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Dirty Diszle
12-07-2009, 21:45
This is going to be my painting log for my 5000+ point empire army I have been building. I have been into the hobby for about a year now and have just begun my painting in ernest, I do have some older projects which I will post later but for now I would just like to share the more recent models I have painted.

Feed back is welcome and encouraged as well as any tips from seasoned vets. I feel like I am just starting to settle into a groove and have found a style that suits me and gets me good results I hope you like the stuff I have paintd so far and some of the basic conversions I have done. I will start with my Swordsmen, I will post some better pics later but for now here they are. I have actually finised this unit (apart from bases and will post the completed unit soon).

Dirty Diszle
12-07-2009, 21:50
This is the first conversion I have ever done I raided my friends bits box and have made an entrenced mortar with an "eclectic" crew. I know this is in another post but as it is part of my army it is only right I include it in this log aswell.

Dirty Diszle
12-07-2009, 22:02
This is the painting I actually did tonight. This is the bit that makes me feel like I have found a style that suits my life style (quick) and that still dosen't compromise on the look of my army. I just wish I had found my "style" sooner before I had painted 2 units of outriders, 20 hand gunners and 16 spearmen but oh well, we live and learn.

I also used some of my spair outrider bits to make some simple conversions like a 2 pistoled dude and I also gave some of the standard troops repeater handguns just because I thought it looked cool.

13-07-2009, 10:29
Army is loking rather spiff heree dave mate, really liking the conversion youve done with the mortar.
you thinking of maybe making bases for all your cannons?

Dirty Diszle
13-07-2009, 11:07
Possibly my friend anthough it is WELL down my list of priorities TBH. Just want to get them painted and looking awesome, spent ages building my warhound (which is now all but done BTW) so now I just want to crack on with my empire and get my final army built and painted, going to be topping up some of my units too I think. More swords men, mor spear men, more great swords another cannon and 10 more great swords should do the trick, wouldn't mond lutho huss and possibly Volkmar too just so I can change Lords more, though it does always come back to the franz!!

13-07-2009, 11:21
Your painting looks really solid! Only tip that I'd like to share, is that you should remove the mould lines from the models. Otherwise great job on those.

Dirty Diszle
13-07-2009, 12:43
cheers man i do tend to get a little over eager when building.

Dirty Diszle
13-07-2009, 17:44
Okay. As I said last night here aremy old painting projects I will start in chronological order with the oldest first and do a post for each unit.

First of is a wizard, this is first because it was donated to the cause by a friend of mine. I like the non descript colour as itmeans I can pretty much use himfor whichever order I please, which most of the time is fire.

Dirty Diszle
13-07-2009, 18:06
These are the first unit I have ever painted, again donated to the cause by a different friend, they are really old rubbish models and my painting skill is pants too but we all start somwhere.

13-07-2009, 18:14
you need to base them....it maks a massive difference!

Dirty Diszle
13-07-2009, 18:17
This is my second ever unit and is a unit of handgunners. Again really old modles and these are even worse looking than the spearmen.

Colonel Cleric
13-07-2009, 19:37
Looking good dave, much better than my first army.

I agree with Leeoaks though, base them and they will look 2x better.


Dirty Diszle
13-07-2009, 20:13
I am going to but I am going to do them all together when I have finished.

Dirty Diszle
13-07-2009, 20:57
Out of order now, these are my swordsmen from the first post, I have gone close up on the armour as that is the bit I am most proud of, this is how I feel I get the best results, which is just stay neat and then heavily wash with Badda Black and Ogryn Flesh.

I chose the colour scheme to match the colours of an Altdorf regiment but I didn't want the complex patterns of the normal regiments as being new to this every modle would have taken me far too long.

Dirty Diszle
14-07-2009, 16:57
Okay, going back to early projects again now (but unless I find something else I had forgotten about apinting it will be chronological from here I promise!!) First my warrior preist, I only lightly undercoated him and really like the effect I got with the lead shimmering through the paint on his cloack and how it gathered in the layers of the rock it gave an awesome effect so I left it. I also left him mostly black as it just seemed to suit him.

