous so maybe I can salvage something.

Turn 4 – I declare a charge with my 2 remaining squig herders and my general has to charge the dryads due to frenzy. I stupidly decide to not charge my boys so I can turn them to face the rest of his army but this means that they are going to be running along the table edge rather than off… The dryads outrun the charge and the chariot grinds to a halt just short of the hill, the giant marches up and the boys turn and move towards his waywatchers and the archers on the right. In the magic phase I get foot of Gork off again this time on his general but roll a 1 for the number of hits, this duely wounds but leaves him very much alive. The herders are killed by the archers stand and shoot.

The Dryads fail to rally and run off the board (luckily for me as I’m not punished for not charging them with my boys). The broken archers also keep running into the big forest on the left flank. His general crests the hill in front of my shaman and the warhawks move in to wards him from the right.Everything else moves up to surround my remnants in his deployment zone. In the shooting phase his general hits my shaman and then rolls a 6 to wound, killing blow, so I don’t even get one last throw of the dice next turn. The non-broken archers and the waywatchers pour fire into my boys killing 5 and forcing a panic test which they duely fail on the general’s leadership and then run off the board. Sigh

Turn 5 – The giant and chariot both march towards his non skirmishing archers and get within charge range.

His archers rally. He completely surrounds my last 2 models with the glade guard, 3 units of archers, the waywatchers and the warhawk riders. The spellsinger miscasts and loses a wound which is small consolation. They all fire at the giant and the last salvo from the waywatchers takes off his final wounds killing him.

Turn 6 – My general charges the archers in front of him who flee and get away.

In his turn absolutely everything he has fires at my general bar the Spellsinger (who decides not to cast this turn as he’s down to 1 wound) and the durability of chariots is shown as both the chariot and the Big Boss survive with 1 wound.

Well what did I take from these games? Well first and foremost my Savage Big Boss in chariot rocks. He took apart the High Elves in the first game and had the durability to survive the 2nd. The fact that he was other 12” from the night goblins most of the time was a problem and if they had panicked and I’d have lost my fanatics I’d have been gutted. The big block of boys did it’s job particularly with Krum to keep them in line even if he did kill an obscene amount of orcs over the 2 games. It’s obviously too big but that worked well in the woodelf game as even with horrendous casualties I still got the max rank bonus vs the dryads. The fanatics were brilliant in the first game then poor in the 2nd but that was largely due to my mismanagement and poor rolls for distance. The archers are just a delivery unit so I didn’t expect them to do anything.
The Spider Riders didn’t do much though in the first game one unit redirected the Silver Helms well and the speed and moving through terrain is useful, though they just died when they actually had to do something. The squigs proved to be a massive waste of space, just too slow to really do much and with no save and T3 they got battered. I love the models and have most of them painted so I’ll stick with them for now. The giant didn’t do a great deal but the 2 failed terror tests were both very useful and in the first game it turned a fairly difficult combat vs his general and Silver Helms into a much easier one as they killed themselves on the fanatics. I liked the extra bit of speed as well though I didn’t get to try him out in combat.
The artillery were poor but the Spearchukkas only 35pts and obviously has potential and I’m not going to use the Rock Lobba once I get some more models. The shaman was exceptional raining down Foot of Gork with seeming impunity. I was lucky with the 1st turn miscast doing no wounds to him and I’m sure he’d just be shut out against more magicy armies. I was fairly pleased with the games and I enjoyed the 2nd one even though it turned out to be a massacre against as until the end of turn 3 it could have gone either way and even then without the lucky shot on the shaman I may have been able to get something out of it with a bit of luck. All in all a good day and I’m looking forward to going back, I’d like to try out a bigger game and get my Wyvern involved at some point but as I have a 1500pt tourney coming up in August I think I’ll stay at this level for now.

09-07-2009, 23:07
Thanks for the reports, the HE army was very experiemental he's the son of one of the guys that games there (seems a decent kid) the WE army really didn't fill me with relish at the prospect of fighting it ;) It was in a way difficult to watch as the temptation to offer you advice was maddening.

As an aside I realisd he was getting the range of wood elf longbows wrong-its still 30" range for them, 36" was the old book, c'est la vie. It was enjoyable watching your army in action as you have a fairly different take on it to I, not that any approach is superior. I think your army can do more damage than mine but looks to be (at least) less resilient.

Glad to hear you're looking forward to coming back, there'll actually be a few of us going the next 2 weeks if you're available- there'll be dirtyG with his brett's as well as tactical genius (WE player) this weekend (maybe myself too) and crazydu, dirtyG plus myself the week after.

Golden Lion
10-07-2009, 10:37
Hey Nkicik, nice reports, thanks for writing them up. Very enjoyable to read, with cool armies featuring. One question: in the High Elf game, you mention his generals Silver Helms overrunning into your shaman, and in the subsequent turn you charge with the giant and they fail a terror test. Were they not in combat any more with the shaman? Because if they were, they would have been immune to panic and terror.


11-07-2009, 08:56
Well then that's a mistake on my part then and one which saved my shaman so may have had an impact on the outcome of the game. One to file away for future reference then.

11-07-2009, 14:46
That's one of the good thing about writing battle reports for the writer, you might get called on rules but you learn them and correct them right away compared to a group that makes the same rule mistake for years.

Nice reports and great to see some new orc ones :D

Keep themk coming :)

12-07-2009, 08:38
That's one of the good thing about writing battle reports for the writer, you might get called on rules but you learn them and correct them right away compared to a group that makes the same rule mistake for years.

Nice reports and great to see some new orc ones :D

Keep themk coming :)

Its also a good thing about reading batreps too. I learn tons about the rules and possible tactics from hanging out here in the batrep section of Warseer, most nights I dont even bother to enter into the general forums-For me, batreps is where its at!
@Nkicik great to see you starting to post your batreps, as mal stated: "keep'em coming!"

I wont have much updating on my Lizzie thread until mid august when I go to S.A.W.S. A tourney on the U.S. indy GT circuit so Im living vicariously through you guys for now!

12-07-2009, 09:38
I can empathise with that DL you get a lot better rules advice here it seems, probably to do with the fact its easier to grasp rules if you have real examples :)

12-07-2009, 12:52
I'm not about for the next couple of weekends Selone but I'm moving back to Newcastle on the 1st of September so I should be about a fair bit after that. I'd like to try and get myself down between now and then though but it's just finding a weekend when I'm free really. The football seasons started now again so I'm playing football Sunday morning's so getting back to mine and then bqck through to Newcastle from football could be problematic.

Thanks Mal and Dungeon and I'll definately put some more up when I play some more games, it killed a fair bit of time at work :p