View Full Version : Non-Terrible, competitive TK list?

14-07-2009, 11:27
Is there such a thing?

All I've ever heard about TK is you go cheesy, or you suck.

Am I wrong?

<My shop has zero TK players, and I've yet to run into one at any tournaments, so genuinely have no idea if they are viable or not>

Thanks so much for any info.

(p.s. if possible, maybe give some info on playstyle of different lists if you post any? Would love you forever and give you +nets if there was the option!)

((P.p.s. I feel like the lists that are posted in the forums don't give a good gauge for someone who's never seen/played TK as to what they do/if they're any good, as I have no idea what the lists mean when they're posted))

14-07-2009, 12:27
There is indeed. However, there are a few provisos:
1. Comped tournament - if its uncomped (such as the UK GW GT) you might as well not bother. They can do ok, but get some of the more unpleasant Daemon builds and you might as well just pack your models up, its not going to be fun, and you'll be taking models off for about 20 mins then packing up anyway. Comped tournaments are the way forward for TK!
2. You'll need to practice quite a bit if you're not used to the TK playstyle. They tend to be a bit fragile, so if you mess up with them you'll likely get smashed.

So, army builds:

First part is characters. Personally i like taking a king and 3 priests. some people swear on the HLP, but a correctly kitted out king adds an extremely effective hammer unit to an army, and can still suck away at the enemies dispel dice. I rather like the king on a chariot with a flail of skulls, and past that its really whatever you fancy. I generally run with the chariot of fire, then either the cheap ward save for the king, or a ward and no insta-death for the chariot, and both are fairly effective. for the priests, i like the heirophant to have a cloak of dunes and the jar - it makes him mobile enough to stay out of trouble and lend magical support where needed. The other priests tend to get things like scrolls and maybe a staff of ravening or something.

I like my TK to be dynamic, and all about movement and CC. As such, i leave the catapults at home, and go for a chariot unit or two, one with a champ and banner, plus the magic banner giving +1 to hit (king goes with this unit), a swarm unit, and some archers. For special ive been running one of each choice (so 20 tomb guard with FC, scorp, 3 ushabti, and 5 carrion) and then just take a bone giant for the rare

The trick with TK is to focus the magic so that they can't afford to let any spell through. Bone Giants and scorps are flexible movement wise enough to get flank charges in with magical charges, while the TG give a nice bunker for the priests at the start of the game, which can be evacuated to the archer unit should something that the TG can actually engage come along.

The big problem with the build is that it struggles to take out greater daemons, as basically if the King cant kill it, its down to the TG to bog it down, and for that you've got to get them to come into charge range of the TG, which is easier said than done! a warbanner with the TG can help win combats, or alternatively the reform banner is great to help get charges off with them.

I find that although the lack of catapults makes life difficult vs the greater deamons and lizard steg armies, it focusses the army, so its all about the combined charges.

the basic army listed above works quite well, although for everything listed you'd be looking at 2250 rather than 2000 pts (which is what as a club we play generally, and what most independent tournaments in the UK tend to play at too)

On a tournament basis i've managed top 15 in every comped tournament i've used it in this year, and even managed to win the last one with it. Its not an easy army to win with, but theres no reason you can't do well, especially with a bit of luck and reasonable matchups.

Generally adding a catapult is considered more effective, especially when combined with dropping the ushabti for a second scorpion.

Either way, still not cheesy (how the hell you go cheesy with TK im not sure mind you) and both varients work well.

I've also seen someone running with an icon bearer and heavy cav to pretty good effect recently - not for the faint hearted though!