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The hair
12-07-2009, 14:34
I've been away from Fantasy for a while now, but after strolling past my local GW a few days ago and seeing it's beautifuly painted Bretonnian army, it rekindled my passion for my oldest and favourite army. So, I thought about digging out my old models and seeing if I could scavenge a list from what I still had. Fortunately it seemed I had enough for at least a 2000 point starter - though whether it's actually slightly competitive or not remains to be seen, which is where I'm asking for help here :p

I know this list isn't based around cheesy Pegasi tactics or really a domination in any particular phase - I just wanted a nice, fun list centred around the models I loved to paint and my passion for medieval history. So, here's my list - any tips or criticisms are more than welcome.

Lord - Grail vow, virtue of confidence, Armour of Agiluf, Gauntlet of the Duel,
Birthsword of Carasconne, Lance, shield, barded warhorse
He'll join the grail knights in battle - seeing as they're small, powerful though they are, he can lend some more punch by dealing with any heroes that are bound to be in the elite units my Grail knights will target

Hero - BSB. Barded horse, shield, lance, Valourous standard
This guy is to join the Errant unit and use his banner to help out with any impetuous leadership tests. The unit and BSB combined are meant to compliment each other and provide a large, reliable unit as a centre to the army

Hero - 2 level 2 damsels, on warhorses, with 3 dispel scrolls and the Chalice of Malfleur between them

Core - 8 knights errant with full command
9 knights of the realm with full command

10 archers, light asrmour, stakes, villein and musician
10 skirmishing archers, light armour, musician and villein

Special - 6 questing knights with full command
5 yeomen with shields and musician
3 pegasus knights, full command

Rare - 5 grail knights, full command

I know questing knights aren't highly regarded but I love the models so really wanted a chance to use them. The yeomen and skirmishing archers are designed to harass, march block etc, enabling the knight blocks to more easily choose their foes.

So, I know this list is by no means very powerful, but does it still stand a chance in friendly play? I'm not a big tournament gamer, hence no overpowering magic or combat monsters. My main fear here is havng too few knight units to make a dent in the opponent but finding points has been a struggle.

Any help?

Thanks in advance.

The hair
13-07-2009, 10:24
Does nobody have any advice?

13-07-2009, 14:15

Unfortunately you have an issue with your BSB - the Valorous Standard is resticted to the standard bearer of a unit of knights. This is shown in the army book entry where it says (Knights unit only) under the name of the banner. This is also confirmed in the Bret FAQs:


I would also drop the FC on the peggies, if they ar in a position where you need the CR from a standard bearer then your probably up the creek already.



13-07-2009, 20:56
Looks fairly solid at first glance. The questing knights are a bit of a gamble, but if you're sold on the models then go for it.

First things first. I don't have my book on me, but I'm fairly certain your BSB is illegal. You can't give him a lance, nor a shield. Only the armor that he comes with and the warhorse are allowed if he brings a magic standard. If you just went with the standard banner, however, you could load him up with magic armor and the like.

For the list, I have only a few suggestions for you. Drop the full command on the Pegasus Knight unit. It's expensive, and Peg Knights aren't going to be winning combats on their own static CR. Typically they'll be going after war machine crews or flank charging blocks of infantry that have already engaged a knight unit to the front. In either case, the standard is not going to help terribly much. I'll leave the musician up to you, depending on if you have the points.

I'd drop the villeins for the bowmen units. Getting an extra BS for more than the cost of another bowmen is pointless, seing as the hit/miss percentages are exactly the same for a villein vs two normal bowmen. By taking an extra bowmen instead, you get two shots instead of one and can therefore capitalize more on lucky dice rolls.

Depending on what armies you play, 3 scrolls and the chalice might not be necessary, you might be able to get away with 2 or maybe even 1 scroll. If so, take those points and beef up the bowmen (in case you haven't noticed, I like bowmen)

For your fears about not having enough knights, don't worry. You have 3 reasonably powerful lances, and as long as you coordinate charges and attack intelligently, you should be ok. I would recommend reading the A.T.T.A.C.K. articles over at the Round Table of Bretonnia website.

Notice how I said 3 lances, not 4. Don't deploy your Grail Knights in the lance formation, simply set them up 6 wide (including the Lord). The extra attacks will help your CR much more than the extra rank would.

Good luck!

13-07-2009, 23:48
Looks okay at a glance.

I'd drop some "unneeded" upgrades.

PK: Std - will likely be lost anyways on such a small unit

Archers: Lt Armour - for a 6+ save, it's hardly worth the points, IMO. I'd be inclined to drop the Champions too.

I'd consider dropping the Stds from the smaller knight units as well (QK/GK) since they should generally be used to double team/flank an enemy unit.

I'd add magic Stds to the larger units. Warbanner and Errantry Banner.

14-07-2009, 01:23
How many points is this? If it is 2,000 then it is a tad small. Only 4 knight units.

The hair
14-07-2009, 10:48
Oops yes you're right about the BSB - apologies, I'd overlooked that by accident.

Thanks for the advice everyone, I've taken it onboard and tried to tweak the list a bit, here's as it stands now -

Lord (grail vow, warhorse, shield and lance, Virtue of Confidence, Armour of
Agiluf, Gauntlet of the Duel, Lance of Artois)

BSB (warhorse, virtue of Duty)

2 damsels (warhorses, Chalice of Malfleur, 2 scrolls)

8 knights errant with full command
9 KOR with full command
10 archers (musician)
10 archers (skirmish, musician)

3 pegasus knights (musician)
6 questing knights with full command
5 yeomen (shields, musician)

5 grail knights with full command

If I'm right, that leaves me with about 125 points. I'm torn between 3 options here -
1) Spend the points on magic banners for units
2) Buy a trebuchet
3) Drop the Questing knights (though it pains me to) giving me almost 330 points left to buy another full unit of 9 knights and something else fun

Does anybody have any suggestions on which would be best?

The hair
15-07-2009, 11:20
After deliberation I have dropped the Questing knights - much as I love them I reckon there's wiser ways to spend my points So, with the 300 odd points left I've decided to invest in another 9 knights errant and a trebuchet. I really do love that trebuchet model

15-07-2009, 12:31
After deliberation I have dropped the Questing knights - much as I love them I reckon there's wiser ways to spend my points So, with the 300 odd points left I've decided to invest in another 9 knights errant and a trebuchet. I really do love that trebuchet model

I don't know much about Brets, but I'll just bump your post because I've never seen anyone using the Trebuchet:wtf: GOGO TREBUCHET!!!