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10-07-2009, 19:17
here's a riddle:

i've been playing wfb roughly weekly for about four months now, and it still takes 4+ hours to get through a 2k game. how long will it be before i can participate in a tourney? :p

the longest part of the game is deployment... it always takes over an hour for us to get our minis situated on the trays and out on the table (and i don't even know how long it takes to clean up). in the standard tourney, the 2.5 hours or so time limit counts from start to finish, deployment to clean up, right??

i have almost all of the stats for my units memorized, my battle plans are relatively simple (meaning i don't spend alot of time figuring out where to move), and i don't generally take much magic. of course there are still occasional rule questions that warrant a little research, but those never go away, right?

what can i do to speed this process up?

i've been thinking about magnetizing my o&g army, but most of my minis are on 20mm horizontally slotted bases, so it doesn't look like magnets will fit down there. can the rare earth magnets be cut to fit, or will that ruin them?

11-07-2009, 03:40
Before the tourney, most will bring a tray or display board and place their army on it already in movement trays. I have always magnetized my figures using sheets of magnet cut down to size and glued to the slotta base bottoms. Put some metal flashing in the movement tray and the figures stick to it. If you use a display board or tray, you can quickly place the units from tray to table and back if they are on movement trays.

I would suggest you go to tournaments with the above preparations and enjoy! You have an o&g army, so folks will know it takes you a bit longer to deploy than others because they are a horde army with lots of deployments usually.

Brother J
11-07-2009, 08:26
Horde army or not, it shouldn't take an hour to deploy. The best bet to solve this is to go into the battle knowing what you're going to do deployment wise. Knowing before hand will drop your deployment time down quite a bit. Have deployments for each possible army you come across, as most armies, no matter the list, don't vary so horribly that you'd be at an unmanageable disadvantage even if the list differs from what you were expecting.

And the above suggestion works as well.

11-07-2009, 11:01
I don't know what you mean with 'clean up'. Do you mean putting the models back in your case, one by one? Or put them back on their movement trays?

Either way, this time falls out of the time for the battle, as you have to do that between battles. Also placing your models on their movement trays can be done before the first battle. If you come in half an hour before starting time, you have the time to do so.

It's all to do with time management.

If you take a long time to deploy your troops on the table, just because you think too much about it, your opponent should call you on that.

11-07-2009, 17:54
thanks for the replies.

11-07-2009, 18:29
Technically speaking, cutting magnets will not alter their properties. Its to do with the alignment... oh never mind.
By the way, don't shake the magnets a lot about if you can avoid it. That will slowly reduce magnetivity.
However, there is a nice trick you can avoid needing magnets. If you have double the amount of trays that u actually need, then you can set up all your models on set of trays. You then have a big board (or large scale tray) with another set of trays. As models die, you put them on the new tray. By the end of the game, the majority of your models (you're using orc and goblins horde, most of them ARE going to die) will not only be cleaned away but even set up for the next game.