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13-07-2009, 15:31
This is pretty much just so I have incentive to play more games and get some of my models painted. I play between 1-2 games a week and most of them are Lizardmen or DE with the occasional TK and dwarf thrown in. Here's a lizardmen report. Enjoy it or Tharkorr Elfcrusha's gonna find ya!


Lists- Orcs

Thrakorr Elfcrusha
Sav. Orc Big boss- Boar Chariot, Shaga's Screamin Sword, LA, Shield

Black Orc BSB- Morks Spirit Totem, Heavy Armour

Night Goblin Shaman- Itty Ring, 3 'shrooms

25 Orcs- Shields FC

25 Orcs- Xtra Choppa, FC

10 Arrer Boyz

21 Night Goblins- Shields, Musician

21 Night Goblins- Shields, Musician

21 Night Goblins- Bows, Musician

30 Night Goblins- Standard, Musician, Shields

6 Spider Riders- Musician

2 Spear Chukkas

Boar Chariot- Extra Crew




Skink Chief- Stegadon, Warspear

20 Saurus- Spears, FC

12 Skink Skirmishers- Brave, Javelins

12 Skink Skirmishers- Brave, Blowpipes

1 Swarm

1 Swarm

1 Swarm

6 Saurus Cav- FC


Lizardmen- His left flank was a Swarm behind that a stegadon Next to that suarus behind suarus was gor rok on flank of saurus was swarms. Cold one cav behind that was some skinks then his last swarms then more skinks to the right.

Orcs- My left flank I had Boar chariot and spiders. Behind that were my two smaller night goblin units with sheilds. My two orc units went side by side to left of my orc units was my troll. behind the leftmost orc unit was a boltthorwer and to the right of the same unit was my other boltthrower. My General in his chariot went behinf them and my BSB went in the sheild Orcs to the right. Arrer Boyz to the right of the orcs. On the far right flank was my big goblin unit and my goblin archers. The shaman went in the Big goblin unit. Terrain wasn't that consequential.

Pre-Game Thought- SHOOT THAT STEGADON! I knew that thing was gonna tear me up if I didn't take it out quick. The spear Saurus made me worry a little too. I want to use my shaman to try and take out the skinks real quick.

Turn 1 Lizardmen

His whole right flank surges forward while the stegadon and his spear suarus creep up a little bit. His cav move up on the hill with the skinks and a swarm just behind them. Not much else happened.

Turn 1 Orcs

My shield orcs get a 6 and move up about 4" My spider riders move about an inch away from his swarms and stegadon trying to bait them. My troll moves up in front of suarus cav and angles also to bait and expose the cavs flanks to my Xtra choppa orcs. In magic he dispels the ring but I cast gaze of gork twice and his blowpipe skinks and kill 4 who panic and run 9" my orc archer kill off a suarus cav and my bolthrowers do two wounds on the stegadon.

Lizardmen Turn 2

Skinks rally and stegdon and the swarm in front of it charges my spiders who flee. the run and cause the right 21 gobbo block to flee as well. The swarm to the left of the cav and the cav charge the troll. Perfect! Both of my baits worked perfectly. I let him shoot his Giant blo pipe at my orcs(we weren't sure if he could do that because he had charged) but he missed with all of the shots so it didn't matter. The swarms and the cav butcher the troll.

Orcs Turn 2

My spiders and goblins run off the board. My Orc chariot flank charges the stegadon and passes its terror test. My shield orcs with the BSB flank the saurus cav. My Shaman uses the ring and snipes the Saurus cav champion. my magic kills a skink from each unit. my bolthrower kills off a saurus. my chariot does a wound on a stegadon and I break he pursues but doesnt catch. My BSB and orcs kill a cav and break them but I don't catch.

Lizardmen Turn 3

Stegadon breaks from persuit and cav run another 9" saurus charge my Xtra choppa orcs and two swarms and Gorrok charge my other orcs. Skinks kill a goblin. Saurus ovverun my Xtra choppa orcs. His swarms kill a shield orc. I win and the swarms crumble and Gorrok is ovverun.

Orcs Turn 3

Chariot fails to rally and is about a 1/2" away from the table edge. My generals chariot charges the flank of the suarus and my goblins charge the outermost skinks. My bolthrowers finish off the stegadon(WooHooo!) and my orc archers kill 3 skinks. My chariot general kills 4 suarus but the hold. My goblins over run the skinks.

Lizardmen Turn 4

His cav rally and his swarm flanks my generals chariot. His skinks rear charge my orcs(an act of desperation I guess:eyebrows:) His swarms crumble and saurus stay(Grr I hate cold-blooded) His skinks kill an orc and his skinks actually make a save with their shields! But I over run him and wipe them out.

Orcs Turn 4

Not much happens but my bolthrower does a wound on his cheif and my chariot kills two saurus. My general loses but he holds.

