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Desert Rat
12-07-2009, 04:26
Well the first round of Ard Boyz is over and my dice are going straight into the trash.

I played at AAG in Boise, and played against Nick (Dark Eldar) from Elko, Malik (plague marines), and Caleb (codex marines).

My game against Nick was on a city board and he made every cover save for his vehicles. That's not to say he had to make many because my Templars decided not to hit anything. He was able to immobilize and stun each of my Crusaders (even with blessed hull). My dice shat upon me the entire game. I ended up getting more kill points, however he had more objectives and won the game. Did I mention my dice sucked the entire game?

The second game started off with me seizeing the intiative, which you would think was a good thing, but no . He had one rhino with a unit of plague marines and a sorcerer at the edge of my deployment zone. I roll in with two twinlinked laz can razors, two vindicators, two Crusaders. After the firing stopped I shook the rhino. Yes ladies and gentlemen I said I SHOOK THE RHINO! He then pops up with two melta guns and popped one of my crusaders. My squad gets out and that's it. I then aim 4 lazcannons, two vindicators, and a Crusader at the rhino. I end up stunning the rhino, again I said STUNNED THE RHINO, oh and as added bonus the vindicator deviated into the dead crusader squad and kills 5 of them. The game went down hill from there. The only bright spot in this game was my champion who finished off a greater demon, demon pack, and a chaos sorcerer, and half of a plague marine squad all by himself. Needless to say I was massacred this game. Malik was very gracious and was a good opponent. By this time I have 4 points for the tournament.

The last game was against Caleb. The laws of probability begin to work again and my dice are average. Not great, but what they should be for marines. The board was against caleb (no los blocking). He also made a few mistakes which being a new player were understandable. Caleb put up a good fight, but he didn't have anything to take out my Crusaders and they pretty much ate him. His dice rolls were mediocre at best. With that I massacred him gaining me another 22 points. I have to give props to Caleb, he never got down about his dice rolls or how the game was going. He was a nice guy to play against, and I got lucky with the terrain.

Our first place winner was a Kasorro Khan list, second place was an ork mixed list, third place was a 9 oblit khorne list.

So in conclusion......
1) I'm getting new dice
2) I'm going to burn,toss, crush, foul my old dice
3) Have an excorsism done to all of my models
4) I'm going to take a break from Tournys

I hope everyone had a good time, and I'd like to hear about your experiences.

12-07-2009, 05:20
Managed third place at the Adventurer's Guild in PA running a Mech IG list. First was Deamons, Second was Mass Mega nobs IIRC