Dirty Diszle
14-07-2009, 17:02
Another old project now,I tried painting the flesh on these guys using only the citadel starter kit hence the season they look like a unit of game show hosts on horse back. Also tdry brushing effect I went for to make the armour look worn just looks like I was too lazy to paint it properly (note to self no more dry brusing). I like some of the touches though. Like using the shiled from the spearman unit looks good, and the heads of traitors hanging off one of the horses I liked so much I did a detail photo, hope you like, please give me feed back.

Dirty Diszle
14-07-2009, 20:09
This is my latest unit, I only finished it about half an hour ago, I did show some of it in an earlier reply but I have finished it now. Was thinking of doing a wizard next, followed by finishing my second unit of outriders. pleas leave feed back on these and everything else I have done.

Dirty Diszle
14-07-2009, 20:11
More pics.

Colonel Cleric
14-07-2009, 20:45
Better and better dave, your making more progress than me... i looked at my zombies today and decided to leave them until thursday ^^

Started converting a Vargulf out of a fell beast though!

Dirty Diszle
14-07-2009, 21:33
Thanks mate but better only in speed not quality. I dont feel so daunted now I feel like I can see the end of the proverbial tunnle so hopefully I can get them all finished before I start in Sept, thats my plan, then finish the guard then decide what I am going to do next, not sure if I am going to have an uber empire army or start a new one.

15-07-2009, 23:25
if i was you dave id try what bases your gonna do on some testers what you dont worry about as much. Cause as ive learnt making one unit with one base and then one with another and then only liking one sucks ass.

your stuff looking well nice now, im only wishing that i can get my skaven started. ive done like first rank of clanrats but im gonna probs work on them tomorrow.

Colonel Cleric
16-07-2009, 08:58
not sure if I am going to have an uber empire army or start a new one.

Well....you know what i always do, keeps me occupied at least!

I really was gonna be painting up my zombies today, but the damned dog wont leave me alone and keeps trying to destroy my army.


Dirty Diszle
16-07-2009, 11:10
Lol ah bless him, want to go to nerd world tomorrow? I'm in ilkeston any way, so I drive to yours and you drive from there. Done my cannon crew now, going to do a bit of detailing on the cannon and I'll put it on tonight after work if I can be bothered!

Dirty Diszle
17-07-2009, 17:08
Okay, have finished my cannon and crew now so here they are. I started by trying to give my cannon crew yellow jackets in a moment of weakness but that just made them look like medevil builders so I quickly re-painted them to a nice shade of snakebit leather which looks much better. I did find a really cool, quick and easy way to get a rusted effect too, Ogryn flesh wash over the top of methril silver looks fantastic. I have tried to put a close up picture on here but not sure how it will come out.

Please give me feed back bad or good on my army as I need to learn before I end up making a mess of my knights, have been toying with my blazing sun knights so I may put so experiments on here at a later date too.

18-07-2009, 09:27
looking nice dave, good to see your army making a good progress. was hoping to have a game with ya other day but someone didnt want me there me thinks.
hopefully we will have a battle soon, cause im painting my skaven up aswell just can never be bothered to upload any pics lol

Dirty Diszle
18-07-2009, 10:37
Yeah hopefully I couldn't do thursday anyway, and cant do this week either as I have to work, so hopefuly we can arrange soemthing for later in the week.

18-07-2009, 11:51
Everything's looking great :)

Dirty Diszle
18-07-2009, 12:19
Thanks very much, am away for a few days but will have more up towards the end of the week I hope.

Colonel Cleric
19-07-2009, 12:32
was hoping to have a game with ya other day but someone didnt want me there me thinks.

You dont turn up when i arrange the games, so you dont get invited, its pretty simples. We went to nerd world instead and had a game there, from now on we will just be playing games when we feel like it.

