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11-07-2009, 10:11
Having never played much beyond a few test battles with friends to get a better grasp of the rules, I am out to make my first army. I have selected Lizardmen, based on the general consensus that they are a balanced and non-cheesy army, and because dinosaurs are totally awesome.

Here is my proposed 2250 List, based on virtually no experience, comments appreciated.

Army General: Old Blood with Light armor
Enchanted shield, Glyph Necklace, Burning Blade of Chotec
Mounted on Carnosaur

Skink Priest, Level 2
Amulet of Itzl, Plaque of Tepok
Mounted of Ancient Stegadon/Engine of the Gods

Skink Priest, Level 2
Dispel Scroll, Diadem of Power

Scar-Veteran with Great weapon and Light Armor
Charm of Jaguar

10 Skink Skirmishers with Brave

10 Skink Skirmishers

20 Saurus Warriors, Spears, Banner, Musician

3 Terradon Riders with Brave

Razordon Hunting pack with extra crew

Salamander Hunting pack with extra crew


5 Cold one Calvary with Champion and Standard

Possible Concerns:
I have well over 1000 points tied up in characters, although half in mounts, I feel I might not have enough troops. With 1 sarus block and only 20 Skinks, is that really enough or will I be constantly outnumbered? How many skinks/infantry should I have at 2250?

It seems unwise to have only 1 of each salamander and Razordon, I wanted 1 of each purely to maximize awesome dinosaurs, not for any tactical reasons, what size packs are generally recommended?

Is the burning blade of Chotec going to have enough punch on my general at S5, or should I let my Carnosaur worry about high armor saves? What is a good/best weapon I can get for 55 points?

Razordons, Salamanders, and Terradons are all super expensive $ wise, being metal and only coming 1 per pack. Is there any way to make getting a few of these less painful on the wallet?

Are Temple Guard worth using without a Slann?

Why would I ever use Kroxigar when I can have cold one Calvary? The only reason I can think of is Stupidity might hurt me at a crucial time.

Give me the pros and cons of javalin vs blow pipe. I want to make sure they're really worth that +1 point for the upgrade.

I have no magical standard or an army standard bearer, how important are these?

11-07-2009, 13:18
lol ok lots of questions, ill go through em one by one that i can answer.

1. one rank and file unit at 2250 is very light. im not saying it isnt doable, but i always shoot for atleast 2 ran and file units, but i usually go slann so i get one unit of 16 TG and one unit of 18 saurus.

2. two groups of 1 razordon or sallie is better than one grp of 2 IF you have the rare slots open to do so. simply so you can shoot at different targets with both.

3. I dont have my book so i dont recall what the burning blade does off hand, but when i take a fighty lord i try to keep them simple and effective. i typicallly take an enchanted shield and a sword of might to get you up to 6 str and then the carnasaur can rip anything else apart.

4. i would never use TG without a slann. saurus with spears will kill more with thier 24 str 4 attacks if you run them 6 wide, which you normally should. and they are much cheaper too boot.

5. ok example here, 5 naked cold ones are 175 points. with them you have no static CR and rely purely on kills, which they can do fairly well. now a unit of 16 skinks and 2 krox costs 190 points. they both have fear immunitity which is good, but the skrox unit will probably out number, has a full +3 rank bonus at the start and they have 6 str 6 attacks on top of it. if you can get portent of far on the krox unit so they can reroll 1's to hit, they can do some heavy damage. so in short they are both very good but have different uses.

6. blowpipes are better most of the time. javelins are useful for the no move and shoot penalty and thats about it.

7. i never use magic standards so thats not a big deal. but at 2250 a BSB is worth it. with LM being cold blooded its not as crucial as it is for other armies, but it always helps.

on a side note, the braves and champs are not worth thier points unless you have a lord/hero in a unit you want to protect from challenges.

hope this helps

11-07-2009, 14:00
You're already paying for a stegadon. Might as well fork over the extra 55pts and upgrade your skink priest to an EotG.

I personally am not a fan of burning blade (at all, as it happens). Sword of might does the job if you want him to be cheap and keep his nice armour save. Other possibilities are Scimitar of the Sun for more attacks, Blade of Revered Tzunki for killing things left right and centre or Blade of Realities if you like to make things explode. Personally tho, i'd say you can stick with sword of might here.

If you want a JSoD (jaguar saurus of doom), give him a shield. He won't use it in combat, but it helps against shooting. However currently using your scar vet on a steed with gear works pretty well, as it gives fear immunity to saurus/makes your saurus cav hit a lot harder. Currently you have only 7 power dice (8 if you take the extra EotG) - which isn't bad, but isn't enough to reliably get through the jaguar charm. It really needs a Slann to work.
A nice build is light armour, enchanted shield, piranha blade, cold one.

Salamanders tend to work better than razordons in units of 1. Auto panic and flame templates do that :D Either put both in unit (stand and shoot = go away flankers) or take 2 units of 1 sally.

Standard build for a saurus regiment is 18 strong, standard (+ musician). Fight them in 3 ranks of 6, for lots of attacks and a passable SCR of 4. Its all about the large amounts of attacks :)

The saurus cav don't really need a champ, if you need some points. Nor do u need braves in skinks.

As to questions, 1 saurus unit is fine. 2 is obviously preferable, but to do so you need to drop the steggy. Which is definitely a possibility - you already have 3 solid hammers in the carni, saurus cav and EotG. If you have the models, try each configuration (points are pretty similar).

12-07-2009, 03:12
So now I'm thinking of dropping some champions and perhaps my stegadon for a 2nd unit of Saurus. Good call on the shield for Scar vet, I'd forgotten you could do that for the bonus' to ranged shooting armor.

Since I only have a moderate amount of power dice like you said, I was planning more on using the Jaguar Charm as something to make my opponent nervous and waste his dispel dice. If it actually goes off, bonus for me.

I have no models at the moment, at least none of the lizardman variety, trying to figure out what to buy. The Betallian box set doesn't seem like a good idea, as there are not enough skinks, too many Calvary (ranked calv, wut?) and temple guard that I likely won't use just because I don't want to play with a lord who can roll a double 1 and kill himself.

I'll be back with a revised list shortly, thanks for the input so far.

12-07-2009, 14:47
the chances of a slann killing himself are VERY slim. specially with cupped hands and his talent that allows re rolling miscasts. ive played with a slann in probably 15 games so far, and i have yet to have him take a single wound from anything yet.

that being said i would suggest the box set, but if you really done like the slann idea then dont bother with it.

Jetty Smurf
13-07-2009, 07:21
The only annoying thing about buying separate boxes of saurus is that they come 16 strong, when you need 18 per unit. The battalion box gives you a nice unit of 20, to combine with your 16 to make 2 units of 18 :)

The 3 extra cav are a bit of a waste, and the TG are as well, if you never plan on taking a Slann. I would still recommend you get the battalion if you think you will ever change your mind on the Slann though.