View Full Version : Which books are and aren't in the 7th ed?

09-07-2009, 21:55
I know some of the ones that are like DE HE VC LM DoC WoC but which ones aren't? I thought everyone was updated to the 7th edition but I just read somewhere that TK were getting a new book. This is extremely unfair for the people that play other armies (I play DE). If they aren't updated, then they don't stand a chance against most armies right?

09-07-2009, 21:57
TK, brets, WE, ogres, beasts, skaven (though not for long) and dwarves (allthough their book was done with 7th edition in mind) are all still running on their 6th edition books.

WE, brets and dwarves can still stand their ground vs most 7th edition armies, but the other could certainly use an updates as soon as they can get it.

DoW and chaos dwarves on the other hand are "still" "running" on their 6th edition PDF files.