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10-07-2009, 23:14
Slann-345 points
focus of mystery/BSB/ cupped hands of the old ones

Skink Priest- 415 points
Dispel Scroll/Level 2/Engine of the Gods

Scar Veteran- 140 points
Burning Blade of Chotec/Enchanted Shield /Cold one

Saurus x20 270 points
Full command+spears

Skink cohorts x10- 50 points

Skink Skirmishers x10- 70 points

Skink Skirmishers x10- 70 points

Temple Guard x15- 268 points
Guardian and Standard

Kroxigors x3 165 points

Terradons x4-120 points

Cold One Cavalryx5-175

Salamander- 80 Points
Extra Handler

Salamander- 80 Points
Extra Handler

Total- 2248 Points

I had to tweek one of my lists a bit to add in some kroxigors because theyre that awesome :p and I was going off of the composition score from the thread in general discussion. I dropped rumination on the slann because that counted as 3 PD and I would have been at 12 so I got that down to 9 and there were some bonus points for having a unit of kroxigors.

I really like all of the Lizardmen models so thats why i tried to put so many units into this list. Not sure how well it would do though. Your thoughts?

11-07-2009, 15:02
pretty nice list, but i think krox work better with skinks. if you dropped the saurus to 18 and dropped thier champ, you could go 16 skinks and 2 krox. this way you get outnumber and 3 full ranks for +4 CR before any attacks. if you just go 3 krox they hit on 4+ on almost everything so youll only have 4 or 5 hits out of 9 attacks, and then you may still get a 1 to wound so maybe 3 or 4 wounds. portent of far (reroll 1's to hit and wound) helps them alot, but you cant always get that off when you need it.

other than that its a very nice and balanced list.

11-07-2009, 20:27
Ok thanks for the advice, I'll have to try out the skink+krox units. My only concern is that skinks could be some easy combat resolution for my opponents.

12-07-2009, 15:49
they definitly can be. i wouldnt use them to take things head on(though skinks can mash zombies surprisingly well). they are best as a flanker for something your tougher saurus or temple guard have already engaged.