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Deus Mechanicus
14-07-2009, 18:45
Hey all im looking for some inspiration and i just cant seem to find any, does anyone have some photos of a baneblade (or any variants) painted in a catachan scheme?

14-07-2009, 18:50
One of the GW staff did a Catachan Hellhammer in a past WD. I'll try to find pics.


It's not very well lit, but what he did was put hooks into the bodywork, then put up some string with bits of aquarium plants tied to it.

The whole thing was painted with a green and black camo scheme.

Rich 123
14-07-2009, 18:54
The problem you probably had with finding pictures was because the Catachans are jungle fighters and if big bulky tanks, like Leman Russes, are inappropriate then a Baneblade is an order of magnitude bigger!

Still, that doesn't stop you from doing it in the slightest! What I always do to test schemes is to use Photoshop. With an undercoated picture of the vehicle (the Forgeworld website is a great source if you don't own the vehicle already) and I use Photoshop to over the colour scheme over it.

I'm sure I've seen tanks painted in a jungle camo by GW before but, if you can't or you don't like those, I normally use the internet to find real world references for camo patterns and then I duplicate that on the image, and in the future I follow that image to mask and paint the model.

Here is an example of the principle of testing camo patterns on an image beforehand that I did very quickly for my Ad Mech army, that is a work in progress. I am yet to paint any tanks but it has given me a clear idea of how I want them to look and also gives me the chance to plan how to paint that.

If you need some pointers on how to you might go around doing these easily in Photoshop just ask and I'll happily post some pointers - I spend most of my working life sitting on Photoshop afterall!

Hope this rambling post helps,

Edit; Ahh, pipped to the post by a true ninja. I salute you LoneSniper!

14-07-2009, 20:48
I'd think the Hell hammer or Stormlord would be more appropriate... but each to his own.

It would likely have Flamers instead of HB's.. and camo netting