View Full Version : funny dwarf list of destruction

15-07-2009, 18:47
i was just in a tournament with a pretty solid empire gun line list and i want to share one of the lists that i was playing.

i cant quite remember all of the details but h had taken a thane with the banner that allows them to move before the game. he then toke the anvil and instead of blasting me he used it to move his dwarves up again. he won first turn and was already 18 inches up the table at me. i had one turn of shooting and killed about thirty dwarves thanks to lucky rolling and then was inevitably charged and destroyed by turn two. i thought it was a really fun game and great creativity on his part. is there any gunline that could destroy that army in one turn?

15-07-2009, 22:09
mayb a full on WE glade guard gun line? lol i dunno, but sounds an interesting tactic for a dwarf to bring the fight to you :) makes a change