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Dark Primus
10-07-2009, 13:23
Shouldn't Khorne aligned armies (refering to Daemons) have more standard attacks on their troops, Elites, fast attack units and Greater Daemons then any other Daemon army? Given they usually have +1 attacks.
But then Slaanesh aligned Daemon armies has more attacks even if they are slightly weaker.
A friend of mine and I talked about it and given the very nature of Khorne, it is strange.
So the Khorne army can not be all about attacks but also brute force and sheer brutality behind their attacks.

I don't question the rules or anything but I just find it a bit odd.

Lord Damocles
10-07-2009, 13:25
Khorne Daemons (Bloodletters anyway) have increased strength, weapon skill, furious charge, and armour-ignoring attacks over the other lesser daemons.

Seems fine to me.

10-07-2009, 13:27
Khornate daemons have a tendency to be stronger, but not necessarily faster or more slicey-dicey. This is represented by a higher Strength than average among their models, but not additional Attacks.

Blue Orphen
10-07-2009, 13:30
Codex: Daemons mirrors WFB more than 40k when it comes to the attributes of each God's servant. In WFB, Khorne is about hitting hard. Slaanesh is about hitting a bunch of times.

So, Daemonettes and Fiends have tons of attacks, while Bloodletters and Bloodcrushers have fewer, high-strength attacks.