View Full Version : 1000 pts ogre army list(1st)

10-07-2009, 21:05
this is my first ogre kingdoms army list and i was wondering what you guys thought of it.

the army uses the iron skin army list from wd309
thats where the rhinox comes from anyhow

heres the list! hihi

-bruiser,tendiriser,longstrider,heavy armor
-3 iron guts,bellower,standard
-3 bulls,bellower
-3 bulls,bellower
-2 lead belchers,bellower
- gorger
-rhinox rider,bull rhinox,iron fist,heavy armor

1000 pts

so what do you think?
small but elite?
i like the surprise element of the bruiser running out of the unit and smashing some enemies with his tenderiser!

anyhow c&c welcome

10-07-2009, 23:21
nice list but I do have one question and one clarification.

First your bruiser cannot have longstrider and the Tenderizer since the Tenderizer is a 50pt item and fills his entire magic item pts leaving no room for the big name.

Second the two leadbelchers seem like they are not going to accomplish much of anything. There is not enough to guarantee a lot of shots and even in combat they just are not big enough to really help swing any major battles. Also, I don't know if the rhinox rider is a special or a rare but if its a rare you can't have it with the gorger since you only have one rare slot. I like your use of MSU bulls and one squad of iron guts, I run a similar thing in my 1k list.

Hoped some of this helped

11-07-2009, 11:11
wups sorry missed the big name and tenderiser thing!
and as i said i play a ogre ironskin army.
in that army list the rhinox riders count as a special choice.

about the leadbelchers, i'm just not sure on what else to include in the army otherwise!

maybe some yheti's?
and i definetly don't want any gnoblars

any tips?

maybe something like this?

-bruiser,tenderiser,heavy armor(or will a great weapon suffice at 1000 pts?)
-3 bulls,bellower
-3 bulls,bellower
-3 iron guts,bellower,standard bearer,war banner
-dogs of war giant
-rhinox rider,bull rhinox,heavy armor

as you can see this list has very heavy flank protection:P
also it pretty fast, having certain units like the giant and the rhinox soak up all incoming firepower.

would the giant be better of replaced by another rhinox or is that just too much cave beast?:P

11-07-2009, 14:41
I like the giant and rhinox running as fire beacons. I think in its current incarnation you have a pretty solid list. If you have the points I might suggest that you switch out the war banner for either the cannibal totem, for the re roll to hit and to wound rolls, or the rage banner for the bump it gives to our psychology. Combat resolution is important but I the cannibal totem provides an overall larger boost to the units possible combat resolution than the 1 of the war banner.

11-07-2009, 16:45
If you can free up the points.. I'd personally nix a squad of bulls and get more ironguts. I found them to really be more cost efficient than bulls. Also, since you have such a small army.. you wouldn't want that squad to run off... the extra leadership of Ironguts helps a lot.

11-07-2009, 17:50
more iron guts? hmmm that would mean dropping the banner on the current unit and having two naked iron gut units.

the reasoning behind the bull units was that at this point levels there won't be that much of high t units that the rest of my army can't handle.
the bulls are there to flee a charge and open up unexpected angles for other units(no one expects ogres to flee)

by the way i found out that ogres can't use the dogs of war giant, only the slave giant. and he doesn't have stubborn.
so to me thats a big nono.

one last try then:P

-bruiser,tenderiser,heavy armor
-rhinox rider,bull rhinox,heavy armor, iron fist
-rhinox rider,bull rhinox,heavy armor
-3iron guts,standard,bellower

999 pts

Rhinox power! and gorger fun:P
i think it can work, not sure if i should put both rhinox in one unit? maybe it would be a bit of overkill:P

fun army to play anyhow albeit challenging! gonna test it tonoght so wish me luck!