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15-07-2009, 03:43
Well I go destroyed playing my first game with the list I had before, but I did take out some things out of the experience. The first is that i'm officially not a fan of the sacrificial dagger. It's way too clunky and expensive to my liking, i'd rather have the extra unit and let the sorceress fly on a dark pegasus, it gives her more maneuverability to get those units that get hurt by magic. I liked the Cauldron of Blood effects. Cold One Knights are the prime shooting target in my army, and frenzied corsairs 6 wide will own on the charge against just as much, if not more stuff than spear men. I also learned how NOT to manouver dark riders into a unit of cold ones and a war hydra, and how much shades are awesome. So i'm probably going to play again this Thursday, and decided to write up a list that tries to rectify a lot of the problems I had in my very first game. Here it is...


Supreme Sorceress lvl 4 - 260
- on dark pegasus - 50
Black Staff - 55
Pendant of Khaeleth - 35
TOTAL - 390

Master - 80
on Cold One - 20
Heavy Armour - 4
Sea Dragon Cloak - 4
Shield - 2
Lance - 4
Ring of Darkness - 40
TOTAL - 154

Cauldron of Blood - 200


24 Spear men /w full command - 155

12 Black Ark Corsairs /w full command - 145
Sea Serpent Banner - 25
TOTAL - 170

5 Dark Riders /w musician and RXBs - 118

5 Dark Rider /w musician and RXBs - 118


5 Cold One Knights /w full command - 175
Standard of Hag Graef - 35
Null Talisman - 15
TOTAL - 225

12 Witch Elves /w full command - 145
Banner of Murder - 25
TOTAL - 170

7 Shades /w light armour - 119


War Hydra - 175


I removed the shields from the Spear men as well as Witch Brew from the Witch Elves to add more Shades. I know I should probably remove the RXBs from the Dark Riders, but I really like them equiped like that, it gives me a chance to do some damage on the first turn. The Master on the Cold One is going to go into the Cold One Knights unit. Since they draw the most missiles and magic I decided to protect them as best as possible, and the master should do well in challenges too with the decrease in WS. This puts every units at 6 wide to get the most attacks in close combat, except for the units not suppose to go in close combat (Dark Riders and Shades).Let me all know what you think.

The SkaerKrow
15-07-2009, 16:27
It looks solid. Honestly, I'd rather have the Darkstar Cloak than the Black Staff, but that's just because I'm not a huge fan of low-power Bound Spells (for over 50 points).

As your Master has a Lance instead of a weapon that will benefit him when not charging, I might suggest the Standard of Slaughter (+D3 combat resolution on the charge) over the Standard of Hag Graef, but, again, that's a matter of personal taste.

16-07-2009, 01:49
The Blacksaff is expensive, but it's like 2 Darkstar Cloaks in one. To reliably dispel it the opponent needs to chuck two dispel dice at it, with only 1 dispel dice there's a 50/50 chance of it going off, and it gives out a minimum of 2 extra power dice. It's a win-win either way, and it gives out twice as much if you look at it like that.

For the Cold One Banner, it's a stupidity insurance in a way :p It also gives them the edge when dealing with anything else ASF (Black Guards, Vampires, High elves), which I like more than the extra CR. I can see how the standard of slaughter would be better in most other cases though :D