View Full Version : Getting the most out of the Wood Elves Battalion?

12-07-2009, 22:52
What's the best way to use the Wood elf Battalion? I'm looking at starting Fantasy and I picked one up on my modeling travels. So I'm looking at using it the base of a 1,000 points list. The problem is I don't know how is best to use it army list wise to get the best value from it.

Does any one have any siggestions?

13-07-2009, 01:40
If you're willing to convert things you can make yourself a variety of characters from the plastic models available in the battalion. I believe a branchwraith would be pretty viable given some special attention during painting, a noble might be simple enough as well if you make do with the archer "command" looking bits.

I suppose you could even do a little work to make glade riders into wild riders or regular archers into waywatchers if you were so inclined.

With the plastics in the battalion you're really only limited by your ability and creativity.

13-07-2009, 01:58
The wood elf battalion is definitely a good way to spend your money. All units are crucial.

13-07-2009, 02:39
If I remember correctly the box comes with 16 Glade guard, 12 Dryads and 8 Glade riders? I'm sure there's a bit more, but can't remember that. All of these are good units, but the numbers of each are pretty average.

16 Glade guard- you'd almost never take this as one unit. I'd suggest making a unit of 10 (12 at most). You can keep the rest to build towards a second unit of 10, or try and convert them into characters. You could also make scouts (maximum recommended unit size of 5-6) although these guys are more fun than competitive.

8 Glade riders- you'd want 5-6 in a unit. You can use the rest to make mounted characters or buy another lot of 8 glade riders. With 16 Glade riders you can make 1-3 units of 5 glade riders, and use the rest (1-2 units of 5, depending on how many glade riders you made) for converting into Wild Riders.

12 Dryads- I'd suggest using units of 8-10. With the remaining parts you can make a Branchwraith, or buy a second box and make three units of 8 dryads.

For all of the above (except Wild Riders) don't bother with any command models. Glade riders and Glade Guard benefit a little from musicians, and Branchnymphs aren't too bad, but none of this is vital. For wild riders, they always have a musician and a banner isn't a bad idea.

13-07-2009, 03:57
24 Glade Guard in the battalion, not 16.

Easy to make a couple units of 10 and turn the rest into characters if you so choose.

Da GoBBo
13-07-2009, 11:19
The wood elf armybox is easily the best box in the game. Like wichblade said, you will want to use all units. 2x12 archers, 2x8dryads(?), 5 glade riders. Leaves you with 3 horseman. Buy an extra set to get 2x5 riders and convert 6 to wildriders.

13-07-2009, 14:12
Yeah, it's an absolute gem of a box.
You can make 2x10 Glade Guard, 8-12 Dryads, 5-8 Wild riders or Glade Riders, and then convert up a slew of characters (Branchwraith, Nobles of all kinds, even Spellsingers with some creative use of banner poles as staves) from the spare parts.