Lizardmen Turn 5

Skink Cheif charges my generals chariot. He challenges my general. Now my shaga's sword comes into play and I do 5 wounds on the skink. The saurus do a wound on my chariot. I finally break the saurus and over run them but my chariot went into difficult terrain and took 6 Str 6 his... Needless to say it was destroyed.

Orcs Turn 5

Now all he has left is his 3 saurus cav. I magic two of them into oblivion and my bolthhrower finishes off the last one.

Tharkkor Eflcrusha looked with pity upon the scores of Lizard-Fings lying dead on the ground. He walked toward the massive lizard. It was still barely alive with four giant arrows sticking out from it. It moaned softly as he walked up to it.He raised his massive choppa in the air and brought it down
on it's neck with a sickening thud. The magically enhanced blade severed it in one stroke. Grunting he lifted it up in the air. His horde screamed at the sight of their victory. He smiled. It was only a matter of time before this whole land would be his and he would rule for all eternity!

Orcs- 2000 VP
Lizardmen- 626 VP
Result- Massacre in favor of the Orcs!
Total Land Controlled by Tharkorr- 5 Sq. Miles

Post Game Thoughts- WOW! Not much to say but everything went perfectly. In my fluff my general is an expansionist and I roll a d6 after every battle. If I win I gain d6+1 sq. Miles of land. If I lose I lose d6+1 Sq. Miles of land. Well I hope you enjoyed it!

13-07-2009, 18:17
thanks for sharing (pics? I always ask...) and well played

just a few things; in turn 1 you cast gaze twice? a single spellcaster can only cast a spell he knows once each magic phase (with the exception of VC)
The failed charging steg couldn't shoot (it missed, but just so you'll know for later)

13-07-2009, 21:48
I took pics but dial up was not being nice to me today. Sorry but maybe I could go to the library and do it but from my house it doesn't really look.

14-07-2009, 22:10
Wow, a wipe out!

First time I've seen Gor-rok in a battle, and he certainly wasn't very impressive what so ever...

14-07-2009, 22:31
Thanks for the report W3rm,
Two nice army lists there, its very brave to take a savage orc hero in chariot but I've seen more than you do it :) Who iS Gok-rok and what does he do excepot not a lot versus Thrakorr?

15-07-2009, 01:04
Thanks guys. He has Resilient Special rule which you re-roll all successful wounds against him. He has a shield that counts as him being defending an obstacle always and some magic item I forget what it does. I had a game against my brothers dwarfs today. I hope to have the report up sometime tomorrow. I won't spoil it but there was a lot of blood spilt on both sides.

15-07-2009, 02:23
Dwarfs vs orcs is always a good game. Looking forward to it :)

15-07-2009, 03:09
Nice to see another report thread. Why was your opponent only move the stegadon a little bit first turn?

15-07-2009, 10:53
Did you remember that Gok-rok is stubborn?

15-07-2009, 21:10
He didn't I don't think. I remember him needing snake eyes. Oops. Hopefully I will get the dwarf report up and possibly a DE report up 2nite.

16-07-2009, 02:04
As promised; here is your report.


Lists- Orcs

My list was the same as above with the following changes/additions

Lvl 4 Orc Shaman- Staff of Baddummm, Horn of Urgok(of which I forgot), Best Boss 'At, Boar

Night Goblin Shaman- Lvl 2, 3 'Shrooms, Itty Ring

Black Orc BSB- Ulags Akkrit Axe, HA

6x Spider Riders- Musician

1 Fanatic


Dwarf(from memory)

Runelord- Re-roll Armour save, 2x Spellbreakers, Shield, Gromril, Anvil of Doom

Thane- No clue

Master Engineer- Nothing

32 Dwarf Warriors- FC, Shields

16 Thunderers

16 Quarrlers

10 Slayers- Standard, Musician

2 Bolt Throwers

Grudge Thrower- Rune of accuracy

Organ Gun

Tharrkorr Elfcrusha was still celebrating his victory over the Lizards. He proudly drove around on his new chariot made of a stegadon skull. He was busy "accidentally" running over some goblins when he saw a small party crossing a hill. Tharkorr bellowed "Who dare cumm onto my land! I'll Stomp YA!!!"

An old orc on a boar riding amongst some spider riders looked at Tharkorr and spoke with a wave of his hand said in a soft voice, "Yore horde belongs to me now."

"What the heck are ya talkin' 'bout you crazy ol- Yes Master."

"Let us go" Said the old orc. The whole horde followed him unquestionably But even though Ole Orcy was a good shaman he was not very smart. He decided to involve the horde in his schemes one of which was spray painting mustaches and glasses and uni-brows on the statues of dwarf lords. The dwarfs didn't like this one bit so they mustered up a big army to stomp those little punks.

