View Full Version : Tournament time per battle and breaks

10-07-2009, 11:46
Right, so this is a continuation of my other poll, which has gotten some good results. I had some other follow-ups ready, but it seems like other people jumped in and posted polls of their own (*grumblemumble*), so I have this:

In a tournament day, which of the following would you prefer?
1) Battles of 2 hours 15 min with 30 min breaks in between
2) Battles of 2 hours 30 min with 15 min breaks in between

In addition, assume that there would be a further 30 min added for a longer meal in between two of the battles.

Both lead to a roughly the same length of day in total (15 min difference only), regardless of wether you prefer 3 or 4 battles per day.

EDIT: Assume battles in the region of 2000 - 2250 pts