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12-07-2009, 16:57
Hey all, a quick question for those of you who have bought and assembled a bastion.

I am going to buy one, and a couple of boxes of aegis lines. I plan on using a wooden tile to sit the bastion in the center, with a permanent ring of aegis lines around the exterior of the tile.

My question is this, what is the footprint of a constructed bastion? I ask this as I have several tiles available and need to use some for another project. I need to get the other project completed before the bastion kit arrives, so i need to make sure i save the right size of tile....ie, one that can accomodate a bastion in the center, with a 2" gap all round, then rom for an aegis line at the very outer edge of the tile.

Many thanks.

12-07-2009, 20:15
I'm sorry i don't know...
...but do not buy what you said..buy the imperial strong point it is more cheap and you save money...


12-07-2009, 22:01
It's a little over 5.5" on a side, closer to 6". Foot square tiles would give you the room for the bastion, 2" perimeter, then room for the Aegis lines since the Aegis lines are about 1" deep.

12-07-2009, 22:15
Noted guys, thanks for your responses......the sets i was after runs to about 33 GBP, as opposed to 54 GBP for the strongpoint. I love the model, but space is limited, so really only have the need/desire/space for 1 bastion tower.

I figured a bastion, surrounded by aegis lines, with 2 quad autocannon interceptor turrets (1 on each of 2 opposite corners) should make a nice board centrepiece/objective, without annoying my wife too much (she still moans about the 6 Imperial buildings tiles i made for cityfight...lol.

I will also be able to buy the book for the remaining money, so should be able to shoe horn it all into my ver limited budget.....cant spend too much, I havnt told her about the punisher, and hellhound i NEED to get next month.....lol.

Thanks again