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10-07-2009, 18:37
Basically guys im clearly up for playing now, and i would like 2 models for a starter of a warband or so i can play with family & friends for a one on one.

Which models do you recommend i would like your opinions rather than any you like because i cant choose lol

Cant wait to hear from you


10-07-2009, 19:52
I'll repost my suggestion here, as a starting point for a discussion...

If you want to start converting models, then I suggest you buy two male characters so you can easily swap bits between then to get two unique models. The parts from Malicant, Eisenhorn, Covenant, Gruss, Jackson, Black, Stone, Slick and the Bounty Hunter are all pretty compatible, so with a little greenstuff you can mix up parts from any of them without too much difficulty. (You can also mix up parts with the other models, but either they come in less pieces or are slightly different proportions - e.g. Von Castellan is quite slender and the Thorian's body is all one piece.)

For example if you bought Eisenhorn and the Bounty Hunter, you could put the Bounty Hunters arms on Eisenhorn and vice versa. Maybe chop off Eisenhorn's right hand and replace it with the Bounty Hunter's pistol. The Bounty Hunter comes with an alternate head, so you'd have three to choose from for your two characters. And so on.

If you look here you can see what parts come with each model;

Alternatively, if you want a couple of fairly evenly matched characters to play a few games with, why not start out with Barbaretta and Slick Devlan - play a few games where an Enforcer is hunting a notorious gunfighter, Then later when you get more models, these two characters can cross paths with the Inquisition - perhaps ending up in rival warbands, or even forced to put aside their differences and work together.

10-07-2009, 20:20
Ive seen those
Ill probably pick eisinhorn and and the bounty hunter
but i was gonna pick barbaretta anyway which is kwl so hmm

Barbaretta and Slick Devland
Eisenhorn and The Bounty Hunter


Ghost Rain
10-07-2009, 21:49
Thanks for the link kaled, some of those inquisitor models I have not even seen before.

This will make ideas for models more easy.

13-07-2009, 10:10
Im going to buy a box of ogre bulls and have them as two three man warbands
ill post models when ever i get round to buying them.


13-07-2009, 12:10
While you could convert the Ogres into Squats or mutants etc, you'll end up with a couple of warbands who are all very similar unless you're good with greenstuff and have a large amount of bits with which to 40k-ify them.

You'd be better off downloading the rulebook for free and instead spending that money plus the cost of the ogres on 54mm miniatures from eBay instead. If you're patient you could get at least four Inquisitor characters for the cost of a rulebook and ogre box by buying from eBay.

13-07-2009, 15:41
Yes thats true, but the point is to have two, three man warbands and slowly i will swap the minatures with a couple of metal inq models.
And the rulebook i want the rulebook as i can access the rules and imformation anytime.

Thanks for the advice anyway


Commissar Molotov
13-07-2009, 15:44
Surely you can access the rules and information at any time if you download the free PDF?

13-07-2009, 15:45
also would a box of tyranid warriors work to make a couple of hourmagaunts?


13-07-2009, 16:05
Would you suggest using tyranid warrior box?
As i could then have squats vs Nids?
Love to hear from you


13-07-2009, 16:56
Please abhorsen950, don't PM me with issues unless it's an issue that I personally need to see to; something that only I can answer; or something which needs to be kept off the forum.

If it were informing me about a problem with my downloads, that would be appropriate. If it were a question about one of my models or perhaps some rules I wrote, that would be appropriate.
Asking me about whether Tyranid Warriors can be used as Hormagaunts is not appropriate - it's a question you don't even know I can answer.

You've been told to cool your jets once already. You said you'd listened. Now within one hour, you have asked the exact same question twice in this thread, once in a thread that was about the Inquisitor Rulebook (i.e. unrelated subject matter), once in someone else completely's thread, then PMed me and Emperor knows who else. That is not evidence of you having listened.

This is an internet forum, not an instant chatroom. Don't expect responses instantly - it can easily take more than a few hours for a response. Don't start getting impatient and asking questions again - you should leave it at least a day without answers before you repost, and you shouldn't ever use PMs for the matter.
We may be a dedicated fandom, but we're not on the forum the whole time.

It's particularly inappropriate to be asking me the question, because I've never collected 'Nids and I'm highly unlikely to ever collect them.
But even to my untrained eye, the models are very different from "Put hormagaunt in photocopier set to 200%" - that is to say, it is my opinion that the model's appearance is not suitable.

That doesn't touch on the more serious issue here. Whether hormagaunts should be on the Inq table.
The answer is almost certainly no. They're hive mind creatures, assault troops for when a synapse node is nearby. No synapse node to guide them means no Hormagaunts. It's a simple equation.

