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15-07-2009, 12:14
Hi all,

Welcome to my painting log, Prince Azreal's Guardians a Chrace themed army. The basic idea here is to get 2000pts fully painted within the next month and 3000pts done within a month and a half which will be the next tournament at my local GW store. I actually built and painted this army in a month for a 3000pts tournament two months ago, but it obviously was all unfinished, so everything is going to have to be worked on.

I'm still working on my 3000pts list, as I got slaughtered at the tournament, but here is the 2000pts list. Yes, I use a Star Dragon and a lot of bolt throwers.. it really is the strength of the HE list, so I figure why not (I would love to field two hydras instead of 4 bolt throwers!). I really would like to use swordmasters, but just have no room for them unless I drop the white lions, which I obviously cannot do due to the theme.


Prince 612pts
-Star Dragon
-Vambraces of Defense, Armour of Caledor, Great Weapon

Mage 140pts
-2x Dispel Scrolls

18x Spearmen 187pts
-Full Command

18x Spearmen 187pts
-Full Command

10x White Lions 180pts
-Full Command

Lion Chariot of Chrace 140pts

Lion Chariot of Chrace 140pts

Repeater Bolt Thrower 100pts

Repeater Bolt Thrower 100pts

Repeater Bolt Thrower 100pts

Repeater Bolt Thrower 100pts

Total: 1996pts

..and now onto the pictures. First up we have Prince Azreal, on foot and on his Dragon. The Dragon obviously needs some more work, but I think I can call the on foot model (for when the dragon goes poof) done. I'm going to concentrate on finishing this dragon in the next week.


Here is my main mage. I'm pretty happy with the model, although theres nothing really special about it. Need some general fixups but probably nothing more then an hour.


..and here we have my spear man banners. The one on the right is a work in production, but I think it's coming along nicely.


here is an overview shot of the 2000pts army.


I big criticism of my painting in the past has been the lack of depth/highlights on the face of my models. I think I've done a better job here but I would really like some opinions on it. Also I desperately need help in building a good 3000pts list (I have 2 units of archers, 5 Reavers, 2 Mages and a character with bow and another 6 white lions).

15-07-2009, 16:54
Woops, forgot the on foot hero picture.


..and what I'm currently working on.


15-07-2009, 17:52
For 3000 points, include another unit of White Lions (for fluff), Korhil, another mage (or even archmage) and some cavalry (maybe convert dragon riders out of White Lions). That should get you on the way. Archers are only useful when you need the shooting... statistically and cost/benefit analysed RBT's are better at what they do, provide more flexibility and have longer range (meaning: earlier short range shots).

ps. great army. Models look great to me, although I'm not sure yet about the colours chosen. Why give a great weapon to the prince? When mounted, it only gives him +1 S but it is quite expensive. Just give him a lance!!!

15-07-2009, 18:55
Looks good so far. It seems like a pretty unique technique - do you paint them all in light purple and then work all your colours from there?

I've played High Elves a bit, but haven't done that well with them, so you're welcome to entirely disregard this, but 4 RBTs seems like a lot of points to me, and thematically they don't seem to fit too well in a chrace force. More white lions would be good, or even some shadow warriors - you could have them as chracian hunters?

15-07-2009, 20:53
I guess my problem with the army list part right now is I really dislike the metal models, even the newer shadow warriors don't impress me (I'd probably use wood elves). So I'm not real big on buying anymore of that stuff although if I could be convinced Shadow Warriors are worth it I might try them out. They just seem like another expensive High Elf str3 with crap bows to me.

The purple wash i did was initially just so I could bring them to a tournament and not have primed white models on the table. However I generally use a wash to tie all the colors together. So I will do all the wood and metals and then do a purple wash over top.

Anyway, may have an updated picture of Korhil (going to be a normal prince with bow of seafarer and a great weapon) tonight, or at the latest tomorrow morning. Not sure if I will get him done, but he's progressing at a fast rate.

15-07-2009, 21:06
Nice painting! Do you spray white and then wash the models purple?

15-07-2009, 22:11
Yes, thats exactly what I do.

16-07-2009, 12:48
here we have as promised the update on the Korhil model. Still have some general fix ups to do on the model, especially the back where I guess some of the paint flaked. Introducing Prince Anteres.


