View Full Version : Fgly WoC List 2250 - not for use but testing limits for magic heavy.

12-07-2009, 23:49
Was toying around with a maxed out magic list for the tactica that Im writing. This was the nastiest basic concept I could come up with for magic heavy. Im sure some can point out how to make it uglier.

I'd feel dirty playing this list as most opponents couldnt counter it in friendly play but am testing the limits of the book atm. How would most people deal with it?

Sorceror Lord - MoT - Lvl 4, GEoT, BoS, Skull of katam, Book of secrets, Disk, Diabolic Splendour
Sorceror - MoN - Power Familiar, DS, Lvl 2 Barded Steed
Sorceror - MoN - Puppet, lvl 2 Barded Steed
Sorceror - Fire - Rod of Torment, Lvl 2, Barded Steed

5 MH - Throwing axes/Flails - MOS, Mus <-Nurgle
5 MH - Throwing axes/Flails - MOS, Mus <-Nurgle
5 MH - Spears - MoS, Mus <- Fire mage
5 Hounds
5 Hounds
5 Hounds

6 Chaos Knights - MoK - Standard Banner of Wrath
6 Chaos Knights - MoK
6 Chaos Knights - MoK


10 deployments, 14PD +2 Bound, 7 DD +1DS

Lord rips around on disk, Sorcs use the mandatory core choices as ablative armour, while the knights romp through the center with hounds as shield redirectors and bait...

Spell line up would look something like this

1. Banner of Wrath
2. Rod of Torment
3. 2d6 fireball/fieryblastburning head with option for an extra d3.
4. 2d6 Buboes/regen (mage sniping likely to kill resistance)
5. 2d6 buboes/regen
6. 1d6 (3+) fireball - Book
7. 1d6 flickering fire
8. 2d6 Random Tzeentch spell
9. 4d6 Gateway....