Back to your log dave, did you get any further on the other 2 wizards you were talking about? Which colour scheme have you decided on after all?


Dirty Diszle
21-07-2009, 13:14
just got back mate, not started them yet will have a look tomorrow and decide.

Dirty Diszle
22-07-2009, 17:59
I have made a bit of a change to my swordsmen and given them the same shields that my spearmen have, it seems to tie the army together. I also have 20 spair for when my other swordsmen unit turn up, and for decoration of other units.

Dirty Diszle
22-07-2009, 18:21
I have also finished some WIP Reiksguard that have been ongoing for some time, I have also started the shields although havent decided on a final colour scheme yet. I would really appreciate any feed back on my knights and the swordsmen with shields.

Dirty Diszle
22-07-2009, 18:26
This is an experiment that I tried for my Knights of the Blazing Sun, really dont like it though, any suggestions on how I can keep my lines a constant width as I really struggle.

22-07-2009, 20:48
stuffs looking really nice dave, your really getting along with your army now! i seriously need to crack on with mine now summer of war is on and skaven are hopefully coming up soon.
hopefully me and you will battle soon aye!

Colonel Cleric
22-07-2009, 20:58
Awesome job dave, armour is looking sweet.

The blazing sun horses though, id try using a grey/black to highlight the edges of the armour and then paint the freehand on afterwards, will give it a little more depth and detail.


Dirty Diszle
22-07-2009, 22:20
Not a bad shout its the line width thats the problem though as its really inconsistant, I was thinking about possibly using a cocktail stick to get them more even but I dont know if that would be any easier. I have also done the shields for my reiksguard so here them goes. The shields have come out really really good I am well pleased with them, they have really made the unit.

Dirty Diszle
22-07-2009, 22:21
Apologies for the picture quality, got the shakes after footyball!

Dirty Diszle
23-07-2009, 20:11
So no opinions on the knights then?

23-07-2009, 21:55
i like the knights, for the blazing sun i'd reduce the nuber of rays and increase thickness so it looks like the japanese rising sun, it might makt things alot easier

Dirty Diszle
24-07-2009, 07:28
I tried that too but it looked rubbish too, the rays where still uneven I think I am just going to try wavy lines because I can make them look even. Will look for inspiration.

Dirty Diszle
24-07-2009, 07:46
I think I have solved the problem, I have found some transfer sheets with suns on that are about the right size so I think I will be using them... I hate using transfers!!

24-07-2009, 12:55
Liking the army dude, keep up the good work.

Dirty Diszle
25-07-2009, 07:24
Cheers, now all I need to do is paint KF on a dragon, kurt helbourg, ludwig schwartzhelm, a mounted warrior priest, 2 wizards, a steam tank, 20 flagellents, 10 great swords, 25 knights, a mortar, 10 more state troops, 20 millitia, 5 out riders and a balzing sun grand master... Sigh.

Dirty Diszle
28-07-2009, 10:22
Just took a picture of everything I have left to paint and now I wana die:s
Karl Franz on dragon
15 Reiksguard knigths
10 Blazing sun knights
Luwig schwartzhelm
Kurt Helbourg
5 outriders
10 great sowrds
10 spearmen
20 archers
20 flaggies
Balthasar Gelt
Steam tank
20 swordsmen
cannon crew
2 wizards
entrenced mortat and crew.

Imagine this lot staring back at you crying "Paint me!!". Thats 127 modles not including the millitia I ordered.

Dirty Diszle
30-07-2009, 07:03
Okay had a mamouth painting session and managed to do 20! Got 15 Reikguard knights and 5 outriders done. The outriders I have are just to match my unit of pistoliers. The reiksguard I mostly used the colour scheme in the army book. so without furter ado, feed back is welcome and encouraged as always.

Dirty Diszle
31-07-2009, 09:14
Need a little advice, I will be basing some of my army next week so need a little help, I was thinking of sand with scorched brown, dry bruhed with bleached bone then some static grass to compliment and contrast the red and blue, Does any body have any suggestions of what else might look good, pictures would be nice too.