16-07-2009, 22:52
Excellent work! Although I think there is too much white on the model, I think you need more purple in places!

17-07-2009, 01:19
It is a bit odd, I set out to do white and purple with gold metal and have ended up with white and gold models. Although I have set out to have characters with mostly white, to show a bit of seniority in the color scheme (characters have white metal for weapons for example). Tomorrow I will be working on the dragon (well the rider on the dragon), so first thing I will post some closer pictures of it, and by the end of the day some updates.

17-07-2009, 11:17
As promised the WiP shots of the dragon and rider. I should be able to get a good chunk of work done today, although it will probably need another day or two to finish. I'll post a progress shot later on today.




20-07-2009, 20:38
So I've been busy doing everything but my High Elves. Just want to show you I'm not dead!

first up a blood angel successor chapter marine

High Elf Blood Bowl star prince Moronian (sp?)

and the rest of the team, top blitzers, middle throwers, bottom catchers..man it's been like 4 years since I've touched these..not that great looking up close. need to do some green stuff work on the helmets for the blitzers.

Desert Rain
20-07-2009, 20:54
I think that they look really nice. I have never seen purple High Elves before, and I must say that I like it.

22-07-2009, 19:18
The dragon looks lovely, and the team looks promising. Any more progress?

23-07-2009, 08:41
Maybe drop one bolt thrower in favour of a bigger white lion unit? Otherwise, I really like the list, come to think about it. It'll be rock hard...

23-07-2009, 12:21
Probably the dullest, most boring list ever. Both to play and to play against...

23-07-2009, 14:02
Why? There is nothing wrong with it: it's not unstoppable or undefeatable... those spearmen can only do so much and there is plenty of stuff that can take out those chariots... Ok, 4 RBT's can be a bit hard but then again so are chaos knights, EotG, etc.

btw. yesterday I found out that a slann with Beast lore magic is not funny when you're fielding a dragon! The beast cowers cast on unstoppable force is really good against it!

23-07-2009, 18:42
yeah the beast cowers spell is really good against a dragon. Other than that it´s just a cheesy list with some more cheese on top of it. Just my 2 cent...

23-07-2009, 19:35
lol good to know. I really disagree with you as a lot of armies have ways to deal with bolt throwers, most of the time not allowing me any chance to stop them, like a cannon ball, scorpians, miners and so on and so on. The Dragon well.. I didn't buy it not to use it! Would be nice if you expanded your thoughts instead of trying to troll in a painting thread.

Anyway... really been putting off my painting, but promise to update the Dragon sometime tomorrow. Not sure if it will be done, but I should be able to get the rider mostly done. Also have a game tomorrow so maybe a quick battle report as well!

23-07-2009, 23:53
Sorry for trolling then... Just think that the dragon (fantastic model by the way) combined with the bolts and 2 chariots is too much. You´ll probably end up trashed or trashing the opposition. Either way you´ll have a hard time or your opponent will have it.

Since you have already settled on the list and more importantly bought the models there´s nothing more to do than to paint them, and enjoy.

The dragon is coming along great and I hope the rest of your army does the same. Can´t wait to see them all painted.


24-07-2009, 17:39
So I painted a bit on the Dragon Prince but right now I am unhappy with the model. I think the shield bugs me the most about the model, and since rules wise he doesn't have a shield, I think I am going to take it off and replace it with the horn arm. All the pictures had to be taken with flash since its dark where I live again (what a great summer).




as for the Blood Angel.. I am also unhappy with this model. Not sure where I've gone wrong but it looks like crap to the point where I didn't even bother fixing the model up or highlighting the majority of the model. I tried a wash over it.. but all it really did was give me a pretty glaring mark on the left front leg. Not sure what I'm going to do about this.

edit: I am going to strip this model and try again. Hopefully I will find a better way to paint red.


I forgot to take my camera to the store for my game today but it was another fast bloody game versus Skaven. I ended up with the dragon (no rider) and a white lion champion and he had 2 units of clan rats and a unit of plague bearers (I think that's what they are, they had frenzy and 2 hand weapons and increased toughness). Ended up being a minor loss. Better luck next week I guess!

25-07-2009, 10:54
I think the shield and the blood angel look great, sure the highlighting could be neater, but practice makes perfect!