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14-07-2009, 13:39
Moo to all!

At present I am thinking of returning to WFB after an absence of many years as a change to painting a gazillion space marines!

At present, I have narrowed the choice to one of: Dwarves, High Elves or Wood Elves. All have nice models that I can really get to work on, but obviously, I can't make up my mind which to start on.

So people of Warseer, put forth your arguments for the above 3 armies and convince me which is the army for me!

14-07-2009, 14:15
It really depends on what you want in your army.

My first recommendation is always to pick the army that you are drawn to the look, background, and general feel of the most. The majority of this hobby is spent off of the gaming tables, so you'd best really be into your army that you've spent tons of money on if you hope to stick with it.

That's not to say playstyle is completely irrelevant, though.

I'm sure others can give a much better overview of each, but heres a rough idea of your listed armies.

Wood Elves - Fast, mobile, frail. They generally ignore the game mechanics of line up and fight, making them extremely frustrating for some opponents, but are far from unbeatable. Their general lack of armor and low toughness makes them extremely fragile, but they can inflict massive damage if you use them correctly. By far the best shooting in the game, all units are incredibly mobile and hard to catch. Tree-spirit units are rather resiliant, with a 5+ ward save, and a better profile than the elves. By and large, the WE's focus on high mobility, shooting, charging when it is just right, and lacks any reliable combat resolution or uber-soldiers.

High Elves - A fairly standard army, currently benefitting from the rediculous rule that everything Always Strikes First. Suddenly they no long have to worry about not being charged, since they will strike even before chargers. Frankly, I find this makes them rather boring, since it takes a lot of thought out of the game; just line up, shoot, cast, plan on charging but don't worry if you don't. Fairly solid troops, but being elves they suffer from an all T3 army, so shooting will rip them to ribbons. Shooting is less than stellar, but still moderatly effective, while their magic is top-notch, especially in regards to defense. All in all, a good, well rounded army.

Dwarves: I actually just started a Dwarf army, after years of liking the idea behind them but not liking the playstyle. I'm not sure on how long my interest will hold, but what's one more army at this point? :p
Anyway, Dwarves are the classic defensive army. They have high leadership, T4 accross the board, and generally great armor. They have the best shooting in the game, but by far the worst movement. The army is pretty much designed to castle and shoot it out, then have rock-hard combat troops mop up the survivors.... so long as they still want to fight. Dwarves have the most customizable magic weapons, being as you craft your own using Runes, but no magic at all.
Frankly, Dwarves are a very boring army if you're not creative with them. The enemy can choose to never engage you, and theres generally not much you can do about it. If they do want to fight, they can easily do it on their terms, and often will avoid your big units you want to see in action. That said, I find the background and concept of the army to be very appealing, but then I am a stout drunkard as well.

14-07-2009, 14:20
Dwarves are the least played army around my place, so definitely more interesting then the *sigh* elves.

As stated above they can be boring if you're not creative with them, which is great as this forces you to be creative with them, you can easily stand out with a themed dwarf army.

You can go for a slayer army, or an engineering guild, or an old fashioned long beard army refusing to use black powder, or even a young beard scouting army.

14-07-2009, 14:34
While I am a happy dwarf player, I'd probably advise a newer player to go with High Elves out of the three. To play dwarfs you need to enjoy playing a defensive game. You'll have no magic or fast movement, which takes away a large part of the game.

With wood elves, you'll get amazing movement potential, but it takes some real skill to use them effectively. You won't win any fights by marching up and attacking, nor can you just blast the enemy away. But once you get to learn the army, they are nasty as hell.

High Elves though...they have some good infantry, cavalry, war machines and magic. Plus, as they all always strike first, they can be a very forgiving army to play. If you are just getting back into the game and want a good all around army, then out of the three High Elves are probably the best.

14-07-2009, 21:45
Yeah, of the 3 armies mentioned, High Elves would definately be the easiest for either a new or returning player. Simply because they are solid in every phase of the game, have decent core infantry and some rather tasty elite infantry, devastating heavy cavalry, in the top 2-3 armies for Magic (and probably the best Magic defence). However they are T3 all around apart from Dragons and are not as well armoured as many armies. They are a decent army to learn all the different phases of each turn though.

I was tempted by a Dwarf army after buying Skull Pass, but after looking through the book I quickly realised that I would get bored very quickly. But that is probably just because of my more adventurous playstyle.

I would one day love to do a mad "Native American Themed" Wood Elf army full of Wardancers and Missile Cavalry, but have yet to find the time (or money!) for this. Wood Elves would probably not be an army for a noobie, as they take lots of practice and are pretty unforgiving due to low Toughness and naff all armour. Stunning models though, IMHO the best set of figures in either Fantasy or 40k.

If you are not definate about one of the 3 armies you mentioned, then Empire would also be a decent place to start due to the sheer versatility of the army, magic and characters.

16-07-2009, 14:53
Well, I've ruled out Dwarves now. The stout, standfast defensive style is what attracted me at first, but also put me off at the same time.

For the Elves, I need to decide on my head or my heart. My head says High Elves, as some of the models/choices would be a joy to paint and easier to play. My heart says go for the Wood Elves as I just love some of the models in the range.

I guess I'll erm and ahh until I buy the first unit of one or the other! :D

16-07-2009, 15:35
Go with your heart. This is a hobby and really you should be going into an army that inspires you and keeps you motivated. Plus Wood Elves seem to be the least played of the 3 at the moment. Overall, I like the Wood Elves models better too (HE Spear Elves are still ugly... and IMHO their elites don't look that great.. although new Lion Chariots look sweet).

16-07-2009, 15:46
It can be a tough choice, but just buckle down and pick which one you like the idea of behind the army.

Or make a hybrid force, painting a green/white color scheme that can double for either elves. Just figure out what would be most appropriate to share models between units.

Spear Elves = Eternal Guard
Sword Masters/White Lions = War Dancers
Archers = Glade Guard
Reavers = Glade Riders/Wild Riders
Shadow Warriors = Way Watchers

Then you could get some specialized models for each army, such as Tree Kin/Dryads/Hawk Riders and Chariots, Dragon Princes, etc.

A lot of people used to do with with Undead armies, making an Undead HE that could be played as normal (albeit corrupted) HE or as VC, for example.

Plus Wood Elves seem to be the least played of the 3 at the moment. Overall, I like the Wood Elves models better too (HE Spear Elves are still ugly... and IMHO their elites don't look that great.. although new Lion Chariots look sweet).

Wood Elves are by far the most played Elven faction here. We have 1 HE, 1 DE, and 4 or 5 WE, depending on how regular we are talking of players.

16-07-2009, 15:56
High Elves and Wood Elves play differently though, so ask yourself what you want. If you want magic, High Elves are really your only choice. Massed RBTs combined with Eagles are also an advantage that HEs have, as well as heavy cav.

wood Elves thrive as a movement army, which doesn't necessarily mean shoot and avoid. Wood Elves have a lot of units that can surge forward and smash the opponent in the face. Aside from the Star Dragon, HEs don't have anything that can do that. All versions of trees, including Wild Riders, as well as Wardancers _will_ surge forward and smash the enemy in the face. But it still requires finesse, like a "zone blitz," since nothing in the list can break on the charge without support.

Wood Elves have solid shooting, but I play pure movement and combat and I love them for it. But I want to have magic sometimes too, so I have to turn to Dark Elves to get it. the choice would be High Elves for you.

If you do go with Wood Elves, follow the link in my sig to a great site. It looks slow at first glance, but if you open a thread you'll get good feedback.