Dirty Diszle
25-08-2009, 19:58
Okay its been a while but I have done some tester modles for my next few unit and I feel like they have been quite successful. First off is a brettonian archer, but I will be using them as empire archers, I just thought the bret ones fitted better with my colour scheme and the look of my army.

Dirty Diszle
25-08-2009, 20:01
Next is my Greatswords champion, I chose the colour scheme as I wanted them to stand out from the rest of my army, and I dont ever remeber seeing Averland greatswords before. Hopefully thew will look awesome in a block of 25!

Dirty Diszle
25-08-2009, 20:03
Next I decided to try painting one of my charecter models and chose Ludwig Schwartzhelm. I really like how he has turned out too. Hopefully you do too, Pease leave feedback for all my stuff I would be really appreciated.

Dirty Diszle
25-08-2009, 20:05
Again feed back on my painting please.

Colonel Cleric
05-10-2009, 23:07
Sick stuff Dave, again am tempted day by day to buy an Empire army, think itll be a Christmas binge buy!

maze ironheart
06-10-2009, 11:55
I would not say a noob painter as they are well painted.

10-10-2009, 22:32
Not bad especially considering you've only been into the hobby for a year! Like others have said, i think you should base the models. Also, giving them some more highlights would definately improve their overall look i think. Anyway, great job so far, keep it up! :)

11-10-2009, 09:28
Did you decide on how to base them? If you have any spare bases, use them to trial a couple of options before committing yourself.

11-10-2009, 11:21
I would not say a noob painter as they are well painted.
I agree that's certainly not a noob level any more. The Reiksguard looks very good (though the pics seem a little dark), and Ludwig looks great, especially the face is far beyond noob painting.
Keep it up and in short you can rename the plog: A pro painter and his empire.

Dirty Diszle
11-10-2009, 17:42
thanks very much guys, have done a few more archers and kurl helbourg which I will up load soon.

11-10-2009, 17:51
Your metallics complement your uniform colours all too well; the models get a flavour. My gods, Schwarzhelm looked just as unforgiving - if not more - in his classic incarnation!

Dirty Diszle
17-10-2009, 22:48
All the kind words have motivated me into a much overdue update. First off I have finished my Knights of the blazing sun templar grand master, so he will be first, on a side note I have started kitting him out with dawn armour and the holy relic, giving him a rerollable 1+ armour save and a 4+ ward save.

Dirty Diszle
17-10-2009, 22:52
Next I have done half of my archer unit, I wanted them to look like pesant archers, as if they had been raised from the area surrounding a battle.

Dirty Diszle
17-10-2009, 22:57
Next the big bad Reiksmarshall Kurt Helbourg, I have seen him clad in regal colours but I think he should look like a soldier being in charge of the Empires armies I didn't think he should look all gaudey.

As usual I would love any feed back good or bad, I have done a few bases too so I will post them when I have done a unit.

17-10-2009, 23:17
Great stuff! I like your take on the Empire, especially the character models.

Dirty Diszle
18-10-2009, 19:20
Thanks, cant wait to have all 5K done, Hopfully it will look really impressive on the table.

18-10-2009, 19:43
I find a really quick way to base them is some PVA glue, put on with some really cheap brushes I found in Tescos & some sand collected from the beach. I've also found that if you base them & then undercoat them it sticks better.

They are looking awesome, good effort.

Dirty Diszle
18-10-2009, 21:04
thats what I have done actually, found a really quick and effective way of painting them too will just need to add a little static grass when I have done. Thanks for the tips, much appreciated.

Dirty Diszle
03-07-2011, 08:20
I read this thread today and all the nice comments have made me decide to make a conserted effort to get my empire finished! I have alittle time of work coming up owing to an operation hopefully when that is out the way I will be making serious in roads again. I have started my unit of great swords and painted a banner for them so I am making painfully slow progress but I will start posting again soon!