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The Blades of reason
13-07-2009, 20:43
depending on feedback that i get from you lot this is going to be my 1000pts wood elf army

wildrider kindred
elven steed 147pts
helm of the hunt

elven steed
level 2 mage 162pts
calingars stave

5 wild riders 130pts

5 wild riders 130pts

5 wild riders 130pts

5 glade riders 129pts

5 glade riders 129pts

should be 1000pts sorry got to go now thanks for C+C when given

14-07-2009, 05:47
I don't own a WE book so I can't give you any tips or remarks on your lords and heros, but I will say I love wild riders. For their points they seem to work very well. Also the glade riders are a fairly good shooting base. Looks good.

The Blades of reason
14-07-2009, 21:09
i just worked out that the list is 957pts so what to add...

any ideas?

15-07-2009, 14:17
In my opinion, 1k wood elves can't afford 2 chars. Drop the spellsinger, get 4 warhawks and an eagle, not exactly cavalry but still mounted units ^^. You shouldn't lack magic defence, warhawk riders and eagles are good mage hunters.

Edit: I forgot to mention that your noble is illegal, wild rider kindreds can't wear the helm of the hunt, only magical light armours.

The Blades of reason
15-07-2009, 19:26
unfortunatly you are right hiro, iwas just thinking about that earlier

ok so i will drop the mage and the helm of the hunt and get the 4 war hawks

so if i can do math that totals 935pts and i have 65pts left my general has no magic items shall i give him something?
spear of twilight
i think the glamourweave could be useful for when i get shot
all ideas will be considered thanks

15-07-2009, 21:44
dude the noble with the helm of the hunt is illeagle because when you take the wild rider kindred you can only take a magical spear or magical light armor. and the helm of the hunt isnt light armor...

15-07-2009, 22:03
I cant see this list do much at least not in the environment where I usually play. Obviously it depends on what you are going up against but at 1k I would definitely bring a scroll caddy as my second character with WE.

2 units of 5 glade riders doesnt bring enough shooting to make any difference (all of it being S3). This means that they are primarily useful as bait, for marchblocking and potentially for flank/rear charges against something weak (my glade riders usually die as soon as I charge anything with them with the possible exception of slaves, zombies and similar things)

This means that you have 3 units of wild riders to do damage and they need to be protected against magic (even a couple of low level magic missile will often kill enough to make the unit useless). Also they die easily to shooting and finally they are in my opinion not strong enough to kill most units unless you manage to combo charge with at least two units (meaning 2/3s of the fighting part of your army). Taken together I dont see three units of wild riders as the only combat choices doing it.

When I play WE at 1k I usually either take a lot of shooting (glade guards with S4 in short range, HoD etc) together with some combat support (wild riders or a couple of units of 8 dryads), fast cav (glade riders) and two characters (one scroll caddy and one noble)

Or I take a combat heavy list (usually mostly trees) backed up with some fast cav and some shooting (HoD noble and glade riders)

15-07-2009, 23:08
alot of fast units, but not alot of punch, come up against something tough and you could be in trouble, id definately go for some war hawks , its nice how you can make such different lists with WE ,its fun army to experiment with :)

The Blades of reason
16-07-2009, 20:30
when you say scroll cady should i put in 1 or 2 scrolls

warhawks are in the list now and the noble no longer has the helm

again what equipment should my noble have?

16-07-2009, 21:15
at 1k I usually use one lvl1 with two scrolls and no extra gear. I usually put him in a unit of glade guards that he will leave as soon as the enemy comes close or hide him in a wood if I have one in my zone. At 1500-2k I add another lvl 1 with one scroll + one magic defence item or spites that gives extra dispel dice.

With this level of magic I dont expect to cast any spells (enemy will dispel everything useful) so I just hide my mages and use them for magical defence.

16-07-2009, 21:39
I say don't worry about magic. At 1000 points it isn't too devastating plus your all mounted theme means you will be getting into combat on Turn 2 probably.

I say drop the mage completely and instead add another BSB Hero with Hail of Doom Arrow on an eagle. I'd also drop a unit of Glade Riders and add an eagle. Eagles are a great value. They can hunt warmachines or wizards, march block, take on light units, etc.

Going magic-less might be somewhat risky, but it might also be fun.

16-07-2009, 21:40
I guess you plan to have him in combat. A ward save is always nice. Since he usually dies anyway soon after his first wound I like the 3+ ward that falls apart when it fails. Otherwise anything to make more damage (which WE doesnt have a lot of). Dont remember if wild rider kindreds can shoot, if they can hail of doom is also one of my standard items.

As for not caring about magic it really depends on your playing environment. You have very few, very fragile units and a few spells can rip them apart if you are unlucky. At 1k I often face armies with 2-3 casters (Skaven, WoC, Daemons, Lizards etc) and without magical defence a list like the one above would not make it into combat.

16-07-2009, 21:50
I don't think that wild riders can shoot

The Blades of reason
17-07-2009, 21:06
rockgut i can't drop a unit of glade riders as i need 2 cores

i could drop a unit wild riders though for the guy on eagle
i could put in a normal eagle with the points i have left then i could wiggle in that 3+ ward item

i think this will be the current list

wild rider
stone of the crystal mere

3 units of wild riders

2 units of glade riders with musicains

3 warhawk riders

great eagle

this is 975 points

cheers on all advice:)

The Blades of reason
23-07-2009, 20:05
heres my revised list at exactly 1000pts

wildrider knidred
elven steed
stone of the crystal mere 152pts

2 x 5 glade riders
musician 129pts each

2 x 5 wild riders
musician 130pts each

5 glade riders 120pts
(could exchange for something else)

4 warhawk riders 160pts

great eagle 50pts