Deployment- Dwarfs from my left to my right- Grudge Thrower, Thunderers, Anvil, Organ Gun, Bolt Thrower with the Master Engineer, Warriors with Thane, Bolt Thrower, Quarrlers, Slayers

Orcs- my left to my right- Spiders, Bolt Thrower, 21 Shield Gobbos, Sheild Orcs WithBSB, Arrer Boys with Shaman Lord, 2 Trolls, 30 gobbos, Tharrkorr, 21 Shield Gobbo, Both Thrower, 2 Choppa Orcs, 21 Gobbos Archers, Baor Chariot, Spiders

Spells- Gobbo(needs a name)- 2-4
Ole Orcy- 1-2-6-5

Post Game Thoughts- With those slayers there I wouldn't be able to flank him as I hoped. Maybe whittle the down with magic to weaken them for the chariot. Also I think my BSB and Orcs can take care of the Anvil and I can shoot/magic the warrior block. With so many it will be pretty unwieldy I hope.

Orcs Turn 1- Left spider run up behind some impassable terrain and most of my army surges forward with lost of 6's for animosity. Not really else happens but Ole Orcy miscasts and takes a wound. My bolt throwers don't do much.

Dwarfs Turn 1- No movement as you can expect from such a list. Both Bolt Throwers missed. The organ gun thankfully misfired and cant shoot this turn. The Thunderers blast away and kill 3 Shield Orcs. Anvil of doom kills a shield orcs.

Orcs Turn 2- With a might roar Tharkkorr call a WAAAGH! and most of my army surges forward. Gobbo Shaman was thinkin' up a spell but someone stepped on his foot, then he lost concentraion and took a wound of magcal backlash. The Ole Orcy Gets WAAAGH! Spell off! That was pretty huge and left shield gobbos charge thunderers, trolls charge a bolthrower and the other shield goblins charge the other Bolt Thrower. Movement unleashes a fanatic which kills 5 warriors. The goblins lash out and thanks to hatred manage to do 2 wounds. The dwarfs do a wound back. The thunderers then run off the board. The trolls obliterate the bolthrower crew and sit down to enjoy a nice snack of dwarfs rolled in gunpowder. The other bolt thrower holds.

Dwarf Turn 2- Queallers reform into 3x5 unit. His warriors charge my shield goblins in the flank and his slayer charge my spiders who flee. His grudge thrower misfires and falls apart in a wrenching crack crushing the crew. Organ Gun kills a troll and does 2 wounds on the other(ooops! these were two separate units!) The master engineer finishes it off with a handgun. The anvil kills another orc. The thane kills 2 goblins and they kill a crew. Goblins break and they run, get caught, and panic the 2 choppa orcs and goblin archers.

Orcs Turn 3- Goblin archers run into slayers and are killed. 2 Choppa orcs rally and 30 Goblin unit and Shield orcs charge his warriors. He flees (don't know why?)and is caught by the goblins(well that was pretty huge!) Ole Orcy Fries a quarller.

Dwarfs Turn 3- The Organ gun misfires and can't shoot this turn. The anvil of doom kills 4 choppa orcs and the quarllers kill two goblins. That about it.

Orcs Turn 4- The Right Spiders rally and the Shield Orcs charge the organ gun and anvil of doom. The big goblin unit fails a charge on the Quarrlers. The Itty ring kills a slayer Gorks foot kills 3 slayers and gorks warpath kills 5 slayers. I roll a 1 and he chooses to stomp on the Boar chariot. That does 2 wounds. Spear Chukka kill two quarrlers and The other blothrower crew run but I don't catch. The Shield orcs kill an anvil Gaurd.

Dwarfs Turn 4- Quarrlers kill 2 gobbos and I do 1w on the runelord and kill the final gaurd.

Orcs Turn 5- Tharkkorr charges the runelord. The Ring kills the final slayer. Ole Orcy Finally screws up. He miscasts, kills himself and 6 arrer boyz... Damn him. My bolthrowers kill 3 quarrlers and in combat my BSB(he needs a name too.) is felled by the runelord.

Dwarfs Turn 5- Only one thing really happend this turn and it was a terrible terrible thing. Tharkkorr was slain! Yes he finally found out that he could crush elves alright but dwarves were not the thing he could vanquish!:cries:!

Orcs Turn 6- My goblins charge the quarrelers and my orcs finsih off the Organ gun crew. The quarrelers lose but do not run.

Dwarfs Turn 6- The quarrelers run off the board. GAME ENDS

Results- Solid Victory to the Green Tide uvv Tharrkorr!

Tharrkorr found himself under the wreckage of his prized chariot. He pulled himself out from under from then he learned of Ole Orcy's demise. " He was a fool to mess wit me, Best uvv Da Bosses THARRKORR ELFCRUSHA. To show he relly was the best he changed the "C" in Elfcrusha to a "K". Now he is Tharrkorr Elfkrusha!

For my land gained I rolled a glorious 1. So now the land count stands at

Land Controlled by Tharrkorr Elfkrusha:7 Sq. Mi.

Hope you enjoyed!