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14-07-2009, 15:53
This is an attempt to pruduce a VC list with a decent mix of magic and combat power. Iíve mostly gone for caster characters with units of GGs and blood knights to do the hitting. The lord and necromancer (on his cart) sit in a unit of 15 skellies, making a 6x4 bunker with full command. This sits behind the GGs, and smaller units of skellies go on either side. The lord spams IoN on the flanking Skellies and zombies get summoned around the place to give away VPs and deflect enemy units.

Vampire Lord. +1 Level, Master of the Black Arts, Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Helm of Commandment, The Cadaverous Cuirass, Black Periapt, Dispel Scroll. 440

Necromancer. Extra spell (vanhelís), Power stone, Dispel Scroll, Cart with Lodestone. 215

Vampire. Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death (great wep), Armour of Night, Talisman of Lycni. 185

Vampire. Dread Knight, Infinite Hatred, Book of Arkhan. 185

15 Skellies. Full command. 140

10 Skellies. Spears and Full command. 110

10 Skellies. Spears and Full command. 110

24 Grave Guard. Full command, Banner of the Barrows. 363

4 Blood Knights. Standard, Banner of Hellfire.

1998 points

I have 12 power dice, plus the black periapt, power stone, book of arkhan and cart. 7 DD and 2 scrolls.

It seems odd to have no character with my GGs. I could give them a wight king but, short of giving him the regen standard, Iím not sure what heíd really be adding.

On the whole I find characters tricky to design but Iím quite happy with most other aspects of the list.

Iím not sure at what point I stop bothering to summon skeletons. It seems like there wonít be much point going above about 25 per unit, though maybe for outnumbering purposes I just keep going. Iíll need to cast IoN on the GGs and maybe the blood knights as well anyway.

It would be quite nice to have something like a unit of dogs for dragon trapping and to screen my knights. This could be achieved by reducing the starting size of the bunker skelly unit and dropping Infinite hatred from the mounted vamp, or some other upgrades here and there.

All feedback welcome.

14-07-2009, 21:27
24 GG is really overdoing it imho. Drop 4 and you'll still be fine. Also drop the spears, with the save you lose you'll lose more CR then you gain with the kills. Perhaps add a BK or some more skellies with those points.

14-07-2009, 23:03
I would try to get the Skull Staff on your Lord. The bonus it gives on IoN and Raise Dead is great, along with the Dispel bonus. I wouldn't bother giving him any armour if he's well bunkered and hidden.

I haven't used Blood Knights, but they are expensive. Depending on who you are fighting, Wraiths with a Banshee can really make a difference. Similarly, a Vargulf can be pretty useful too, but remember it doesn't negate rank bonus so use wisely :)

A combat Vamp BSB is also nice as it helps with Combat Res, and also reduces crumbles a bit. Walking death is good as again you're increasing your combat res. Which is probably how you'll win the game

Grave Guard with Banner of the Barrows and BSB with Drakenhof is very strong, but pretty one dimensional, specially with the Lord and Helm running behind in the Bunker. However it isn't much fun after you've used it a couple of times, and it probably depends on whether you really want to win, or still have friends :)

Only your Lord has Lord of the Dead, so the other heros won't be able to raise your skeletons beyond their starting size.

In any event, try the army as you've chosen it, then incorporate other suggestions as you face different armies and your experience grows.

Have fun!

14-07-2009, 23:53
Thanks for the feedback.

On the spears, I think they are quite good considering how often the units will have ASF. I don't trust armour saves all that much in cc, as they can be negated quite easily, while killing 10 guys before they hit back is quite difficult. I think it's worth trying, though I'll be keeping all the swords off the sprues!

I've looked at the skull staff and it's certainly tempting. My understanding is that it wouldn't help much with the IoNs on the skellies, as I'd still need to roll a 3 to cast regardless. It would help a lot for other stuff but I'm not sure the cost is justified. It's a good item and I'd like to give it a try at some point.

It might well be worth getting a combat BSB somehow and I can see swapping out either of the vamps to put one in the GG unit. I suppose I could get one with DA, avatar of death and blood drinker or something like that. I'm not sure though as I see this unit taking charges quite a lot, and the vamp falling over dead. I quite like how the GGs, with nothing valuable on the front rank but often ASF with killing blow, really don't look like much fun to charge. I can see them deploying 6x4 normally, but occasionally going 8x3 to get those attacks in. WS 7 means that they will usually hit on 2s as well, and sometimes only get hit back on 5s. They seem relatively scary even without character back up.

One option would be to swap the necromancer for a wight king bsb. I'd lose a dispel dice from this but I could change the vamps around a bit to make up for it.

I'm very unsure about the blood knights and to be honest I don't quite see how they work in my list. I've got a conversion for a mounted vampire I'm working on that I quite like though, which is influencing this decision. Wraiths might be a better fit in many ways, as might the varghulf. I'm concious of not having anything that causes terror, and that doesn't seem quite right.

In general I'm quite happy with the list but I feel like I should have one more unit in there. The knights are probably the guys most in need of attention I think.

15-07-2009, 05:33
Run 5 blood knights, don't bother putting a Vamp with them, it's not cost effective (he doesn't get frenzy and is much priceyer than adding another BK). If you must, make him a BSB, give him Dread Knight andWalking Death instead of IH. that way he adds +2CR, combined with the BKs bannerthats +3.Not bad for a HEavy Cav unit with one rank.

Drop Dark Acolyte on your lord and Take Forbidden Lore.

On the other Vamp, Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead. Avatar of Death Is OKAY, but you're gonna want some help raising some times.