Genestealers is one thing, because they're not dependent on the hive mind, and they can work independently. Any other small 'Nid is dependent on a synapse node and cannot work independently.
It's outside the "Internal battles of the Imperium" spirit of Inquisitor to be throwing "Bugs" at the table, and it's outside the canon for almost anything but 'Stealers and Lictors to do be there.

13-07-2009, 17:11
wow, and I thought i got some weird PMs from time to time :) you have my sympathy Marco.

Commissar Molotov
13-07-2009, 17:25
Well said, Marco.

13-07-2009, 17:33
Your enthusiasm does you credit, ABH. But you do need to read some generic "forum etiquette" guidelines. ;)

But you're barking up the wrong tree. Trying to replicate familiar 40k models using 28mm figures is of less value than just looking for cheap 54mm models. Your fear of eBay is misplaced. Using PayPal makes it almost completely safe and in over eight years of trading, both as a private individual and as a business, I've had only one bad experience.


13-07-2009, 18:04
Sorry to have angered you in anyway Marco
and i understand what you mean im just used to quick replies.

Also on the ebay note im just not sure anymore as i do have paypal yet they didnt help the past two times that weve had a problem

Thanks for all the help


13-07-2009, 18:22
and I understand what you mean I'm just used to quick replies.
If you're not getting them, then asking again is not going to get answers any quicker. Putting twenty identical messages on a notice board doesn't help if no-one is around to read them. People are not on here 24/7, and not everyone can answer any given question, so learn some patience.

Given your insistence on an answer, I hope you've read the one I wrote. Particularly the stuff about the validity (or lack thereof) of having Hormagaunts on the Inquisitor tabletop.

@Charax: Actually, this PM wasn't all that odd by my standards.
The last PM I got was technical questions on railgun construction (although not on this forum!)

13-07-2009, 18:27
Fair enough
and yes i read your replies thank you for the contributions.
cheers guys


13-07-2009, 18:39
If you're looking for cheap miniatures as stand-ins until you can buy some proper Inquisitor characters, then you could do worse than buying a pack of these (http://transportmodels.co.uk/germaninfantrymultipose132scaleplasticfigures-7130.php?cPath=74&products_id=7130) Airfix models (there are about half a dozen different packs, with British, German, Japanese and American troops IIRC).

I believe you get six multi-part models to a pack and although they don't have the 'heroic' proportions of the GW models, when combined with a few 40k bits you should be able to knock together a few decent characters. Then when you do get some proper models, these guys could be put to use as a grunt squad.

13-07-2009, 18:41
Thankyou for showing some interest and support like all the other members who have contributed to my topics.
And I always thought those models were rather small.


13-07-2009, 18:44
They're the right scale, 1/32, it's just that most GW miniatures have 'heroic' proportions - i.e. have large heads, hands, feet, weapons etc. They might be a better option than a box of ogres, as ogres aren't exactly proportioned like Squats anyway, and at 8 for 6 they're much cheaper and will mean you don't have to save up for as long to get some 'proper' models.

13-07-2009, 18:46
Oh right i never knew.
Ill try and keep my eyes peeled for them.
And i see what you mean about the ogres into squats they are a bit smaller.
Thanks for the help


13-07-2009, 19:03
Some of the models you have reccommended look fine
what do you think of using this http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat1300115&prodId=99110110020
and add some 40k guns, and gs some clothes on

love to hear more reccomendations you think would work?

13-07-2009, 19:07
And i see what you mean about the ogres into squats they are a bit smaller.It wasn't the height I had a problem with - they're about right height wise, but ogres have massively muscled necks, shoulders and arms and their hands are very big. Converting ogres into squats is do-able, but don't think it'll be as easy as just giving them new weapons and equipment - you'd end up with a group of short, stocky mutants rather than something that looked like a Rogue Trader era squat.

what do you think of using this http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat1300115&prodId=99110110020
and add some 40k guns, and gs some clothes onSomeone entered a Harlequin into this years hobby competition which was a conversion of the Deciever - I really liked the idea even if the execution of it was not as polished as some of the other entries.

13-07-2009, 19:09
Okay and im liking your views on the ogres
but i want to read into the fluff of Chaos mutants.
thats if anyone knows where i can access it?


14-07-2009, 16:33
Kaled i was looking at your gallery of INQ Models and i saw the Sentinel work to make the robot

How was that done?


14-07-2009, 17:59
Sentinel legs, a few Land Raider bits and plasticard for the body, a converted ogre head in the jar, dreadnought engine, defiler sensors, a 54mm multi-melta, mega-gargant missiles and a couple of mechadendrites (plus a whole load of other bits).

If you're still looking for fluff - Lexicanum would be a fair place to start.

14-07-2009, 20:18
Cheers for that
youve all been a great help


14-07-2009, 20:24
also ty for the advice to use Lexicanum
ive looked up what i wanted on there cheers.