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13-07-2009, 02:49
This was a good fight, He is a great player to play against. Always fun and enjoyable. He was using a mainly Nurgle WoC army (WS1!) and I thought it was over at certain points. I never knew how tough Chaos Lords were until I fought one myself sorry in Advance for some shorthand, as it would have been longer for me to tpye and for you to read. Heres was my list:

Tomb King, Destroyer of Eternities, Collar of Shapesh,


Tomb Prince, Flail of Skulls, Cahriot, LA
Liche Preist, Heiratic Jar, Cloak of the Dunes
Liche Priest, Enkhil's Kanopi, Vambracers of the Sun, Casket of souls


7x Heavy Horseman, Champion, Banner
3x Chariots, Champion, Bannerof undying legion
10x Bowmen
10x Bowmen


Tomb Scorpion
Tomb Scorpion
4x Carrion
24x Tomb Guard, Banner of the Sacred eye, Full Command

Bone Giant

I'm going off the top of my head so some numbers might be off by a bit. He had:

CL w/ Daemonic Steed, Runeshield and Rune Sword, MoN
Exalted Hero w/ BSB immune to KB and poison MoN
lv2 Sorceror 2x scroll MoN
lv2 Sorceror 2x scroll MoN

10x mauraders w/ GW and LA
12x Warriors HW/Sh MoN (2x Sorc)
11x Warriors HW/Sh MoN Insane courage Banner (BSB)

5x Knights MoN, FrenzyBanner

Warhsrine MoT
Warhsrine MoT

Well, We decided to roll for terrain to see where it scattered. All that happened is everything went ot the side, so just a straight up empty in the middle with the excepion of a forest on the mid right on both sides. So a little room imbetween them. enought for about three chariots :).
he deployed in one pretty much lump together. I spread out making a strong center with TG near casket and having the Chariots with prince on the right side to flank with carrion and on the left side Giant with the Horseman, making a pinching manuever. Scorps are burried in the middle to get rear charge when they cross the middle.

His Sorc's get Bubous, Fleshy abundance and Bubous and Rot, Glorious Rot.
He won first turn.

His turn one: Everything marches. Both warshrines roll 7 on the chart (yay). Magic he fails Fleshy on his marauders. One Sorc targets my casket and barely gets the casket, thus hitting the priest. failed dispell. Wound. Second Sorc Does same thing. Failed dispell. Dead Priest and Casket gone :(

My Turn: Since his army is pretty much in the middle, the carrion fly behind his knights and wait, since their purpose is no longer useable as march blocking for the casket and few bowmen. heirophant wioth cloak flies between chariots and carrion. Chariots go forward and wheel to face center of the table to flank charge the knights. Tomb Guard wheel to face knights and move about an inch that left of their movement. Giant goes forward and horseman go forward and turn to get a better flank charge when they get closer. Magic: Prince's urgency dispelled Kings smiting gets dispelled, and his other incantaion is scrolled. Priest gets the urgency on the carrion to rear charge (Suicide) his knights. Shooting: 3 mauraders die. Melee: sure you can guess how the carrions did against a CL with 5x Frenzied knights ;)

His turn two: Declares charge with Knights against TG, failes by less than an inch (Whew). Marches. Magic: fleshy fails again, bubous dispelled x2. Shooting warshrine give terror to sorc warriors and +1str to BSB Warriors squad.

My Turn: One Scorp comes out and charges marauders. TG charge Knights, horseman also charge marauders. Chariots reform three wide with one in back to fit through the two forests and move behind knights. Giant moves forward ready to counter aything that stays to fight. Magic: Prince's urgency dispelled. Kings smiting dispelled. Kings smiting scrolled, Priests urgency on chariots scrolled. Popped Jar to cast incantation. He's out of DD and scrolls and chariots get rear charge on knights. Melee: I roll 7 impact hits and causing 3 wounds, he rolles a one. Challenge is issued. TG champ accepts, get slaughtered by CL causes +3 CR. Chariots do nothing TP gets off a mighty one wound. TK does DoE special attack and gets two KB's and two wounds. Kills all but CL and Banner knight. TG dude KB's last knight. CL flees I chase with chariots. He Rolls 13 inches, I roll 12 :( He gets away alot farther since I stop at terrain and he goes through). Scorp and Horseman beat Marauders and they flee, I chase to get charge on his warriors that are about 2 unches behind mauraders. Due to his good positioning, My scorp and horsemen hit different squads.

