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14-07-2009, 21:03
This is my list that im currently using in the Shrewsbury GW summer campaign its doing ok so far not lost a game yet.
have been using a similar list for a while now not to sure on the chariot whatcha reckon, would i be better swapping it for an RBT or beefing out the assassin & executioners? Im prob going to keep the chariot in for a couple more games but their just so vulnerable to bolt throwers

Lords & Heroes
Dreadlord(140), Black Dragon (320), Caledors Bane (35), Armour of Eternal Servitude (35), Null Talisman (15), Sea Dragon Cloak (6), Shield (3)
Sorceress (100), lvl 2 (35), darkstar cloak (25), dispel scroll (25) steed (12)
Sorceress (100), lvl 2 (35), lifetaker or seal of ghrond (30), tome of furion (15)
5 Cold One Knights with full command = 175pts
5 shades =80pts
10 Executioners with Assassin =210 pts
Chariot =100pts
10 Repeater crossbowmen and guardmaster =105
10 Repeater crossbowmen and guardmaster =105
5 dark riders with musician =117
Hydra = 175pts

1998 pts

The SkaerKrow
15-07-2009, 16:34
Looks like a fairly bog-standard Dragon list to me, though I appreciate the lack of Pendant of Khaeleth.

If the Chariot can absorb a turn or two of fire from the enemy you may consider keeping it in your list just for that purpose, as its better for a T5, 100 point Chariot to weather your opponent's Bolt Throwers than your other troops. If you do elect to drop it, I'd spring for more Executioners or Shades.

15-07-2009, 17:00
I for one think you will suffer for not having the pendant on the dragon. If the army your playing has a great magic item like that, why not use it? It'll protect you from a lot of casting, and with some clever movement you can probably stay out of the way of most mages. If you're taking a seal of grond and a dispell scroll you have decent dispell capability anyway. Also I'm dubious about Caledor's bane, and the guardmasters in the Rxbs. Points might be better spent elsewhere. What is the build on the assassin?

17-07-2009, 16:59
the pendant is great but id rather take the 4+ ward armour
as for the pendant being great against casting are u mixing it up with the ring of hotek?
Im not a big fan of the ring of hotek as it only has a 12" effect range so doesnt stop most missiles or decent magic it also effects my own casters... so yeah its not for me.
Caledors Bane gives a s7 charge and no saves for scaly skin, theres a throgg army with dragon ogres and shaggoths in the campaign so the lance is full of win.
the guardsmasters are bs five and cost 5pts extra, that +1 to hit over normal rxbs will almost always cause extra kills over the game e.g if i get the first turn and have to move forward to be in 24" range then he hits on a 5 instead of a 6 so it is worth the 10pts for 1 in each unit, also it gives me someone to challenge with potentially holding up lone characters who charge the unit for more than 1 combat phase.
Any other advice? what do u guys think of harpies? Their another unit i was thinking of using

18-07-2009, 00:12
No I meant that the pendant will be better against casting (specifically magic missiles) because in general a lot of the offensive spells out there that get used on lords tend to be high strength, and as such are weak against the pendant. if you like the regen armor, then keep it. it's a matter of preference and playstyle really.

in that case, for sure take CB. if it fits the campaign well and you know you're going to be fighting shaggoths/lizzards/dragons it's a great item for its points...i just wouldn't use it often in an all comers list. as is that makes sense though.

if you're planning on bunkering your characters in RxBs, and they look like they're going to get charged, you should pop out the sorceress anyhow, so that negates one purpose for the guardmasters. if your really think a point of balistic skill is worth five points, then take them, but i think you could just use the 10p to upgrade an item or get another troop someplace else.