His turn three: Lord rallies. Magic is either dispelled or failed. Melee: He slaughters Scorp and horseman.

My Turn: Scorp rolls a one. Giant charges BSB warriors. Chariots reform to not be facing terrain and to not be blocking my TG from moving. TG move to into position to charge BSB warriors. Magic: Princes Urgency is dispelled. Kings urgency is dispelled. He does is again. TG and King charge. Priest gets off smiting. TG and TK hit his Warriors and BSB. Killing 4 warriors. Melee: Giant needs 5+ to hit with MoN. Gets 4 hits and three of them are 6's! Rolls those another 6, for a total of 7 hits. 5 wounds on BSB he makes all but one save. TK and TG kills more warriors. He needs insane courage to stay, but has the banner and rolls two fours to stay.

His Turn four: Charges the side of the Giant with other warrior squad. Lord moves out of terrain to the side of chariots. Magic: nothing happens. Melee More warriors die, leaving 5 left in the first squad. Giant kills 2 warriors from flank. I end up winning. One Warrior squad runs and the other one rolls a 1 (damn banner).

My Turn: Scorp rolls another 1. Chariots reform to face Lord. Magic: Princes urgeny dispelled, Kings smiting dispelled. try again and it goes off. Kill off the warriors. Priest has chariots charge CL. I lose in the Challenge. Take one wounds from crumble.

His Turn Five: Rallies and Charges my TG and Giant with with warshrines. Sorc cast Rot and I fail to dispell :( Everything is hit minus bowmen. My last priest(Heiro) get in by the last inch T_T. He rolled to see what the priest got hit with. 6 srt6 hits. Dead priest. Chariots get hit with 6 str 5 hits. Lose all but one chariot. Giant and TG get hit with 2 str 1 hits. Crumble. All are good with TK leadership bubble. Melee TG and Giant cause three wounds and one wound on warshrines. They flee, I persue and catch both. Chariots dies to CL

My Turn: Reform TG to face oncoming charge from Warriors. Scorp comes out automaticly bone giant moves to get beside Warriors, same with Scorp.

His turn 6: Warriors charge TG, CL charges side of TG. My TK kills his champ in challenge. I kill one warrior and lose five TG. I end up crumbling one.

My Turn: Bone Giant and Scorp Charge his flank. His CL challenges my TK, I accept. He causes two wounds that I "Save" by killing two TG with Collar. my TK causes two wounds on his CL. His warriors cause three wounds which I save two. TG kB two warriors and one failes their save. They both flee I catch the Warriors and the CL gets away.

Game Over - TK Solid Victory. Sorry for the tome, Just a very good match. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I spent 30 min. typing it, lol.

13-07-2009, 03:41
Interesting to see the King and Graveguard make mincemeat out of the WoC units, obviously the DoE is more than enough to swing combats your way.

Next time you might want to screen the Casket with the Carrion or the Horsemen, just to ensure its safety for a turn at least. :D

Is this a "tried and tested" list or more of an experiment? I use to play TK's and I remember doing things a little differently. (The Tomb Guards magical banner looks like a strange choice considering that the King auto-hits anyway)

13-07-2009, 04:06
Problem with screening the casket is that the unit blocks LOS to the casket, thus preventing anything from seeing it. Unless its on a hill, which the hill scattered to the middle left and right, out of deployment :( . I am trying it out for the So Cal Slaughter tournament. so far it is 3-0-0. Its defeated Dwarves, Empire knight army, and this WoC list. I'm thinking more of just dumb luck, or it might be possible im actually getting better at tactics. Also the +1 to hit banner on TG is more for them since they are only ws3, so I hit on a 3+ instead of 4+. And for the off occasion that he is in a challenge or I want to kill one model really badly that hitting on 2+ is nice :) .

13-07-2009, 05:27
Hmm, I didn't mean screen it indefinately. Just place the Carrion/Horsemen in front of it and then move them out of the way on your first turn. The Carrion are especially good for this being T4, 2 wounded flyers. Like I said, it just ensures that you get to fire the thing at least once. :D

If the Icon's working for you don't change it, back in my day I didn't really take TG for their killing potential though(thats what the King is for ;)) just as a tough anvil to anchor the King. I found that the Icon of Rakaph or the Banner of the Undying where pretty solid choices for the TG.

It's also odd to see Enkhils Kanopi and the Vambraces on the other Priest instead of the usual Staff of Ravening or 2x Scrolls, but like I said, if it's working then why change it?

13-07-2009, 06:24
Oh, didn't think of that. thats a good idea about the screening. thanks, I'll have to do that for now on. The Kanopi is so I don't have to use dispell dice to get rid of remains in play spells. I usually don't have it on the priest with the casket, but I only have two priests and not my usual three priests. I would love to give him the Golden Ahnkra, but I am 10 point short. as is the list comes to 2250 exactly. so the Vambracers is just in case something does get in CC he has that extra little 1% chance of living. I know its pretty much worthless on him, just nothing better to spend the points on. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to let me know.

13-07-2009, 11:17
Well to be honest 2 scrolls was my suggestion. ;)

The Khemri magic phase might be relentless and hard to dispel, but unlike the Vampire Counts who generally generate 4~5 DD with their 4 characters we only tend to generate 2~3. (For those of us who like the Kings)

For this reason alone I tend not to go into a game scroll-less with them.
While I can see the issue with trying to dispel RIP spells with only 2 PD it should be noted that the amount of RIP spells in the game are diminishing, and if you scroll it you don't need to use those PD anyway. :angel:

13-07-2009, 16:53
True, but in order to take two Dispell scrolls, I have to drop something for the points. need to drop 15 points I believe.

13-07-2009, 17:13
Well, you could drop a Heavy Cavalry model or the Champion.

I must ask, what exactly is the role of the cavalry in this army?
At US14 they shouldn't be autobreaking most block infantry and if you are using them as warmachine/missile unit hunters then you could easily drop the Banner and Champion.

I would also put the Icon of the Sacred Eye on the Chariots to boost the Prince and the Banner of the Undying Legion on the Tomb Guard.

It's a simple change that should make a big difference. The Tomb Guard become a better anvil. You can kill the TG off with the Collar to protect the King and then revive them with the banner.

Meanwhile, the Icon who use to give 4-5 attacks +1 to hit(the Tomb Guard) now gives 18 attacks +1 to hit! (8 horse attacks, 7 crew attacks, 3 prince attacks) This is important because the Chariots need to break through in one round, they can't fight a protracted combat. The Tomb Guard with the King definately can, so the Icon isn't of as much value to them.

13-07-2009, 18:10
3-0-0 with TK ain't shabby, they are one of the armies most in the need of an update in my opinion.
scrolls seems like a good idea by the way.

13-07-2009, 21:37
True could drop a champion on the heavy horsemen. I use them as flankers to support or deny ranks as the scorp can't deny ranks with it being US4. Banner is there just to add that extra CR when needed.

Commodus Leitdorf
14-07-2009, 11:38
Nice win! Hope you post up more reports, I love TK armies. They seem like great fun to play with.

16-07-2009, 16:33
Well, i'm hoping to get in a few more games before I go to the tournament. Also hoping to take pictures at the tournament.